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Found 3 results

  1. After a long drive stuck on the glorious M25 for hours on end, the Grove air raid shelters were nearby so took my chance for a quick solo mooch. I have to be honest, these have been on my list for quite some time but wondering around the tunnels the place became somewhat repetitive so I did not walk as far down the shelters as I could as they felt almost endless. None the less, it was great to finally see the shelter and a nice surprise to see graffiti at a minimum, despite nothing other than broken chairs, rusty buckets and a lot of spiders within the shelter.
  2. Dear All, This is my first post on Oblivisionstate even though I have been a member on the Fb page for a while, I thought it was about time I uploaded my photographs on here! You will see that alot of my uploads will be in black and white as this is my preferred medium, with some editing. I thought I would begin with my visit to The Grove Air Raid Shelter back in november 2014. I have only included 3 images, as all to see were a series of tunnels. There were 6 entrances in total, which can be found via the grounds of a prestigious hotel, by this point alot of the entrances to the tunnels had been blocked up as you can see by the 3rd image, so there was abit of hunting to find one which hadn't been bricked up. The tunnels were relatively easy to find, I visited during night in the hope to catch some bats in these tunnels, unfortunately I didn't encounter any. All that was left in the tunnels were some broken benches and rubbish! I hope you enjoy my post and expect more from me coming soon! Some background: The London, Midland and Scottish (LMS) Railway, with some foresight one presumes, bought a large area of land near Watford along with it's now disused Manor House for use as their HQ in the event of a war, away from their current HQ in Euston Station. As events transpired, by Easter 1939 with the on going approach of WW2, the move had started in earnest, being known as Project X. The full report/history of this place can be found here: http://rastall.com/grove/projectx.html 1. 2. 3.
  3. OK so I am probably th last person on the planet to pay this place a visit as it seems everyone and their cat has been but here I present it none the less. The History. The Groverake mine is located at the junction of the Groverake, Greencleugh, and Red veins about 4.5 kilometers northwest of Rookhope, near the head of the burn. Mining in the area likely predates the seventeenth century, but major development was started by the Beaumont Company in the late eighteenth century, including the sinking of two shafts on the Red and Groverake veins, which ultimately reached levels in and below the Great Limestone. Although the veins proved rich in fluorspar, they were relatively poor in lead. Dunham (1990) reported that between 1818 and 1883, they produced only 6,498 tons of lead concentrates. With the departure of Beaumont, the mine was picked up in 1884, by the Weardale Lead Company, which, followed by a succession of several operators, worked the property for both fluorspar and lead until 1940. Problems with the treatment of the fluorspar ores to remove silica evidently limited the success of the mine during this period. More successful operations were begun during World War II by Blanchland Fluor Mines, Ltd., and then followed by British Steel. During the British Steel tenancy, the Rake level was driven northward from the area of the shafts to access the upper levels of both the Red and Groverake veins, and the Firestone dib (local term for a decline) was put in to access lower levels on the same veins. Although these tunnels never interconnected with the shaft- accessed workings, they are considered part of the Groverake mine complex (Younger 2003). Fluorspar deposits on both veins proved rich, and the mine became one of the top fluorspar producers in the region during the latter part of the century. With the collapse of British Steel in the early 1980s, the mine was acquired by Weardale Minerals and Mining, whose parent company, Minworth, Ltd., was itself forced into receivership in 1991. The mine was then purchased by Sherburn Minerals and worked until summer 1999. At the time of its final closure, Groverake was the last commercial fluorspar mine operating in the North Pennines. The Visit. This was first port of call on my trip to the North East. It's a lovely drive up there with nice winding country roads, little traffic and miles of emptyness - I loved the area. On arrival there was a very light mist hanging in the air , which later developed into a thick fog. This made for some dull looking photos with little definition. It was a lovely chilled, relaxed mooch which I rather enjoyed and a shot or two that were a little unexpected. The Photos. The fog was a double edged sword as, as it zapped some definition and clarity it did lend some quite atmospheric shots to the collection - some of which I really like. These were taken with the Pentax K5. So on with the show. - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 - - I was not alone on site 6 - - 7 - - 8 - - Locker area 9 _ - 10 - - 11 - - 12 - - Remains of a dead sheep 13 - - Nest of baby swallows 14 - - 15 - - 16 - - 17 - - 18 - - 19 -