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Found 3 results

  1. The North West like many parts of the country is riddled with old coal mine workings, and in these parts if you do your research you can turn up some absolute gems. This beaut is a fine example of a mid 19th Century coal and fire clay operation that would of fed into the insatiable demand for coal and fire clay during the height of the Industrial revolution. As you move around the miles of workings and wagon roads, it's quite a humbling experience to think that where you are crawling over 200 years ago children as young as eight put in twelve hour shifts!!! In 1842 a royal commission investigated the employment of children in mines. The result was an act in the same year forbidding the employment of women and children underground.
  2. I have had several visits into this place and the last one was about 8 months ago, there's a whole world more of collapse in her but that for me just gives it more atmosphere.....the fireclay mine dates back to the beginning of the 1800's and to be hones she's in good condition sorry I can not name the mine as this would get her filled in and lost for ever.....i'm still making a survey map as i go along with some interesting finds and losses due to the collapse but that's decay for you !....enough babble and on with the pics. steel edging of a boot hope you liked this mini report...
  3. A nice fireclay and coal mine dating back into the 1800's several entrances go into this system, the roof in most places is in average condition for its age but crumbly wallieeeeee is all over stemples rotting all over but with some nice rails for the carts and a few very nice carts as well, this place is very special as there is not 1 but 2 rare items not of any money value but historic value for mining they are drill stands which the hand drills were positioned on then the miner could drill the holes for blasting.... I am still drawing out a map of the full system which I will tag on to this post.....it will be some time though as bad weather means more collaps !. Adit 1..... not a good way into the mine.. Anyone for a go at caplunk !... Time to get out and enter via another .. Adit 2... looks good but once in drawn another blank !... Again too much crumble but looks better further in just a shame pushing this adit will lead to collaps... Time for the true way in..... Drill stand... Another part to the drill... A tree fossil in the roof.... Looks like the way out... Miners deads... A very nice passage... One of the turn table plates to send the carts off on different passageways... Pick marks..... Det cord... Mold growth... The only hole found todate for blasting... Time to look above the stemples and collaps... Hope you like the pics...