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Found 6 results

  1. One truly great explore and something not a lot of people get too see as its been sealed for a good few years. a big place and spent a few hours down their, loved all the old graffiti and history of the place and im also pleased it got sealed back up before anyone got in too wreck it and ruin anything. pictures aren't the best as i think i was a bit excited but it gives you the general idea :-). bit of history: Esplanade Level was the name given to the proposed conversion of the Trevanion Caves, chapel caves and Athol Terrace Caves and is the lowest level below dover castle, there is reportedly another level below this (foundation level) but this has yet to be proven. before the war The 1,600ft long Guilford Tunnel was dug to connect the three systems together to be used as air raid protection. thanks for looking.
  2. Ok so this was a lucky one and i mean lucky. Completely unexpected so completely unprepared so excuse the poor pic quality. Torch was dying and so were the camera batteries so all done on flash and very quickly. But hey i got in so i dont care lol. Bit of history, Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists, it is possible that foundation level is beneath or to the side of esplanade, but it has not been proven to exist. And some pics Thanks for looking
  3. This elusive set of tunnels has been evading me ever since I started getting into this hobby about 3 years ago. I've seen pictures, I've missed out on opportunities to see them on more than one ocassion, and for at least the last 2 years I've been religiously checking and trying to find access into them. I'd almost given up, until a message from a certain person on Monday night changed all that! Now for those outside of Kent, you might be wondering what all the fuss it about, after all to most it just looks like "another chalk tunnel" but this is something else entirely. Essentially Esplanade level is 3 seperate smaller tunnel systems linked by a long tunnel known as the guilford tunnel - this interlinking tunnel is 1600ft long and stretches for a fair distance along the inside of the famous cliffs. The 3 sections of esplanade are known as the Trevanion caves, Chapel caves and Athol caves and they are all a bit different to each other, having been constructed at different times and used for different purposes. You can only get to 2 of the sections as the Chapel caves were sealed off from the Guilford tunnel at some point in the past. Here's a plan fron English Heritage showing how far the tunnels extend inside the cliffs. First, we went to the far end and had a nose at the Trevanion caves end of the tunnels. This was used as coal storage by the Dover gas company until the 1930's and as a result the chalk is quite black due to dust from the coal. Some areas of this are pretty large. Stairway at the end of the guilford tunnel which leads down into the Trevanion caves area. 1. 2. 3. Some sections of it are lined 4. 5. 6. Lots of old tin bits and pieces all shoved in this alcove - there was quite a lot of bits like this, almost all of it is rusted to within an inch of its life. 7. Next the Guilford tunnel its self. This is a different thing to the more commonly known about guilford shaft which lies in the cliffline above esplanade level, but does not link with it. It is basically a long tunnel, not that interesting except it's had some serious support work done at some point in its history. 8. 9. 10. As you can see it's very long, and pretty straight. I walked about 1/4 of the way down in this shot, and pointed my torch back at the camera. Then the Athol caves end of the complex, this is quite different to the other end, most of it is lined and it is more intricate with smaller tunnels and lots of junctions. I'm not sure what this was origenally used for. 11. 12. 13. Yes the stacked up wood is actually holding up the roof. 14. 15. I now fully appreciate why a lot of people regard this as the best tunnel system in Dover, because it really is fantastic. It might only be another set of chalk tunnels, but it's all in great condition and different to a lot of the other tunnels in and around dover. Thanks for looking, Maniac.
  4. Right to be honest i havnt done any research on this place due to the fact i was convinced i wasnt going to be able to get up to the entrance ..well without a ladder which we didnt have,so i apologise for lack of info as i just wanted to get in get report up and go bed! Right myself nite walker and unclebulgaria after one failed attempt each and a lot of chin scratching manned up and got up the very old rope in the rain without slipping and injuring ourselves on the very wet chalk..didnt take a huge amount of pictures as it really isnt that big a place..Entry i do know was via an old machine gun post!! On with the pics A great little explore and quite chuffed we got up there,and more imortantly got back down with out any injury as its a lot harder getting down for some reason..the pigeons scared the crap out of all of us and the baby ones nearly got squashed,any history of the place feel free to point out , i would like to hear it!!
  5. Did this one a while ago when there were lots of politics about post up reports etc, but since its now sealed, and the website in question has closed I see no reason why I shouldn't. Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists, it is possible that foundation level is beneath or to the side of esplanade, but it has not been proven to exist. Right, on with the pics, didnt get too many, was busy looking round, if that makes sense haha. Hope you like.. Shadow