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Found 3 results

  1. I am finally at the last location visited on the epic 'you're in my shot tour' held on my first weekend of my stay. So many laughs and good times with great friends old and new in mostly glorious weather, with nine locations nailed. Horace Norton Elementary School has kind of flown under the radar as far as schools and other derelict locations go in Gary. It closed around the mid-2000s and for years it was well secured. Although of later construction than the much larger Horace Mann High School it is far more intact, with only a small amount of graffiti and trashing. It is also home to a simply huge amount of stuff from at least two other schools including Emerson High School, where a few months ago a teenage girl was found murdered. At some point after closure the auditorium and sports hall as well as numerous classrooms were used as storage for the stuff out of the other abandoned schools, which explains why it was so well locked down. We visited at the end of the afternoon and I took maybe half the number of photos I should have done but I was absolutely knackered and still fighting off the effects of jet lag. We were going to round the day in Gary off with a quick sprint through the Screw & Bolt factory but there were new barricades set up at the road leading to it and the entire neighbourhood felt sketchy as hell so we left in search of food, somewhere slightly nearer Chicago. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/albums/72157659250973298
  2. Evening all, On our run of countries visited this year, one of our trips on the way to see Budzludzha saw us visiting a few other locations. Pretty much in the same condition as the mig school but the sheep were using the ground floor. Not much left and had to be really creative with what was left. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Ever since I started planning my America trip one of the things I had always wanted to see was a big American school, I was entranced by the photos coming out of some of the massive high schools dotted around America most notably Cass Tech in Detroit, sadly demolished a few years back. This school, while not on the same multi-level city block size scale as Cass Tech was definitely big enough, and like many public buildings in America wasn't constructed very well so has suffered areas of catastrophic water damage - the entire Eastern end of the building is sagging, there has already been one collapse and a lot of the rooms are pretty sketchy. The other end, with a fairly modern extension however was perfectly sound. The catastrophic water damage at the Eastern end Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157648766032118