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Found 7 results

  1. Made by a bunch of Melbourne Cave Clan members and used by even more Melbourne Cave Clan members. It was so much fun. Definitely worth doing on a waterway near you It's a bit epic, but maybe someone out there will enjoy a look.
  2. hallo, this video is about abandoned swimming pool in Slovakia. It is my first (but not last - soon there will be more) so I hope you like it. Thank you.
  3. Gabe got on the case and asked if I was free in Norwich in a few weeks, so a few weeks later he arrived and we decided to go have a little scout about and see what was happening. Checked a few drains, but they were all rusted shut, checked a bunker, that was sealed tight, so that only left the crane that has appeared up at the hospital. That concluded the afternoon, so I dropped him off and went to the the school run bits and bobs..T scoffed down and off to pick matey 'magpie Tommy' up and then to pick up Gabe. Magpie Tommy ' lets play spot the explorer in the pub' we walk into the pub and are greeted by a bloke covered in white chalk from the mines.... Well no need to try guess how he had passed the afternoon So we headed up to the hospital, and after playing dodge the CCTV camera we found a nice easy route in. From the looks of the site it looked like it is going to be something big, and this is what it would appear they are building. The new £4.5m unit will be next to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s Mulbarton ward and will house two more linear accelerators, bring the total of six ‘linacs’ at N&N. The first will be installed once the building work is complete, due to be by the end of summer next year, and a second is due to be installed in 2015. This equipment provides radiotherapy for a range of cancers and works by using high energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells. Consultant oncologist Jenny Nobes said radiotherapy is often used instead of surgery, and can have the same effectiveness. She said: “Hopefully waiting times will be less for radiotherapy and more patients will be able to benefit from this locally.†The plans also include a new orthovoltage treatment room with equipment which can treat cancers which sit near the surface of the body, such as some skin cancers. The new build will include a waiting area, office space and two consulting rooms and to help cancer patients avoid a hospital admission, there will be space for a new Acute Oncology Suite to provide rapid assessment and treatment for patients who are experiencing complications with their cancer or its treatment. About 200 patients receive radiotherapy each month at the N&N, with patients referred from other local hospitals including the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn. Now for some photos. After we climbed down, we were just getting ready to take a few ground shots, when every generator started up and more floodlights popped on, so at this point we cut our visit rather short and headed of back to the car.. After that we dropped my mate of and decided for some easy climbing at the Mecca bingo halls. Had the usual fun here, easy climb, just got on the roof, when security pop out to have a fag and chat on the phone very loudly for ages. I thank you Carters for the lovely clean crane to climb
  4. I'm realising there's a lot of ue stuff happening on Facebook. (The Oblivion State Facebook Group is quite fantastic :-) ) So there's a lot of fun to gain by posting ue reports and photos on Facebook. (Obviously) But. If I post ue reports from a profile with my real name I'll be sort of documenting my own crimes, right? Yet I see quite a few seems to do so. Anyone of you ever get in trouble for it? If I post on Facebook, or post links on Facebook, I give Facebook "a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use..." (According to their terms of use) And I don't want that. And yet I see a lot of pro photographers etc post stuff there. Are they ok with giving away license for their work? Or is it so much to gain from posting there that it's worth it? Probably, I guess. Or maybe many just doesn't think about it? Have anyone found their works sold off? It's a risk vs gain assessment thingy, I guess, where the chance to show people your works goes along with the risk of expliotation of it. And it seems lots of folks thinks it's worth the risk. Maybe it's just me being odd. I would like to hear you thoughts on this.
  5. Got to say I loved this place as I think most others also did. So much to see and almost guaranteed to bump into a few people. A perfect place to play with torches and flashes to cast some crazy shadows and experiment a bit. 1 A torch placed under the walway to cast the shadows up over the blast nozzle and another torch inside to light up the rear grill. 2 Me sitting in natural light and torches sitting in the rear right hatches. 3 Torches in the hatches each side of me with flash or torch coming from the camera also. 4 Flash fired wirelessly from deep inside the tunnel to light up the huge sphere 5 Stealing Project Mayhems flash here no need to tell you where it was placed. 6 Deep inside cell 4 with Magpie Tommy. Torch on the ground just out of shot. 7 I cant stand light painting so here I am holding a torch as still as possible for thirty seconds 8 Inside cell 3 in total darkness with the doors closed, I pretended to be Batman holding a torch. 9 Torch placed under the walkway and covered with a mountain dew bottle. 10 Here we have "The Mule" sitting inside the nozzle so the sparks all went behind the outer grills. 11 Here is possibly my favourite image I have taken in Pye. Two torches perfectly placed to cast a symmetrical shadow monster on the ceiling. After removing the torches I thought it may look better in portrait. Could I get them back in the right place? Sadly not. Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy.
  6. When I got my fisheye, and as I am from Norfolk one of the first photos I took with it was a tractor! I was quite pleased with the results so I thought I would have a wander about this site. All are processed from 3 handheld bracketed images. I know a bit lazy. Sorry there seems to be a bit of a formula to the images but I hope you enjoy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  7. i havent had time to find any real "solid" info on this place and i dont want to give half of it as it will ruin it but as we walking on to the site we we heard "stop where you are!" thought it was police but turned out to be some teenagers warning us about a gas leak and that its really bad in the house (couldnt smell gas at all inside but on the outside it was really strong) we asked a few questions about the history and they were saying about it was a care home for the rich they lead us to this photo and apparently the bloke on the left was the "manager" and the one on in the middle was a millionaire i have no idea if this is true but i went with it if anyone knows any information please comment it i really would like to know the story *(if there's any spelling/grammar mistakes sorry about that but is my dyslexic )* full set :http://www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/sets/72157631525615090/ temporary roof i still have no idea why people write these "messages" on the walls and doors my mate trying to find out whether the gas is coming from outside or inside looks like a interesting game fire damage downstairs love this shot the remains of the bathroom really creepy love this chair when i saw this i was so confused and still am everyone has a hobby mines happens to be taking this photo looks like a bit heavy for me looks like it got hot in here chairs this isnt the first place i would think of to pop some pills evertime i look back at this photo i keep thinking about how long it must of taken to do this room withthe tiles