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Found 10 results

  1. St Mary’s in Clapham is one of the major Catholic Victorian churches of South London. It was opened to serve the growing numbers of Catholics living around Clapham Common in the middle of the 19th Century who came to work on the new roads and railways, as well as meet the demand by the rising middle classes to enlarge their domestic staffs. The church was designed in a Gothic style by William Wardell and has later additions by J E Bentley, architect of Westminster Cathedral. The foundation stone was laid on 2 August 1849 and the church was opened by Cardinal Wiseman on 14 May 1851. The spire is currently being restored by a Heritage Lottery funded project. I love climbing stuff close to where I live, I love that satisfaction of looking up at something knowing you've been on the top! I've been passing this on the bus for months and kept forgetting about it, hardly an epic but I think it's probably the highest structure in Clapham. It's certainly a local landmark around here as there are literally no other high structures around. I was surprised how long it took to get to the top, it's actually 170ft even though it doesn't look it. I popped up on the way home from a night out and enjoyed a bottle of cider up top, as you do like 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Thanks for looking
  2. Just thought id leave this here to do with as you please... www.facebook.com/seldomseenworldue i know facebook is the devil and it disgusts me with image quality but most my friends dont know what a forum is never mind how to navigate one
  3. How many people do I hear complaining about games request on FaceBook. Just so many myself included and am bored with the long winded means FB provide. So had a quick look at a way of finding a better way of filtering them out. Many like playing but simply not my thing and have received so many recently. I quickly found one that really works and is free. I gave it a good trial and have been no problems or issues ,so thought id share. Heres a YouTube tutorial link. http://youtu.be/jm3byBz_0DI Also the link to the down load. http://www.fbpurity.com/ Fucking bliss had no Games requests for almost a week and you can filter out so much more It gives you this on your tool bar Click and gives you this and problems solved and lots more. FaceBook are none to keen on the link to site and will block it if posted on their medium hence ive shared here.
  4. Im getting to grips with my new page and website, slowly but surely its getting more content. Come take a look and give us a like please, any hints, tips or slagging off, send it my way, thanks guys & gals. www.facebook.com/PHOTOGRAPHYMTHORNLEY www.mthornleyphotography.co.uk
  5. Howdo folks, Newcastle based Urban Explorer/Photographer here and while I've been a fan and member of the Facebook group for some time... I've only just realised there's a forum here too... so d'oh! I'm guessing this is similar to the 28DL forum for reports, advice and discussion yeah? Look forward to seeing other people's work and sharing my reports, trips and photographs with you all. Included a few shots from my portfolio for y'all to check out my kinda stuff
  6. I'm realising there's a lot of ue stuff happening on Facebook. (The Oblivion State Facebook Group is quite fantastic :-) ) So there's a lot of fun to gain by posting ue reports and photos on Facebook. (Obviously) But. If I post ue reports from a profile with my real name I'll be sort of documenting my own crimes, right? Yet I see quite a few seems to do so. Anyone of you ever get in trouble for it? If I post on Facebook, or post links on Facebook, I give Facebook "a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use..." (According to their terms of use) And I don't want that. And yet I see a lot of pro photographers etc post stuff there. Are they ok with giving away license for their work? Or is it so much to gain from posting there that it's worth it? Probably, I guess. Or maybe many just doesn't think about it? Have anyone found their works sold off? It's a risk vs gain assessment thingy, I guess, where the chance to show people your works goes along with the risk of expliotation of it. And it seems lots of folks thinks it's worth the risk. Maybe it's just me being odd. I would like to hear you thoughts on this.
  7. On facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PorkyPigsPhotographs On the net : http://capturedbythepast.wix.com/home
  8. might be useful for some derps and sites in london http://www.facebook.com/pages/Derelict-London/5693054241?hc_location=stream
  9. Facebook and UE seems to be very much linked, FB is a fantastic platform for sharing photos and meeting other UE'rs Feel free to share your FB page here Heres mine https://www.facebook.com/NellyUrbex
  10. OK these aren't actually websites, they are Facebook groups that I admin on. Great for photography lovers Necropolis- Church and Graveyard photography - You don't have to be religious to love the photographic beauty of these places, I despise organised religion but I love taking photos there - https://www.facebook.com/groups/140078746089399/?fref=ts 52 Captures Challenge - Each week there is a new photographic theme, the previous weekly winner chooses the new winners photo - Worldwide - 340 members and very busy - https://www.facebook.com/groups/52captureschallenge/ Ghost Ads - Anybody who has been a member on here for more than 5 minutes will know this one - https://www.facebook.com/groups/GhostAds/