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Found 5 results

  1. Evening all, Been a while since my last post as I've been doing a few bits n bobs plus finishing up a few sets before the German trip which will be here soon. This little place in Wales was in the middle of nowhere and all of the items were pushed into corners so a little moving (or dressing the scene) had to be done. I have no history but looks like someone is trying to restore the place. On with the photos Thanks for looking in.
  2. After seeing posts about this location it became number 1 on my list to visit. It took me several weeks to locate, and its location has been kept tightly guarded, and quite rightly so, but I had to see this beauty for myself, and through hours and hours of work finally got a breakthrough to its location. So an early start and full day of travelling after I convinced my friends we should go, even though we didn't have a back up, and we were all touched by the place and glad we went. The house felt full of sadness to me, and of a lost era, and I treated the place as visiting guest should do. I'd like to return and just spend time soaking the atmosphere of the place more, as I feel like I missed lots by having my face stuck to the back of the camera.
  3. Nice little farm house in the middle of nowhere with loads of bits and bobs lying around.
  4. This was a great little farmhouse in the rural countryside with an incredible amount of stuff left behind, personal possessions, photos, ration books, glasses, fabric, clothes, an old singer sewing machine, a bottle of Johnie Walker Red Label, coins, buttons, records, beautiful furniture and it was just all untouched. So beautiful. It was almost quite hard to shoot as there was just so much stuff here! Thanks to the guy who shared this with me The leccy and water was still on too!? This was all shot on a Minolta Autocord TLR camera with a 75mm fixed lens. For the geeks it was shot on Kodak Ektar 100 film. LOVE this camera, even though it can be hard to meter and focus. Pleased with the results though! Scanned directly from the 5 x 5" prints, my scanner is dusty and minus a few bits of cloning to remove horrifically obvious dust, these are all straight out of camera. I shot more on digital and may add later, but I'm liking the film look for now. Hope you like my report!
  5. Y Heulog Farmhouse. June 2013. The last morning of our trip, kids where asleep as was the better half , what better to do than have a quick look at the location that i had scribbled the coordinates to on a scrap of paper then rammed into my coat pocket just before leaving the house a few days prier. Not expecting much i grabbed my camera and headed off into glorious rural Wales and found a beauty, much much more than i could have hoped for Thanks so much for looking hope you enjoyed her