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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if this is in the right forum. Park Hill Estate is a gastly sight today although they are regenerating it. This made for quite a creepy explore. We have wrritten about the history of Park Hill Flats here.
  2. This is a report on the final days of the colossal abandoned Heygate council estate in Elephant & Castle, it's a demolition site now. I know it's not a typical derp but thought I'd post as no-one else has basically! The Heygate Estate was built in 1974 behind Elephant & Castle station and became the home for more than 3000 people until 2007 when residents were relocated because of a scheme to regenerate the whole area. Southwark council's reasoning for the closure of the Heygate estate was down to the fact that it had become a hive for crime and poverty although residents refute those claims. Residents were given little choice but to be relocated or be taken to court. Development plans were halted upon the discovery of asbestos throughout the buildings and the entire estate was left abandoned for several years. The bottom three floors were sealed up with metal panels to stop thieves and vandals from gaining access but the rest of the site was accessible from the street amazingly and became a mecca for street artists travelling from acros Europe to leave their mark there. Several film scenes were shot here from films including Attack the Block, Harry Brown and World War Z. These photos were taken with my samsung phone from steet level, inside the main building and up on the rooftop. Hope you enjoy! One of the main blocks from the outside Barbed wire hammock hanging from trees on the way in Destroyed TV Cool artwork everywhere, although kids were vandalising anything half decent within a day or two by the end. The most poignant bit of artwork; the old Elephant & Castle being brought to it's knees by the new Elephant & Castle.... The Shining tricycle! Class cleansing, a pretty accurate political statement.... Scenes of ruin A crew filming a music video, the Heygate's homeless resident asleep underneath the steps A stray knife lying on one of the top floor corridors, a random set of traffic lights and a golf bag inside an empty flat.... The Yellow Pages from 2000/2001 A pair of Simpsons slippers left by the door of a flat Shot overlooking the estate from a top floor window Rooftop entry point Roof with a view.... You can read more info on the story of the residents of the Heygate estate here: Heygate Estate · Setting the Record Straight
  3. Visited this as our last port of call on a day out in surrey, This place is really stunning but very stripped out. A nice lil mooch all the same, Seems they are on the ball here now, with a lot of rooms locked up so didnt get to see everywhere, Built in 1876 by Ernest Seth-Smith for his elder brother Charles, incorporating part of an older house on the ground floor, in 1898 the house was sold to Sir Charles Tennant, wealthy industrialist and patron of the arts who, aged 75, had just married his 2nd wife Marguerite who was to bear him 4 children. The main Tennant property was in Scotland but this house appears to be an out of London house for entertaining, Surrey becoming very popular at the time. The brewery owning Charrington family owned Broadoaks from 1911 to 1946 when it was sold to the Ministry of Supply. In 1948 it housed the Army Operational Research Group and was in military occupation until 1996.