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Found 2 results

  1. This was quite a strange explore. There is some really impressive Grafitti here, And I used to live about 2 minutes away so it was nice coming back here. There's also power too. Visited with Hamtagger, Session9 and Catbalou History Lesson One day there was a swimming pool, people swam, some drowned, there was also a yellow slide. The End I found this too. A group of pensioners bid a fond farewell to swimming pool as the building is set to be closed down. The swimming pool, in Station Road, Wigston, will be demolished and a six-lane replacement with a large fitness suite, built in its place for May, next year. The council is spending £9.2 million to replace the facilities at Wigston and update them. In addition, the money will also pay for a pool to be built at Parklands Leisure Centre, in Oadby, plus a refurbishment. Once this is complete, Oadby pool will be closed down (Possibly a future explore) Picture time Oops... The famous yellow tube! This must have been quite annoying to build The slide/flume This is pretty impressive! And to think Police would arrest him for doing it... Lessabled? That's a new one The amount of Tampax and Sanitary towels in here was unreal This is where the tightest Speedo's were kept The only time I have ever and will ever be in Female changing rooms with a camera Was this where people left their babies when they went for a swim? The deep end Thank you for reading my report. I apologize for the lack of imagination with the pictures but I was feeling sorry for myself because I had food poisoning and was trying to hold vomit down. P.S I lied about the yellow tube being famous, I just wanted it to sound good and not just like a tube.
  2. This place was mint when I first saw it on the forum, and I just had to visit, as it is a rare type of site. I knew it had been trashed since….. but not on this scale! I’m not a fan of graffiti; especially mindless vandalism, but I did take the time to look at some of it in there, and I have to say there was some quite good stuff in there. It was an interesting explore, and glad to have got it done before its demolition. Many thanks to Leicester Urban XP for showing me round. Thanks to RichPDG for originally posting, and Ive quoted what little is know about this place. Built 1954-1957, and closed March 2014. The existing Wigston Swimming Pool will be demolished and in its place will be built a new facility featuring a 6 lane 25m competition pool with timing equipment and starting blocks, and a 60 station gym featuring the latest fitness equipment, this is due for completion in Spring 2015. thanks for looking