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Found 16 results

  1. This city is one of the best spots I have been and was a blast to explore. I had to go back a second time to cover the whole area; first in September 2018 and again in Late November. Picher Oklahoma was part of the Tri-State mining district, and was deemed contaminated in the late 90's by the EPA. A mass exodus followed and by 2010 the population had reached a mere 20 people, a shadow of what was once home to 9,000 people. Within the next 2 years the last residents were forced to leave and the city became completely abandoned. Although some buildings have been demolished, quite a few areas remain intact in both Picher and Cardin, which is adjacent and also a ghost town. All 3 towns nearby were also abandoned due to contamination from Picher. Today Picher is known as the most toxic city in the United States, and the water in the nearby streams and river is orange and red. Even the birds stay away, and the town is deathly silent.
  2. Hello everyone I’m new here but have explored since I was a teen and only recently decided to document my explorations on video. Here’s one of them I hope you all enjoy!!!
  3. Polyana, Djantukha and Akarmara - former mining settlements in Abkhazia, located in the Aldzga river valley, 10-12 km east of Tkuarchal. After collapse of the Soviet Union and Abkhaz–Georgian conflict it was almost abandoned.
  4. Hiya! I visited Salton City last year and it was one of the strangest, most haunting experiences I've had. It's not locked up- there's a tiny, tiny population still living there (!) but the majority is derelict, covered in graffiti and shows signs of being fled in a hurry (old cereal packets on shelves etc). It was a former luxury resort but was built on the side of a now-poisonous inland sea and is carpeted, creepily, with mummified dead fish. I've written the whole story on my website here: http://www.lifeoutthere.co.uk/2017/12/07/salton-sea-things-that-could-have-been/ Here are some pictures!
  5. this house always interested me..the yard was filled with junk..old cars..and other junk..it gave the appearence of being abandoned but someone clearly lived there the area became prime real estate..mcmansions went up and taxes went up..i knew this houses wouldent last....i went by and saw it was finally empty the 1st floor was a neat gloomy house rooms that feel like a horror movie all the lights hung poorly..surpised there wasent a fir from them.. see more of that in a bit upstairs' the upstairs was nthing but an attic...no bedrooms or bathroom..this was a single floor home.. basement a wood burning heater...thats an old way to heat a house the last thing still hanging that shows the personality of the owner odd old stained glass not sure what that is... ..the dead and prarie home companion There are a few male voices caught inside one seems like another lanuage
  6. The Scammel Mansion Yardly PA..orginal built in 1790s or so added onto though the ages..the scammel family made porcelin...I used to post on the WeirdNJ site but they closed the fourms..with no explanation so now ill post here..i walked right into this place years ago but now they have built up mcmansions all around it..dont know how accesable it is..but its still there ahh death I began filimg my walkthoughs because it show better what my experience was...then i began to notice voices when i watched the video later...such as here.. a door shuts on its own...too..let me know what you think...i find the same ghost evidence inthe day light..no walking around in the dark for me...
  7. Nelly

    Ghost Ads

    We all have a guilty pleasure and this is mine "Long before neon tubes, perspex and and lcd computer screens, product adverts were painted on to buildings and walls and carved into brickwork." I have a Facebook group dedicated to them too https://www.facebook.com/groups/169104323181617/ Come on!! You know you want to!!! This one is great, you can see the while lines where modern advertising hoardings were placed over them, this is probably what preserved these for so long
  8. The town was founded in 1642 . Destroyed by an earthquake and then abandoned by the inhabitants in 1968 . Inside the houses there were still a lot of ornate ceiling paintings. However, I have not set foot in a number of buildings, because sometimes it was too uncertain for me because of the danger of collapse. However, I was there for several hours and many photos were taken due to the size of the ghost town. So - sorry for the variety. But I can not decide for individual images ... 1 - The former market place. 2 - Stairs to the upper town. 3 - Wonderful ceiling paintings inside a (from the outside inconspicuous looking) house. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 - View from the marketplace to the main street of the village. 12 - Statue at the marketplace. 13 - One of several churches. 14 15 - The main street. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 - It decays more and more ... 28 - The ruins of the theater. 29 30
  9. Got the coordinates for this place. Its an old church closed since the early 60's, due to communism I believe. A local artist has made all these ghost that represent Germans praying before the war. Its is one of the more remote locations I have gone to, the roads to the village were just rough tracks. _COZ8819 _COZ8854 by _COZ8777 DSC_6991
  10. My first underground explore, and i loved it. To bad there were a couple of Iphone explorers wandering around, who wanted to switch the light on :/ Kinda killing the atmosphere of an abandoned bus graveyard, but hey! It was nice, and maybe ill be planning a revisit. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  11. As The_Raw asked me so nicely heres a report even tho i posted some in photo of the day Wasn't going to do a report as to be honest after tails of PIR's being present we kinda expected when was triggered for loud alarms to go off,so we avoided the area. Baron kindly told us he set one off and we didn't go down as far as the old stairs leading up to a semi built station as there was a "chirping " noise which seemed to become more frequent as we got closer.Turns out if the pir does go off it just flashes so we could have cracked on,But after the effort getting in a joint decision was made to pack up and get back to the hotel and grab some sleep This is an unfinished metro system started in the 70's i believe and is now the home to much old junk and many buses and old trams! A few pics of what we did manage to cover.. Explored with Obscurity,Extreme Ironing,The-Raw and Monkey..waited a while to have another crack at shis so even tho we didnt cover a huge distance or find the light switch i came away happy with my lot
  12. Highgate station was originally constructed by the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway in the 1860s on its line from Finsbury Park to Edgware. It was purchased in July 1867 by the larger Great Northern Railway (GNR) and opened on 22 August 1867. How it looked in 1868 with a passing loop in the middle for trains terminating at Highgate The station was rebuilt during the 1880s with a new island platform on the site of the former passing loop. The side platforms were from this point onwards disused. A photo from the early 20th century showing the different layout As part of the 1935 'New Works' plan to incorporate the Edgware, High Barnet and Alexandra Palace lines in to the London transport network the station was one again rebuilt with a new brick platform building. Shortly before the start of WW2 the lines began to appear on underground maps. With the start of WW2 however the service was reduced and never quite picked up again. How it looked in 1941 Closure was announced in 1953 as the number of passengers travelling on the line didn't justify it's electrification. A shuttle service continued to run until 3rd July 1954 when the station closed to passenger traffic. In the 1950s just before closure This section of line between Finsbury Park & Highgate remained open to freight traffic until 1st October 1962 and it has been abandoned ever since. I sourced the history & pics from here http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/h/highgate/ I visited with Extreme Ironing, it was a really fascinating little place even though it didn't take long to get round it. I hope to go back there some time and photograph it on a misty morning. These are the sealed off tunnels on the east side. The 1940s brickwork station The house on the right used to be part of the station but is now an occupied private property No idea what this machinery was once used for…. Old advertising/timetable boards in the middle Heading for the staircase The cage shut for the last time Through the cage you could see the bottom of the stairs bricked off with a just a worker's entrance Think this may have been an old waiting room….. Looking back along the platform The tunnels at this end (west) of the station are completely overgrown Parts of the trackbed have been covered with plastic sheeting to prevent water seepage into the northern line concourse below Thanks for looking
  13. I dont know if this post should go here, because it include a house/ post office and cemetery..... Please forgive me if this is the wrong location. These are unwatermarked because they were taken kind of in a hurry on a really chilly day. This is the town i mention in a previous post... Or whats left of it (chopper...) anyway. This is the only remaining structure of a small town called Union Valley. it is literally out in the middle of nowhere. I dont have alot of information on the town itself. But this house and a cemetary are all that remain. The only thing anyone knows about Union Valley is that this house was not only a house, but the post office in its time. The person who granted us permission to go to the house did tell us it has been standing for a hundred plus years. So it has seen some history! I dont recall it having any modern fixtures like lights or anything, but maybe it did... I dont know for sure. So here are some of the photos of the H/PO and the Cemetery. (The image above i included mainly to show that awesome brickwork around the window. At least i think its awesome...) (I dont know why that "fencing" was around that front porch, unless at one time it was used a chicken coop. Which wouldn't be unlikely) (dont know what the creepy hole was.... It was full of dirt.... we think it was an old crawl space) (an old "half" barn) (and here is the cemetary) (it says Union Valley Cemetery. Off to the left it says Gurley {another small town that you can see from the back of the cemetery} Bicentennial Committee May 31, 1976. and off to the right it says Cemetery established 1899) There were alot of babies and children in this cemetery. I dont know if there was a series of flu or what.... And there are several headstones the earth seems to be "eating"..... We do know the cemetery was used up until 2000... (Birth: may 22 1866. Death: March 21 1923) (1901-1911) (death june 28 1916) (sorry about the poor quality and the number of pictures! Dont hate on me to bad!)
  14. Here's an arty farty vid I put together a few months ago of the abandoned village of Polphail on Scotlands west coast. Originally built in the mid 70's to house 500 oil workers for a nearby oil platform construction yard the village consisted of a series of 'flat pack' style accommodation units, bars, recreation rooms, canteen, bank, shops, laundry's and offices. The yard was near completion in 1976 when the oil boom nosedived, by which time the village was already complete. The yard was scrapped having never received a single order and the unused village was never inhabited. It was abandoned completely in 1980 and finally demolished in 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QESBGaTIeLY
  15. Strachów, (which literally translated means; "spooky" ) is quite a suitable name for this place. Even though nowadays this place is called differently, Strachów was the official name till 1992. Strachów was a town built for the soldiers and families of the Russian Army. The whole terrain is enormous and contains over 300 buildings. Till 1992, this was quite a busy town, including everything the Russians needed in day to day life. There were stores, churches, cinemas, a train station , theaters and so on... Nowadays this area is sometimes used by the Polish army to practice. Unfortunately, just after we entered this area and climbed to the top floor of the first building, we spotted a whole lot of army vehicles, heading our way and into the area carrying a lot of very heavy artillery and soldiers. Since they obviously were going to do some training things, we decided to leave quickly because we didn't feel like ending up in the middle of their practice. To make the entrance to the site a bit more difficult, they blew up the entrance bridge, as you can see in below pics... And to simply illustrate the scale of things, the buildings you'll see on the pictures are only the first 5 or 6 buildings of the 300 in total... 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# Thanks 4 watching!!