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Found 8 results

  1. Found some photos of this place after it had been restored, they had a open day and I with a mate went along, although this place isn't abandoned, just wanted to show what a stunning place this is, so hope this is ok. Bit of history:- The grange was the home of augustus pugin the victorian architect and designer who has designed alot of buildings in London and elsewhere. It was designed by him in gothic style and is grade I listed, he had it built to live out his idea of life in a medieval catholic community. Pugin bought the land at westcliffe in 1841, the house was built between 1843-1844, his 2nd wife died in 1844 and it was after his 3rd marriage in 1848 that it became a home. The interior was finally completed in 1850. Pugin died in the house in 1852 age 40, he is buried in the impressive pugin chantry in St.Augustines church next to the house which was designed by him and completed by his eldest son, who was also a architect. The house was rescued by the landmark trust in 1997 and restored. It was opened in 2006 for up to 8 temporary residents at a time and visitors by appt on wednesdays. I think now it's opened as a holiday home. Enjoy the pics, if you get the chance go for a visit it is stunning.
  2. Think this is the correct section to share this one, not that there's much to share. The site is huge but the main building is sealed tight and being watched like a hawk with the most technical cameras I have ever seen. Here's what I did get anyway, not much but still!
  3. Found some more pics taken of this place when we went back for the second time:
  4. Might as well stick these up. Leybourne grange is a shadow of it's former self, actually to be blunt it's f**ked. There's still however a few bits and pieces to be seen. The Manor house is in a much worse state than I thought, and I think it's days are numbered, as with the rest of the complex it's just been left to decay. Just had a poke around he biggest accomodation block, and the manor house. There's a lot of the other villas still on site, but it didn't seem worth the effort to get inside them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Staircase is about the only part of the main building worth photographing. The rest is a soggy mess of rotton wood, and it smells baaaad! 7. In the basement areas 8. 9. 10. Thanks for Looking! M
  5. Site Name: Leybourne Grange Hospital Location: Near Maidstone Status: Disused and trashed Visted with: Fortknox0 and my misses Equipment used: Nikon D90 w/18-105 VR lens, 3D maggy. Date: Feb 2010 History: Located beside the M20 near Maidstone, sits a large 270 acre plot of land, very well hidden by trees. The trees are said to have been used to oxygenate the air making a better environment for the patients of Leybourne Grange Hospital. The hospital which once accommodated for a huge 1200 patients is now disused and left to decay. Some parts of the hospital have been demolished since it shut in 1996. The hospital had opened in 1936 and was used for sixty years. Also located on the site is a beautiful manor house. The hospital was built as a colony for mental defective persons by Kent county council utilising an existing estate and the manor house. In 1948 the National Health Service took ownership of Leybourne grange and it became known as a subnormality hospital for the mental and handicap. The site now sits dead and lifeless. The grounds are beautiful and would make a great national park but instead there is planning permission to build 700 new houses and convert the manor house. Some of the buildings had been demolished on this visit and all had been pretty stripped but there is still around 6 buildings standing, the main two being the manor house and the nursing block. There is also a very impressive clock tower. Report: This was an interesting one! as a spare of the moment explore after seeing the 1st bit of nice weather this year i gave Fortknox0 a shout and off we went. After parking nearby we followed a couple of fields and walked straight into the grounds! upon entering the 1st building we bumped into a young girl in a wedding dress and a suitcase full of props! turns out her friend is a photographer! believe it or not, they were more shocked to see us and i aint the one in a wedding dress lol. We spent a good few hours there till it began to get dark! Didnt see security once and had a laid back explore of the grounds and remaining buildings! Pictures: Various pictures taken from the nursing block and the manor house
  6. up the clock tower. unfortunately we coudnt gain access to the main building. and most of the place has now been demolished bit sad really any ways heres my pics bit of history Leybourne Grange is located right beside the M20 near Maidstone ud drive past it and not notice.it covers around 270 acres and is very tree-based. The trees (and fresh air etc) were meant to be good for the patients. 1200 patients. It opened in 1936, was used for sixty years, and finally closed in 1996. The colony was built in the grounds of a huge manor house this was a accomodation block we then moved on to the nursing station cool old pully lift toilet anyone outside random building there was loads of these all are the same and contain the same stuff if u have a death wish then this is for you heres the clock tower view from the top found a green house like something out of the triphids some cool grafitit whats left of the auditorium
  7. Visited with 12 gauge very rare opportunity to see this place as its always pretty well sealed up well worth the pain lol im not to sure on the history apart from this was the original building on the site built many years ago when the place was a big estate its a real shame how bad this place is unfortunately i had no eos on this trip so was using my compact cam so piks arent up to my usually standard I WOULD NOT ADVISE TRYING THIS PLACE UNLESS U CAN RUN FUCKING FAST AND OUT RUN A CAR ASK 12 GAUGE NEVER MESS WITH A GURKA heres a few oustide pics and in we go Amazing fireplace on to the main entrance post on to the genral office upstairs time very posh toilet And a marble fireplace to the libary dam there shut the basment a few examples of the wallpaper my favs ITS JESUS
  8. Visited this place last year with my daughter Miss CSI, we borrowed a car and off we went, had a lot of fun dodging security and diving in bushes, I believe this place has been demolished or it's on it's way. On with the pics. The Admin Building. Funky chair. The famous clock-tower. Some of the artwork on the outside of the admin building. One of the many nurses blocks, this site is huge. The famous car. The main hall, this was in a state with rubbish everywhere. The hall even had a bed in there. Behind the stage. This funky seat was in the cafe alongside the hairdressers. The floors in this place were well dodgy. I took so many pics of this place, security drive around regularly, but lucky for us we avoided them. It was a great day. Enjoy the pics.