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Found 4 results

  1. By crikey this is ACE!!!! Everyone who has been down to Tone Mills, the fulling & dyehouse part of what was once the sprawling Fox Bros. woollen mill operation in Wellington that has found it's place in UK exploring folklore as being one of the best mills 'ever' knows that the looming spectre of the much larger Tonedale Mill, the main plant, sat tantalisingly close but more often than not efforts to explore it were thwarted by vigilant security with dogs who liked to run around the buildings, CCTV cameras dotted around the site, nosey neighbours and the repurposed areas to the south. However things have changed a little now and as such myself and OverArch capitalised. How long they will be like this for I do not know. The pair of Autoconers on the top floor are awesome and instantly recognisable, however the engine room, that is something else entirely. It is, by far, the single best room I have stepped foot in anywhere for as long as I can remember. It is a perfect example of purely natural industrial decay that just so happens to house a steam turbine, massive crank and huge engine. I would quite happily go back just to spend a long time sat in that room, if whenever the redevelopment happens they decide to scrap the lot I will be very upset, it's museum-quality. I was even happier to find the engine room on the verge of giving up looking for the way into it, and also after falling into a drain and then afterwards getting covered in coal dust which made the feeling all the more satisfying. The engine room...a bit of a trouser accident might have been had when I pushed the door open. Afterwards we paid a visit to Tone Mills down the road (my 3rd visit, OverArch's 1st), I got a few decent photos so might chuck up a separate post with those in soon. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157653728622648
  2. After a fair amount of searching online and an early start, we were on the way to this beautiful location. It was even more beautiful inside with lots of nicknacks and things to see. No history on this one so I'll just get on with the photos - these photos are a mixture from 2 visits. Starting upstairs, there were a few rooms with this one being the most photogenic. It even had a hat and coat on the back of the door! Going downstairs and into the sitting room, I was surprised with the amount of bits and pieces that were still about. This shot might've been set up slightly ...and on a windowsill... Thank you for looking
  3. Wanted to go here since the first time it was posted and went with a couple of none members. When we arrived there was a farmer driving his tractor up and down the lane outside, so at first we thought we were done for the day, we were so close but so far, in the end waited until he was out of sight and made it in. He passed a couple more times but we could hear him coming, so we just kept quiet and our heads down. We split up and I ended up upstairs, having a good look around and taking photos as I went, I asked where the fox would be and was told it should be in the room I was standing, I searched and could not find it so we all thought it had gone We swapped and I went down to get some photos down there and was just setting up a shot of the little owl which I liked so much, to hear the fox had been found, What a relief!! so it was back up and completely forgot to take a photo of the Owl. As places go, this is my best so far, the fox is a stunning bit of work and it was well worth taking the risk to see it. Full set here (This new flicker is a pain) https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157643029319455/ Thanks for looking (And please don't ask)
  4. The house of the Sly Fox. A great explore with some superb company of Ssshhh... ,Mars Lander and antonymes for whom we owe the visit too, a wonderful find mate well done . The sun was shining and we were off into the sticks to find a few locations we had planned to visit, with the first two not turning out to be much we continued undeterred onto the third with fingers crossed, parking in the middle of nowhere we exited the car, over rolling hills, bridges over raging torrents,through graveyards of the wild, the odds were against us but we pressed on, i even found a skull and got my foot wet, before peering over the horizon to gasp in awe at the cottage of the Sly Fox, did i mention i nearly got swept away and eaten by crows ?. This is what awaited us on our adventures to the house of the Sly Fox, enjoy . Thanks to all for looking and thanks guys for a great day