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Found 2 results

  1. (Quality is a lot better if you press hd) Was going to post some pictures but nothing that wont have been seen in matt's report so just thought I would post this Music: Phaeleh - Should Be True
  2. bob2014

    UK HAA hudds

    Me and Jimmy met up on 27th for a bimble around HAA huddersfield, and then the plan was to drive into sheffield to do canon brewery. We decided to meet at costa at half 9 but due to traffic was more like 1015 so drove upto HAA hudds, after about 20 minutes walking the wrong was turned around and parked in a cemetery across the road from the site, we agreed an hour would be enough time to explore and have a good mooch around (is that even a word if so how do u spell it), 2 hours later we were still their not much to see thire was something about the site though in which we enjoyed. quick drive into meadowhall for a subway (the sandwich shop) and then into sheffield for canon brewery, after wlaking around looking for access it was impossiable without climbing and making it blatently obvious what we was doing, so we crossed the road and went to the printing press but deceided against that one due to the same cop car driving past a good few times off to the Ski Village now and just as we got thier cop car pulled up asked us what we was doing (bullshit excuse time and a natter to the cops) and off on our way so all in all a good day out but not as much as we could have done pics 12825045753_6367db19a9_b.jpg DSC_0239 by kieronyoung, on Flickr 12824850885_f4104363f5_b.jpg DSC_0221 by kieronyoung, on Flickr 12824903635_036c9cb91c_b.jpg DSC_0215 by kieronyoung, on Flickr 12825150174_6c42e3ac14_b.jpg DSC_0205 by kieronyoung, on Flickr rest of set here http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157641632339183/