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Found 8 results

  1. spotted this while out with the family ,made a note where it was and went back for a look one room at the back had caught fire and collapsed in on the sitting room , i cant go to much into detail about the fire , it wasnt arson ,it is due to its location and proximity to somthing that causes sparks only a small place with 3 tiny bedrooms and a few bits and bobs lots of cobwebs and flies the light was left on to make it appear used , due to its location it will probably just get demolished eventualy and replaced with a new one thanks for looking
  2. I was at a loose end and decided to give pontins a revisit.last time I went here we could not get into most of the buildings.things have changed a bit and I explored the whole site.from the pool,restraunts,bar areas,even the maintenance rooms.the site shut in 2009 and remains a controversial site with the locals who are at odds with the council.both have different ideas on what should be developed here.i did have a holiday here in my teenage years,nothing much has changed ha ha,but I did have a great week with three mates ,getting up to mischief,so it has sentimental value to me
  3. Explored with -Raz- Up untill today i had absolutely no idea what this place was other than an industrial wasteland, and then i stumbled across a report of it on 28DL - Jackpot MADMAX i dont know who you are but you have proved very helpful in helping me find some info, ta! Background; In 1842 Isaac Reckitt, a Quaker, moved from Nottingham to Kingston upon Hull in order to rent a small starch factory in Dansom Lane in the city, and to set up the company known as Reckitt & Sons. Starch was used as a stiffening agent for newly-washed cotton shirts, pillow cases and tablecloths. In its first ten years, therefore, Reckitt & Sons' factory was manufacturing one laundry product. In 1852 it began to produce another one. Fabrics made from natural fibres such as cotton turn unattractively yellow as they get older, probably as the result of oxidation. Reckitt & Sons hit on the idea of adding a very blue colour to the fabric, so that the fibres would reflect both yellow and blue light. When yellow light and blue light are mixed, white light results. The reflected white light makes the fabric appear to be white and the blue colouring matter was therefore acting as a whitening (or brightening) agent for the fibres. Reckitt's product, sold as laundry blue or dolly blue (the washing tub to which the colorant was added, was called a "dolly tub"), consisted of a mixture of synthetic ultramarine and bicarbonate of soda (sodium hydrogencarbonate), packed in a little cotton bag containing a wooden rod to allow it easily to be taken from the hot washing water. Reckitt's Blue soon outsold the original laundry starch and the other products of the Dansom Lane works which included stove blacking, boot polishes and metal polishes such as 'Brasso', and the little cotton bags were on sale for many years until the 1950s when they were replaced by the organic compounds called optical brighteners. The paper industry still uses ultramarine in making good quality white paper. The natural yellow colour of cellulose in the paper is eliminated by the blue pigment in exactly the same way as Reckitt's Blue acted as a cotton whitener. Plant closed in 2007/8 - Cant find an exact date Explore; After a day of mishing around rat infested Rank Hovis, we went for a general drive round to see what we could find. Saw this big old chimney and we really couldnt say no to having a snoop around! the site is currently being used as some kind of waste facility. With huge pipes rinning around the site we were expecting some kind of Pyestock MK 2... however we were sadly dissapointed and looking at MADMAX's report it appears we came far too late and most of what he saw was gone, including the steps up the chimney Still a fun climb around and i got some decent shots Photos; If you got this far, thanks for looking
  4. I've been planning to meet up with someone, who often explores in the Salford area for a while now but things always got in the way, like the weather for example! we rescheduled our meeting a few times and eventually got together on a perfectly mild Spring evening. There was plenty of high places to choose from, with relatively hassle free access. We first went to the Holiday Inn but got stopped in our tracks by a bar man so we decided to head out towards Millennium Tower. It was fairly straight forward once we were in and spent around an hour on the roof. The air quality was pretty poor that night due to the Salford recycling plant fire which really affected my images. After a while we decided to try our luck at the Holiday Inn again. This time we got in and spent another hour or so on the roof. Overall a really enjoyable night spent admiring the Quays :-) MILLENNIUM TOWER Millennium Tower is a 220 feet tall development situated on the waterfront at Salford Quays. It’s a block of luxury penthouse apartment with 20 floors. With its contemporary architecture, the complex is situated within walking distance of the Media City and the Lowry Centre. The tower block offers luxurious living space, whilst helping to transform the Salford Quays skyline. HOLIDAY INN The Holiday Inn Express is located in thriving Salford Quays, surrounded by the water & history of the Manchester Ship Canal & within 1 mile of Manchester United Football Club (Old Trafford), the Lowry Theatre & the Imperial War Museum. The glass-fronted, 16-floor hotel is in MediaCityUK's studio block. Thanks for looking
  5. I was unsure if I was to post this one or not as it is a bit trashed, but thought I would as it is full of nice bits and bobs and has stood the test of time, so I Visited here with my mate after we had been checking out a few old Gun placements along the coast and decided to pop in and have a look. He said the elements have started to destroy it all since the start of the year. You could see just how bad the rot was and that it wont be long till it is gone. Such a shame really as it has some interesting little bits and bobs scattered all around. As for the history of the place I could not see anything on-line about it, but it would be apparent that it was a Holiday cottage, and has not been in use for a long long time. From the Chalet From the old train Carriage. The car park looks rather cool as well.
  6. ...GT MANOR... ...OXFORDSHIRE... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Visited this grand 'ole girl last year, but wasn't at all happy with the pictures. So with the spate of recent activity and being at a loose end I thought I'd nip back for a 'remooch'. Rather glad I did!! Here's me pix, ENJOY!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ​ ​ ​ Thanks for looking...
  7. Another HI-DI-HI camp,but one sadly long gone.Me and the wife took a look round here,and within 5 minutes of getting in,two ol boys turned up giving us some mouth about tresspassing..cue Stu`s charm,and within 5 minutes,he said shut the lock on the gates on your way out!Wee bit of history: The former Blue Waters/Ladbrokes holiday camp in Seaton, Devon closed its doors around 2000 according to security.Found out recently that Tesco are developing the site for their next stage of world domination. At the time of our visit,the Hollybush Holiday Camp adjoining the derelict one,was still open,however in 2012,I understand the whole site has been levelled Caravan Pitches Camp Train Carriages Main Building/Reception/Bar Club La Baguette take away Lush bit of pool Building behind pool is the Bar/Club Slide anyone? Inside now Bar in the distance The elements are certainly getting in Chalet Even the cooker has had enough Inside the Chalet Camp Laundry Laundry Leftovers Dont forget your keys!! And that was Blue Waters..pics taken on point n shoot so apologies for quality, Many thanks for looking.
  8. Superb explore indeed...set on the southern part of the Isle of Wight,this 60`s style camp finally closed its doors in 2007.Complete with beach access,2 outside pools,2 tennis courts,a football pitch and camp site next door,Atherfield catered for all.Boasting a large hall for discos and a stage for entertainment,many a good holiday was no doubt enjoyed here.In 2005,Channel 4 made a Hi-de Hi type programme called Wakey Wakey Campers"..it featured a group of people from present day being made to experience a 60`s holiday regime..it was quite entertaining!We visited early 2010. And that folks,is Atherfield Bay..as we were driving out,the site owner was driving in..polite wave and we were off! Many thanks for looking.