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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Some pictures from "Chapelle Silencieuse" in France
  2. Wasnt going to do a report as ive bunged the odd one up here and there but the wifes blocked my view of the tv with a table she is painting so here goes.. We first visited this place back in 2011 with some comedy gold access to boot! Access was as funny if not funnier this time round ,Big shout to Woody on this one,thanks matey! Brief history stolen from underground Kent The company W T Henley has always been highly regarded for the manufacture of cable and electrical components and was clearly the company of choice when a system had to be devised as a countermeasure to the growing threat of German magnetic mines during the Second World War. As a result, a new site was constructed in 1939 in Gravesend for W T Henley and a complex of tunnels built underneath to provide air raid shelter for the company’s employees With at least six entrances, the air raid shelter was very clearly signed internally to ensure that there was no confusion when looking for your allocated space. Cut into chalk and lined with prefabricated concrete, the shelter tunnels were well laid out, including first aid areas and numerous latrines – in the form of Elson buckets. The tunnels themselves don’t seem to have much in the way of documented history unlike the cable works.. pics... I probably have more shots of this but these happen to be on my flickr and i cba with photobucket these days so this is what you get Explored with non member Trav who without i may still be down there now..
  3. AT Primary School. Visited with Stussy. Part of another great weekend up the road. The school taught children from the ages of 3-12 years. Approximately 112 children were taught in the primary section and 30 children in he nursery. Closed it doors for the final time in 2008. Been on my list for quite some time so i was well happy to embark on, what turned out to be a very enjoyable explore. Big thanks to Stussy for the usual great banter.
  4. For a long time now I had been meaning to pop in here-its only 20 mins away but never got round to it. This morning I had to be in Burton and thought I might have a peak. I was totally unaware of how much stuff is left in there and just how photogenic it all is, its like pipe-porno-overdose. Solo explore this one. Its due for demolition anyday now and once they start it wont take long as the site is pretty small. If you want to see if GO NOW! This article here explains the future of the site- http://www.midlandsbusinessnews.co.uk/2 ... pon-trent/ On with my pictures....bit of HDR so sorry if that offends. Full set on my Flickr. Thanks