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Found 7 results

  1. Fraser Range/HMS St. George, Eastney, South Coast – Feb 2015 Visited with Mookster on a quick South Coast Touyr, after a Fish and Chip Lunch, we walked up a nudist beach of all places, to reach this rather trashed location. It is certainly not worth a big drive but good for an hour or so, some good graff and some some not so good graff here. History Borrowed and adjusted from TrevBish @ 28 Days HMS St George was a shore establishment for the Royal Navy until its 1980s closure. Fraser has previously been used by the MoD as a firing range and for gunnery training for a significant period of time after the 2nd World War. In more recent times the emphasis on training dissipated in favour of research and development of electronic and radar detection systems complementing DERA’s facility at Portsdown. Since the the Defence and Evaluation Research Agency was privatised and subsequent formation of QinetiQ in its place, the latter have sought to make more effective use of the corporate estate. As part of this process QinetiQ activities on the Fraser site have been moved to Portsdown Technology Park and the site has been declared surplus to requirements. The Planning Committee resolved to grant permission (subject to conditions - not yet met) on an outline planning application (A*26996/AP) to build 3 large blocks of flats, 131 apartments, directly overlooking the naturist beach. Although they have yet to submit a detailed planning application or to start demolishing the existing radar station. The site had a more modernised and bland part as well as the older parts #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Thanks Again Guys. More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157650896476939/
  2. This ones on my doorstep, spent many a summer playing manhunt in here as a kid! Not much left now, just the main building, tower and chapel inclusive, everywhere else is swarming with builders and secca and people living in the new housing estate and residential home... Gayness.. Main Entrance. Water tower and chapel still exist but inaccessible 3rd floor has gone completely as well as the roof of all of the main section, with the middle section at the front of the chapel completey bare to the foundation, btw, there used to be 3 of the roof towers with brick boxes behind them one has gone completely then theres one in the middle and one to the right! the smaller building to the left still has a roof but large holes and a stair collapse not allowing further entry. At each end are these cool fire exits whcih allow each level to get to the ground without seeing one another, Very handy to stop the more violent patients from attacking the most vulnerable I would expect. its abit quirky.. Any hopes of finding any asylum stuffs well gone! silly camera oops just come from there!! It is technically possible to get in parts of it, but it requires loads of stealth, a tight squeeze and a sharp exit! They do have rotties and alsatians which are friendlier than their owners all drooling and bitey!
  3. History off net.. Designed by architect Joseph Potter the Staffordshire County Asylum was opened in 1818 and housed in excess of 1,000 patients. The elegant red brick façade expands over 350 metres in length overlooking the town of Stafford from an elevated vantage point on a hill. During the 1950's the Asylum was renamed St George's Hospital. Suicide cages were erected in the stairwells after a female patient threw herself off from the fourth floor and landed nearby reception. As the hospital was closed in 1995, 145 long term patients who had lived at the asylum most of their lives were re-located into the surrounding 'community'. The long abandoned hospital has been left to decay for over 20 years and has severely suffered at the hands of vandals. The derelict buildings including unique features such as the chapel and water tower have been grade II listed. I did'nt get any externals due to the rain,this place is well & truly fucked.. thanks..
  4. We thought we would pop over here for a quick re visit as we had heard rumors that the slab had gone. We ended up spending 6 hours having the best giggle ever, SK dressing up, blind secca and me falling off a 8ft fence, epic times! Splored with Skeleton Key Alas, slab is gone, as is the chapel The place has some way long corridors Thanks for looking people
  5. Evening all, End of the first day and we thought we’d pay this place a visit as we knew it was a brief stop and was well decayed. Did the usual and parked in a little side street away from the place. We walked towards it and as I took one step towards the gap in the cornfield, I looked to the right and saw an old woman walking down who immediately spotted what we were up to and went into her house and watched us out the window. It appears others had seen us too. I spotted a small gap in the hedge off the road so we walked back to the car and had a rest for 10 minutes before going straight for it and not hanging about when traffic was quiet. Don’t have the history but there was some heavy decay going on here. I heard from one person that the house was going to be destroyed soon. A few photos were taken but some rooms were filled up with stuff or the roof had caved in. Not good for three big guys but we managed half hour and left to drive to Chambre De Commerce for a late night looksee. On with the photos. Thanks for looking in.
  6. I previously visited this place around 3 weeks ago but being pushed for time we missed a lot of what St Georges had to offer. After talking to ZeroUE it was arranged that he came up north to grab some of what the NorthEast has to offer and this was the first on the list. So with the 4am alarm set and bag packed it was time to start the engine and get going. After some quite extensive research on the history, I managed to find out alot more . . . Designed by Henry Walsh and Drawn by architect John Cresswell. The wards on the west side were for female inmates while males were situated on the east. Surrounding the buildings were pleasure, kitchens and gardens as well as a stone chapel and brewery. Looking at old maps there also appeared to be a morgue at some point, however this has been demolished at some point to make way for the new road heading to the new St Georges hospital. St Georges was previously known as the Northumberland County Lunatic Asylum and opened in 1859. At this time there were approximately 100 male patients and 100 female patients. By 1888 these numbers had risen to 267 men and 244 female patients, this resulting in additional hospital buildings being built. Later in 1890 the hospital was renamed to County Mental Hospital. In 1937 this name changed again and the name St Georges hospital was adopted. By 1956 the hospital housed 1,257 patients and over-crowding was becoming a serious problem. 29 years later in 1985 this number halved, housing only 600 patients. Today sits a new mental health hospital situated beside St Georges but shares the same name. Fortunately this site at the minute houses no mentally ill patients. A selection of old photographs was also found online, below are two. Other photographs found were featured on a personal website of the patients,nurses and doctors which I do not want to share this images without permission. Il try find the link again if anyone is interested. My previous report can be found here /www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/6021-St-Georges-Asylum-Aug-2013 I haven't included any images from this report other than ones I think I improved . . . . First up the main hall, although it isn't in fantastic condition it is great to see it in the condition it is in, apart from the dodgy floor on the right, it was pretty sound . . . One thing I do love about this place is the corridors . . . After walking each corridor in turn we stumbled upon a quite tidy reception area, its surprising how bad some parts of this place is in, then around the next corner all it would take is a quick hoover and dust . . . Oh and a lick of paint . . . Quite close to the above we found this . . . After becoming quite excited and what this could of been, we soon realised it was only a meat fridge, but strangely enough with no kitchens nearby. One image I did re-do is nature reclaiming this bathroom back . . . A quick selection of others from both the west and east wards . . . finally, we found this . . . . One thing i do love about finding personal photos, is all the questions that come with it . . . Thanks D4RK-INS1GHT
  7. Ok, so not alot of history was found on this one apart from it was built between 1853 -1859 as a Corridor Plan Asylum as the Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum. It was opened with six males and six females from Bensham Asylum in Gateshead. The asylum was built at a cost of £58,000 to house 200 patients. The doors were finally closed in 1996 and has remained empty since. I've wanted to get his place done for sometime now and after a couple a walk abouts there, access was eventually found. With time not looking so good and with only a couple of hours at the most free, i decided to call in with a non member mate. Wont be long before im back here as everything was slightly rushed but the number 1 site to see was the view from the tower. Back down the ladders we went, and onto the exit back out with some shots to get on the way . . . And then look what we found, complete with disco ball and DJ equipment. . . . So much for heading back out . . . time for a quick venture upstairs . . . Back dowstairs on the west wing . . . There is still so much of this place we didnt get to see. Time for a revisit i think . . . D4RK-INS1GHT