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Found 4 results

  1. Now then. Recently Maniac, Frosty and I went out for a spot of Dover derping and this is "wot we done" South trollands #1: Troll mills west: Thanks to the guys for an entertaining evening out, and thanks to you for looking in, R. Jewson
  2. It may have reached some peoples attention that i got a fisheye lens yesterday ,so itching to get out and play underground when Obscurity asked if i was free i jumped at the chance..So im very sorry there is fisheye overkill..If fisheye offends please look away now Visted with Obscurity and as he didnt bring his tripod down i asked him to help with the lighting in some shots and thanks for suggesting the angle in shot number 1 some blagged hitsory Back filled entrance/exit Thanks for looking and yes not every ones cup of tea with the over kill but you where warned!
  3. There's loads of these dotted around the Dover area. This one is one of the better ones in my opinion, and is one of the least reported so it would seem, mainly because it can be tricky to find if you don't know where it is (where as some of the others are easy to just stumble across) They were all built to a similar design, and all built for the same reason - to shelter the military personnel manning the various guns and other defenses along the Dover cliffs during WWII. They don't really have names, but this one is often called South Forelands shelter number 1 to distinguish it from it's smaller counterpart just up the road. incidentally, someone's been having a clean out down here, and the floor of one of the tunnels was swept clean. Only a few photos, as there's not a lot left really, and there's only so many photos of tunnels you can take. Thanks for looking! Maniac.
  4. Right the evening was arranged by Obscurity and myslef Frosty Mr Fro joined him for a wander round southforelands ,the original plan being to visit both shelters both plotting rooms and the 4 magazines,as it happens we did the first set and decided to go elsewhere!headed onto oil mills west where i didnt take my camera as ive allready posted a report!Thx to mr fro for the helping hand up that ruddy wall!Next we had a wander round the path over looking the port for some night shots then decided to go to the Archcliffe galleries,the cells next door can still be done but even tighter squeeze that the galleries so we called it quites there.. Now excuse lack of technical info on the sites but Tbh there isnt much i can tell you guys that you dont allready know!! Right heres the pics someones been making themselves feel at home down here On to the shelter Few Of the plotting room.. Must say out of all the deep shelters ive visited this one as with the 2nd shelter ive been told are pretty small in comparison! On to Archcliffe Galleries Right sorry bout the write not being that factual ,but its a well reported couple of sites im just happy to have got round them!!