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Found 1 result

  1. Putting this in here due to it being a live site and possibly part owned by Network Rail and i do not wish them to find me lol... SK/Admins if this needs to be in public forums please feel free to move it and remove this top bit, ta Explored with Raz A bit of History; Selby coalfield (also known as the Selby complex, or Selby 'superpit') was a large scale deep underground mine complex based around Selby, North Yorkshire, England, with pitheads at Wistow Mine, Stillingfleet Mine, Riccall Mine, North Selby Mine, Whitemoor Mine and at Gascoigne Wood Mine; all coal was brought to the surface and treated at Gascoigne Wood, being distributed onwards by rail. The primary purpose of the pit was to supply coal for electrical power generation; much of it was used in the nearby Aire valley power stations. Mining peaked in 1993–4 at 12 million tonnes. The mines were acquired by RJB Mining in 1997 after the privatisation of the coal industry; loss of subsidy, geological problems, and low UK coal prices made the pits unprofitable by the 21st century. Closure was announced in 2002, and mining completely ceased by 2004. The Explore; We started by trawling google maps and after a series of fails we came across this old mine. Now at first glance it appears to be almost flattened on maps but apon closer inspection (over 4 rolls of razor wire and a chain link fence) we found there to be quite a bit more. So a bit of ninjering about was in order. The site itself is connected with no barriers to a large and very regularly used rail sidings and there is a hell of a lot of movement on there for a "derelict site". The site also plays host to a haulage company and a ton of diggers and LATV's so there is possibly some mining work going on here on the small scale however further research has uncovered nothing to support this so im really just guessing. And then our luck ran out and half way through an exposure Mr Secca fancied a fag 20 ft from us which prompted our hasty retreat... How unthoughtful of him Cheers for looking