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Found 7 results

  1. One of a Kind Acoustic Places ! Never seen anything like this Fuel Storage of the NVA Troops in Germany
  2. Times have been hard for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po since the BBC decided to cancel the show following news reports of Lala and the rent boy. Once the show was cancelled times became hard for the stars, once all the money was gone the bank foreclosed on tubby land Then Now With the foreclosure the estate fell into disrepair and it wasn't long before noo noo committed suicide but as no one was around his remains were left undiscovered until now Then Now Here are the pictures from inside Our thoughts are with the family of noo noo, he was naughty
  3. As things are pretty slow for me at the moment I thought I'd have a poke through some of my older stuff which hasn't made it on here. This formed part of my first ever multi-day roadtrip in October 2011 going from Oxford all the way to Birkenhead via Atherstone and Stoke-on-Trent. It was at one stage an oil/fuel storage depot for the Repsol fuel company, and it stopped being used a good while ago. Whether or not the site used to be any bigger I don't know, it was in the middle of some gravel storage areas and other stuff which may have been buildings at one stage. Other than me getting my head stuck in the fence while getting in it was a nice relaxed little wander and was also my 100th proper explore (but who's counting?) It has since been demolished. Thanks for looking
  4. Finally I get to post this report! My PC was down so photo editing was impossible... I wrote this one off as it was a derp for many years, but a non forum member, and Mookster wenrt to explore this. It turned out to be a good explore as it had been opened.. Quoted from PCWOX and slightly amended. We visited on a freezing cold windy day in April, and I gotta say I don't mind it at all, lots of switch and lever porn. Not a bad mooch for a couple of hours. A nice relaxed place with a close run in with a farmer but nothing out of the ordinary. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 There were some bland 60s/70s offices too, but I think we've seen enough of those! More at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157633427667735/with/8718599496/
  5. Abandoned and now sadly flooding. 1. Inside Heading 2 entrance, now backfilled and blocked. 2. Heading 2 conveyor, top of the dip 3. Down the dip, Heading 2 4. Conveyor come to a watery end 5. Flooded crosscut to Heading 1 6. Crosscut from Heading 1 7. Down the dip, Heading 1 8. Mining remains 9. Spot the Warwick 10. Junction 11. Bellboy !! 12. Health & Safety 13. End of the line for the day 14. What its all about, King Coal 15. And finally, redundant portable conveyor Thanks for looking.
  6. Not sure whether this belongs in Military or Industrial..its both really but hey... Former RAF fuel depot built into the hillside to protect it from hostile activity,built in 1932 but after the war was little used until Minster Fuels used it until 1995.Inside the structure is a labrynth network of tunnels containing storage tanks and pumping equipment.Visited June 2011. And that was the fuel depot..if you decide to go,keep a look out for passing trains in case they report you. Many thanks for looking.
  7. After my trip to Reinden Woods I stopped by the old RAF Hawkinge site I had noticed a mound behind the museum. The mound turned out to be the aircraft fuel installation. It consists of two rooms both with their own entrances but also connected by a steel hatch. The airfield itself was the nearest Royal Air Force station to enemy-occupied France and only some ten minutes flying time away from the Luftwaffe fighter airfields in the Pas-de-Calais, in addition to which the airfield and surrounding district was subjected to long range cross-Channel shelling from the German shore batteries stationed along the French coast. Not for nothing was the Folkestone area known as "Hellfire Corner". Outside: The first room I entered turned out to be used to house the pumps motors away from the main fuel store. The motors were connected via a shaft to the pumps above the underground storage tanks in the other room. Entrance (very wet and muddy) The next room was the fuel storage and pump room, there are 2 large tanks under the floor accessed by circular hatch's in the floor. One is open and the other is still sealed and can only be seen through a small pipe leading to it. Entrance: Sealed hatch: Open hatch: Shot into the open hatch, its a fair way down around 10-12 feet. Steel hatch leading to motor room: