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Found 5 results

  1. Yep sorry to bore you all but heres another set of photos of the lovely bunker, this one was totally out of the blue and was a surprise till i go there , after meeting up with Mr key and SN and point out how close the Bacon shop was to the building, i knew this was going to be great splore ! see SN's thread for site history http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/5054-Hertford-SRHQ-4-2-Government-Bunker-(-May-2013-) After doing some climbing and descending into the darkness, we had a look around.. well the guys had already done it but was very very interesting ! First HDR Test that i really like The old Genny was a beaut ! No one wanted to lick and see if the batteries where still live ;] Now like SN its dial time and a few more close up's of the machinery some interesting art work was left laying around.. almost like a prison... sadly we couldnt order a pizza, the phones where out ! And finally a shot of SN an experimental shot and a mobile shot ;] Explore complete we disappeared into the night...
  2. 2013: This was a good day out, and in the old Landie it was a trek! I'm not sure how this looks now, but in empty building terms, 4 years is an absolute ETERNITY and its probably knackered now. This was a lovely piece of abandonment and had a wonderful malty smell. 2009: Visited with Fraser (Layz) Mcmullen and sons opened up their brewery in Hertford in 1891. The site was expanded in 1984, with a modern “Brewhouse†built next to the current site. Mcmullens brew cask ales, and pasturised beer in bottles. McMullens produce three regular cask ales and several occasional ales. The regular range consists of Original AK, 3.7% abv 'McMullen's Cask ale' a new, hoppy ale launched 2006 Country, 4.3% The beers are advertised with the tagline 'from the whole hop brewery'. The New site over the road from the old site opened in 2006, making the old site obsolete. More at http://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157622814355542/
  3. If you want to visit this fine brewery then don't hang about as so much of it has gone already Another fantastic explore with Skeleton Key and Troglodyte The History Peter McMullen, a Master Cooper by profession, started the business in 1827. He made barrels and casks selling them to the ten small brewing companies that were established in Hertford town at that time. He soon decided to go into brewing, starting in an outhouse adjacent to his cooperage before building and moving to a full scale commercial brewery known as the Mill Bridge Brewery less than three years later. In those early days, Peter sold his beer to many pubs and individuals. It was not until Boxing Day 1836 that he bought his first pub, the Greyhound at Bengeo. The deal included three cottages on four acres of land at a consideration of £481. In 1891 a new Brewery was built in the centre of Hertford along with a Artesian well to supply natural water which was ‘sunk’ to a depth of 140 feet. It took nine days to complete the job and cost £93-18s-8d! This was followed by two more wells each going down some 250 feet, The Company operates 135 pubs, all located in the northern Home Counties, from central London to Chelmsford in the East, to Windsor in the West and to Cambridge in the North. Mc Mullen moved to their new brewery just across the road in 2006 and this building was then brought by Sainsburys Thanks for looking, there's more photos on my FB page Nelly x
  4. This bunker has always been at the back of my mind since I first heard about it in 2004. Local newspapers at the time were always mentioning secret tunnels running throughout Hertford and this bunker was said to lead into them. So not only a bunker to explore but apparently an extensive set of tunnels too? Surely this was to good to be true? The bunker in more recent years was used as government archive storage and the man in charge of the archive team had apparently told The Insider that "when you got to a certain point when going towards the Castle or town, the tunnel was bricked up with breezeblocks." So maybe access to the secret network of tunnels was blocked off a few years back? he continued to say that "Often it is very dangerous too, On more than one occasion people have died in the process. If you attempt to enter a defence-related site, even an apparently unused one, you should expect an unpleasant encounter with military police." It all started to seem a bit over the top, Secret tunnels, People dying, Military police? So by this point my curiosity was at boiling point! Now 8 years later I finally get a chance to debunk all this. I'd heard rumours the last occupants of the building above the bunker had left, So now was the time to see it. We decided to head out at night and try our luck at finding a way in. After a lot of head scratching we eventually found our way inside. 'Only three SRHQ bunkers are of recent construction- Basingstoke, (SRHQ62), Herford (SRHQ42) and Southport (SRHQ10). Each has the same rough design, a All two-storey concrete basement below government office blocks built in the late 1960s. Walls are 20-30 inches thick (50-75cm) and each has its own borehole for water. Some one hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water are also stored in permanent tanks, and a generator room can power all the SRHQ's equipment for a month, with a ten thousand gallon fuel reserve. Two sets of filters are fitted to the air-conditioning plant, one for peacetime exercise use, and the second for war. If the level of fallout dust becomes too high, air conditioning can be switched to internal circulation for a period. The bunkers were designed to have a radiation 'protection factor' of about 400, and to resist blast pressure of 1.5psi. In contrast, the average house is unlikely, after attack, to offer a protective factor better than 5-10.' Quoted from 'War Plan UK, the secret truth about Britain's Civil Defence. Duncan Campbell. 1980' Turns out they didn't just leave it completley unwatched on my second visit we set off PIR's and had to leave sharpish! VIDEO HERE So where's the breezeblocks, secret tunnels, military police and dead people? It goes to show not you can't trust everything you read. Although I do believe there is still something to be found running under Hertfords streets. A police officer had once told me that he had been in one of them and I recently heard from a friend that a colleague of his had been lifting manholes and discovered a tiled passage exacly where the tunnels our said to lead. So for now they remain a mystery but atleast I have finally debunked one piece of the puzzle. Watch this space...
  5. Contrary to popular belief Transco does not sell or supply gas it is simply the branch of National Grid PLC that transports gas across the country via a network of pipelines. That's about as exciting as it gets really, but remember if you smell gas, call Transco straight away!!! 0800 111 999 __________________________ Visited with Skeleton Key and Troglodyte Thanks for taking the time