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Found 10 results

  1. Morning all, Explored with Raz So this was a while ago, but as im nearing the end of my back log of reports i thought id post it up for you Bit of background Founded by Joseph Rank in 1875, with the Hull site (Clarence Mill) opening in 1885. It was the first mechanically driven flour mill using steel rollers instead of grinding stones and this produced 6 sacks of flour per hour instead of 1 and a half which was the accepted good rate of production. Such revolutionary technology paved the way for modern flour mills today. During the second world war Hull was prone to heavy bombing runs by the Luftwaffe and the mill was "redesigned" by hitlers flying army and so what you see today (If it is infact still there as the demolition was in full swing last i checked) is a rebuild around the original silos. The factory closed in 2005 and yet still in April this year, 10 years after closure the flour on the floor could give the impression that it was closed only yetserday. The Explore First stop of the day on our trip to Costa Del Hull (T'Yorkshire one, not the one darn sarth) and first of all i was amazed at how easy access was. Raz was telling me about rats the size of dogs and i was bitterly dissapointed i didnt get to see any of these beasts but it was easy to see why, everywhere you looked the floor was covered in bright blue corn... corn isnt normally blue as far as im aware but im northern so what do i know? So i can only assume this was some crazy poison that made even the corpses disolve as we found none. Anyway, good mooch about over some incredibly dodgey floors with some sickening drops below. The roof is a good old place to chill with views out over the city itself and also out over the Humber Estuary and the Deep. Thanks for looking, dont forget to check out my facebook page where i post most my pictures; www.facebook.com/seldomseenworldue
  2. Wevs??? You OK mate?? Oh, hang on, it says "Teenager" http://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet_extra/news/Teen-airlifted-to-hospital-after-2482/
  3. 2013: I believe this is still here, the grounds were used for an event some time ago, so the buildings may be locked down. 2010: Wow! What a day! After an annoyance with Mookie (Ben), sleeping in, making us over two hours late, me and Tom (True_British_Metal) were left to mope around town, checking out new locations while we waited. I was aching to press on the 77 mile trip; only being 40 miles through Central London, but I’m told the 77 is far quicker. Being sensible with fuel and wear and tear I went a steady 50 – 55mph in my 32 year old Land Rover. Sadly, hitting MAJOR traffic on the M25, we were made a further hour or so late, and the icing on the cake of the trip was when we pulled away from Thurrock Services, with a HORRENDOUS banging sound coming from the engine. We waited two hours for the RAC, and it was diagnosed as a simple fuel clog, cured by a long, heavy rev of the 2.25L Rover Diesel…… So, we were on our way. We miraculously found free parking in London, and in we went. We only managed to do Rank Hovis, but what an awesome place! Ropey as hell but one hell of a place. We decided not to do the leap of faith to Spillers after everything else that had gone wrong that day. Based in Docklands, London, Rank Hovis Mills was once a busy Bustling Mill till it closed in 1984. The site has been used for many a backdrop for films and is pretty awesome, but dangerous inside. Aslong as you keep your wits about you, its safe. A final shot over Docklands R
  4. There is an excessive amount of pipe porn in this report and some mild HDR ..the external shots have been spruced up to convey the full horror of the weather ! Well…the weather..the pigeons and the infamous metal recyclers were going to be against us today..after a rather silly way of getting in (yep should have hopped over the front gate!) we had a good mooch about this place. A lot of the machinery has been stripped out but there are the occasional bits still in place. Pigeons have taken over! Views from the roof would have been amazing if the dam sky had been blue, as it was the overcast dull grey sky did kind of put a cramp in the day…especially after the big ladder climb onto the roof ! The Rank Hovis Flour Mill was built in 1865 and was designed by Edward Welby Pugin. It closed in 2005. The mill survived two world wars, but sustained heavy bombing during World War 2. There are actually air raid tunnels underneath the site. who broke the window first pipe porn shot.. if only this would have started ! I dare you to enter the bin ! in the top of the silo.. a little more pipe porn for ya ! over the edge.. on top of the silos a little bit of blue pipe porn through the square window.. the big red machine ye olde mill convey me to the roof.. up and down the wooden stairs we climbed Well that's it..would love to go back on a nice sunny day to get some more pics of the view from the silo towers and roof !
  5. I'm lacking transport at the moment, so I decided to take a walk and have a revisit of my most familiar UE haunt. Sadly the place has gone downhill fast - it was sealed recently, but they left it a bit late... Once upon a time the site was in great condition, but has sadly become a victim of its popularity with local kids. The building is still sealed up well - so after a comedy entrance, I was inside. You could hear a pin drop - even though it was pitch dark, it was reassuring to know I would not have any unwanted company, after seeing how well the place is secured. I remember, months ago my girlfriend and I had a nasty shock while on the roof - hearing an angle grinder start up, before an awkward encounter with the culprits downstairs... There has been a mill on this site for roughly 150 years, with the large silo structures built considerably later. As I recall, the site ceased operation around 2005 due to modernization. The site is now in development hell (the plan was to convert the Grade II listed building into apartments) - the buyer paid too much and couldn't make a profit, and left the whole site unguarded for years. Anyway, as it was a good night for it, half the photographs are taken from the roof. The other half were taken while I tried not to fall through rotten floorboards... Thanks for looking!
  6. Right guys i allmost feel not worthy to post this in the "high"stuff section,But it is a roof top and any one of you who knows me or has waffled to me on chat or fb will realise i suffer that vertigo fear of edges thing. That said i have been up MM roof but that was a nice enclosed staircase,this was a different matter shonky steep angled ladder/staircase right out there on the edge of the building where the small metal meshed platform that had been there a long time was less than stable looking in my mind.Big shout to Space Invader for getting me up there and giving me that little push needed to get me to do it on my 2nd attempt.. Not great views but im told it's the highest point in ramsgate.... A few pics from what turned out to be ..not as bad as i thought Thanks to SI for getting me up there!
  7. The Ramsgate Flour Mill was built in 1865, and closed in 2005 when the site was sold by Rank Hovis to a private developer, as it was no longer commercially viable. The mills became Grade II listed in 1988 The Ramsgate Flour Mill was built in 1865, and closed in 2005 when the site was sold by Rank Hovis to a private developer, as it was no longer commercially viable. The mills became Grade II listed in 1988 The Mills in 1900 Explored with Skeleton Key, Priority 7 and Tstranger Thanks for looking
  8. one of my first explores and defintley a place i will never get bored of visiting ... visited with wevsky and paulk a litte history The Ramsgate Flour Mill was built in 1865, and closed in 2005 when the site was sold by Rank Hovis to a private developer, as it was no longer commercially viable. It is situated next to the site of the old Ramsgate Town Station, which has long been demolished and is now a block of flats The mill survived two world wars, but sustained heavy bombing during World War 2. As the threat of war came nearer, air raid tunnels were dug. One “for the men� was dug under the old railway cattle pens (to the rear of the site), which gave the shelter about 25 feet of chalk and concrete as protection.For the office workers, a separate shelter was constructed, which was a brick lined tunnel dug from the general office down into the ground. Under the mill, this was made wider to give a fair size room. A way out was up two long flights of concrete steps ... a few from the roof ... silo the office workers shelter thanks for looking
  9. I was out having a walk around and seen a few reports of this place and thought why not, the gate was open so I walked in, I saw a landrover parked around the corner, then I went and walked straight into a security man, nice enough fella he let me wander around taking a few pics, tried all doors, but couldn't get inside, this was a unplanned visit lol, it was built in 1865 and closed in 2005, then sold, I do believe it is going to be turned into yet more apartments, but as yet work hasn't started, the inside from what I've seen of on other sites was mint inside. Enjoy the pics. The main gate and entrance. This amused me for some reason. Enjoy the pics, this was a nice little explore.
  10. Right dunno why im putting this up really,was pitch black pissing it down didnt get in the part of the building that had nice open spaces ..or to be honest climb up higher places..me boots have fallen apart and torch light is a major issue at 9pm..would have loved some shots to show the scale of the place from the outside but it was very dark and a last resort just to have done something as our dover mission got postponed!!so i apologise about some of the pics they really are not my best,but did what we could a neighbour basically saw us climb in so we went back to the car had a chat and he was kewl..but wasnt the longest of trips i must admit! Right not my best report by far but considering i live down the road i should have done this a long time ago and in daylight!