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Found 6 results

  1. It took me a while before I've finally had the time to visit this cool Train. When you step on board, it's like you're traveling back in time... Have seen a lot of repo's from it, so it's hard to be creative. Hope you enjoy it. I gave it a little authentic look. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  2. Orient Express, Belgium Visited with: PG UE, Carl, Nick & Scott. Please Note: Entry is always through an open access point and not by forcing our way in….. We are explorers, not vandals. History Built in the 1930’s this train was huge, lavish and built with all the latest technology. Sadly it now sits in a Belgium train yard rotting away. I have struggled to find any specific history on this train so if anyone has information please feel free to comment below with any information. My Visit This was the last visit of our September tour, the weather was hot and we was all sweaty and very tired, none the less we made the dash across the live train yard whilst hoping we would not get seen. Luckily the lines we had to cross was not the main lines, it seemed that these lines are rarely used, the busier main lines are on the opposite side. We made it to the train without any issues and wasted no time in getting the photos we wanted. We did not have long here as we had a long drive back to the channel tunnel in time for our train back to the UK. The train even in the state of decay that she now lies still has a very lavish feel and the grandeur really shows. In her prime she must have been a beauty. I hope you like the photos. You can click any image for a larger view. More images available on flickr The images above are just a small selection of the images I have edited. I will be adding lots more photos of Orient Express on my Flickr page which can be found here, https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ Final thoughts A different location compared to the others we visited on this tour. Even though it was a very quick visit I am glad we came. What better way to finish off a very successful trip than looking around an iconic piece of history such as the Orient Express. Thanks for reading, Dugie
  3. Evening all, A small set of photos from here as it was only a small mooch at the end of the day before travelling to our sleeping place. Third location since getting off the ferry and no sleep since the Thursday morning and countless dozes we arrived and went to stake out our prey. Don't know if in previous reports it mentioned the crawling and squeezing through gaps that this location entailed but the doors between carriages were locked up so a climb underneath the one and up inside to get to the better of the two entailed. Unfortunately, I climbing up the wrong hole the first time and ended up in the easy carriage! Was puzzled why Perry and Martyn were in there before me too! We did have a chuckle but then again, you needed to be there. Bit of dodging on the outside to get the externals due to the live rail ferrying passengers back and forth but this place passed without issue. The photos. Thanks for looking in.
  4. In a live train yard, somewhere in Belgium, sits this train. Left to rot and get claimed back by mother nature. From the outside, a rotted and rusted shell. In the inside a beautiful derelict train carriage. Thanks For Looking!
  5. I don't really post reports anymore, not really got the time and with my lack of vocabulary prowess they usually turn into a yawn-fest (which is probably why most of you are thinking who the hell is this guy lol ) . However I just wanted to share some images from my latest ( and probably last ) UE excursion. No desire to explore the UK anymore so my last few outing have usually had a European flavour. Better locations, better weather, better Lolz and less hassle, with the language barrier a disgruntled "clear off" is usually the worst case scenario. That said security and the Carabiniere still made an appearance on this tour, heck even the Mayor of one town showed up for the festivities.......only to be nearly run over by a fleeing Mr Oldskool!! Visited some great sites with great company, got a sun tan, lol'd a lot,car chase with the fuzz, ran over the Mayor and experienced Italian Karaoke night. A great way to spend a few days!! Hope you enjoy the images Critical Out - Maybe for the last time lol [
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