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Found 4 results

  1. Demolition of the Father Hudson Society complex is currently in progress 25/01/2014 The St Edwards convent is now cleared and St Philomena's was half demolished yesterday. The asbestos removal guys are in the process of doing their stuff in St Mary's and the remainder of St Edwards main building, the reclamation guys have been in and taken anything of value and all the trees have been removed and shredded. After talking to the asbestos removal guys and the demo guys yesterday it looks like the site will be cleared within the next three weeks. Pretty sure there are plenty of people glad to see the back of this place with its dark history of child abuse. RIP Father Hudsons Complex
  2. After a little technical hitch on plan a we decided what a better way to celebrate my 21st bday than a trip to the castle, a big to obscurity and fortknoxo for being t tour guides ... visited with obscurity ,fortknoxo and wevsky ... a little history... Hudson's Bastion is a large fortification on the eastern side of Dover Castle, one of several bastions and outworks on this side that provided firing bases and sally ports with a measure of expendability - soldiers could withdraw further into the castle if these were overcome by an enemy. The surface entrance to the Bastion has been sealed and access is via Hudson's Passage, a locked tunnel that leads from the castle grounds to the moat. Connected to this fortification are, as well as the Passage, Hudson's Gallery providing firing points across the North East Ditch, Hudson's Caponniere and Hudson's Shaft which linked the interior of the passage to a higher level of the Castle grounds... on with the pics ... Thanks for looking
  3. Hudson’s bastion was constructed on the eastern side of Dover castle to improve defences after the threat of invasion by Napoleon. It can be accessed from the castle via Hudson’s passage, a straight tunnel linking the castle to the moat. The bastion was designed with a number of firing slits to provide flanking fire along with a caponier from the bastion into the ditch for extra defence.
  4. Great trip, not something I've seen before, was always nice to catch up with Fluff, Zombie, Maniac, Jesus and Scrimshady. Also met Mooch and his friend. Nice place, but enough with the words, herez teh picz After this we had to make a quick exit due to a change in the lighting at the top end of the tunnel that went up to the castle that we thought was someone with a torch walking around. View over Dover Docks Great trip all in all, would be great to go back and spend more time there. Cheers Mooch and Scimshady and thankyou fluff / zombie for accommodation, and thanks jesus for driving. Peace Out (sorry for lack of pics, had to leave quickly )