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Found 11 results

  1. Solo Explore Background; A pretty standard office building and the 5th tallest building in Pontefract (Woopidoo). Currently disused other than the second floor which is home to UKA 24/7, which is something to do with boiler services/insurance ect. The upper levels have plans to be made into flats in the near future. The Explore; So while waiting for a friends to finish work, i noticed a viable entry point. Having nothing else to do, i grabbed my camera gear from the car and in i went! Noting the cameras on the second floor outside UKA i took the lift to the top floor planning on getting to the roof. This however wasn't possible as with it being partly live the door was of course, locked . However i was not to be disheartened and i carried on! Whilst on the top floor, mid exposure, a door slammed. I grabbed my camera and took shelter behind a stack of roof tiles, waiting with ragged breath for the police/owner to appear... As the minutes passed it was clear that nobody was coming so i continued, admittedly with more caution and paranoia. Couple of externals; Rest of the set; Camera's and people working down there... LOL Lobby selfie I'd been in there that long that i was starting to take the piss All good fun, thanks for looking
  2. Explored with Ant after a mooch about the town hall. Background; Honestly i couldnt find very much on this place online, so i went through the Order itself. As it turns out, the mini illuminati isn't very good at keeping records as they couldn't tell me much either. However, research has paid off! Opened in the early 1900's this was the second Masonic Hall in Pontefract. Located next door to the Crescent theatre and eventually linked via a large metal door (which is welded shut) this was used as a community hall once the Masons moved out in the late 60's. Since then it has had a number of uses including a gym and leisure centre. The only real clue that this was ever a Masonic Hall is the Freemasons Crest on the staircase window. The Explore Having been for a look around Pontefract town hall in search of the elusive underground police station (Now being used by the WY police NPT) we decided to take a quick mooch around a building we found months earlier but never really taken any notice of. With the entry being a little easier than the previous time and it being daylight i noticed a few bits and bobs that we missed last time, such as the crest on the window. Oh i almost forgot... Pigeons, Thousands of them... Admittedly this is nothing spectacular but it hasn't been reported on before that i know of Couple more pics; Thanks for looking
  3. Explored with Raz, but i have revisited and met various others. I apologise in advance for the amount of photos but I LOVED this location. Background; The Crescent Cinema stands on the corner of Ropergate and Front Street and was designed by local architects Garside and Pennington. It opened on 2nd November 1926 and within the complex was the 2 tier, 1,190 seat cinema which had a fully equipped stage with associated dressing rooms for such plays as Dirty Dancing, and a cafe and a substantial dance hall which in its day hosted balls for the mayor. It was taken over by the Leeds based Star Cinemas chain in 1944, (as was the Alexandra Cinema in town) and as the popularity of cinemas waned the Alexandra Cinema was the property turned over to bingo in 1961 with films continuing at the Crescent Cinema. However when the Alexandra Cinema was sold off for redevelopment in 1971 Star sub-divided the Crescent Cinema forming a bingo hall in the former stalls and a new 412 cinema in the balcony that, like many of their cinemas, was renamed Studio 1. Further changes in ownership to the Cannon Group took place, bingo was superseded by snooker and the Cannon Cinema closed in 1993. It has not been used since although the snooker continues and a school of dance occupies the former ballroom. The old cinema is the upper tier of the grand film hall and is complete with full projector set and refraction mirror. The Explore; If i was to set the scene of our endevours well, it would start with something like this; "One dreery night, with the clouds covering the moon and the rain whistling in the cool wind. We approached the old oaken doors set back in the darkness of the alcove from the amber glow of the street lights..." But this is not a story. We arrived on a pleasant September evening with the sun just going down, after a stealthy entrance and a quick stoop i was instantly impressed by this place. Having been in ABC in Wakefield, I expected a pigeon shit filled, asbestos topped death trap half flooded in water that smells a lot like the swamp from Never Ending Story... However this was not the case and it is in fact filled with some of the coolest little gems ive ever seen. When myself and raz were first exploring this place we felt very very paranoid and im not entirely sure why. At every sound this old creeky building made we would stop dead still and hold our breath. In hindsight i wish id have been recording all the way round as it would have made for some hilairious and strangley fitting footage of us creeping round a derelict theatre to Benny Hill. At one point we made it into a tunnel system which we at first hoped to be the fabled "Market Run" but obviously its not as i am writing the report on the Cinema rather than still trying to find my way out after stumbling across the many beer cellers we know to be down there Over the last few days i must have spent around 4 hours just moving room to room taking it all in and really experimenting with light painting. I hope this stays in NP for some time as the minute it comes out into the public forums the local scroats will be in the rob the place blind and leave behind well... The ABC Theatre, Wakefield. Heres some of the finer areas Nice one of the dance hall to finish If you got this far, thanks for reading
  4. Day out with Antony Background; Ladybower Reservoir is a large Y-shaped reservoir, the lowest of three in the Upper Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, England. The River Ashop flows into the reservoir from the west; the River Derwent flows south, initially through Howden Reservoir, then Derwent Reservoir, and finally through Ladybower Reservoir. The dam's design is unusual in having two totally enclosed bellmouth overflows (locally named the "plugholes") at the side of the wall. These are stone and of 80 feet (24 m) diameter with outlets of 15 feet (4.6 m) diameter. Each discharges via its own valve house at the base of the dam. The overflows originally had walkways around them but they were dismantled many years ago. The bell mouths are often completely out of the water and are only rarely submerged, often after heavy rainfall or flooding. The building of the reservoir resulted in the 'drowning' of the villages of Ashopton and Derwent (including Derwent Woodlands church and Derwent Hall). Ashopton stood roughly where the road to the Snake Pass met the Snake valley. The buildings in Ashopton were demolished before the reservoir was filled, but much of the structure of Derwent village was still visible during a dry summer some 14 years later. The narrow stone Packhorse Bridge over the Derwent was removed and rebuilt at the head of the Howden reservoir. The clock tower of the church had been left standing and the upper part of it was visible above the water level until 1947, when it was seen as a hazard and demolished with explosives on 15 December. The Explore; Not wanting to waste a nice Saturday we decided to have a jaunt around Lady Bower and just happen to take abseiling gear... We were not planning this or anything promise A very fun day out and i wish to return soon. Pics; Made (Nearly stood on) a friend The res itself Thanks for looking
  5. Visited with Raz, Fat Panda & Rott3nWood Background; Leri / Lerry Mills, situated at the confluence of the Ceulan and Leri rivers produced Tweed for suit making using both water wheels from the river and workers to power the looms and spinning machinery. Little history can be found about the mills but they were built on the site of an old furnace which smelted the lead from local lead mines. Records date this back to 1642. The mill itself stopped meaningful production around 1958-60 in-line with when the UK became a net cotton importer and the general demise of the industry put paid to over 800 mills. At this time the two mills were purchased by Mr J Hughes – he ran the mills with his wife till the end of 1980 as a popular tourist attraction. In the August of 1981 they put the whole site, including a 6 bedroom house, the two tweed mills, a craft shop and 14 acres of land around the river bank with shooting & fishing rights, for sale at a guide price £150’000. The site is now owned by a lovely old guy who was very helpful once we explained why we were in his garden Explore; So whilst out on one of our many trips into deepest darkest Wales we decided to drop in on this place. So parking up, in a car small car park and grabbing our things we then proceeded down a small grassy path... or someones garden as it appeared when an old bloke pops his head out of a door shouting at us, and as i was nearest he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me towards the house when i tried to walk off. So whilst being dragged along, trying to explain why we were there and getting ready to twat him with my tripod he suddenly seemed to pick up on one word. "Photography", he then instantly changed from being angry to being very very interested and by the end of the conversation we knew exactly where we were going, we knew the history of the mills and also why he had acted the way he had... Please if you go here, just knock on the blue door and tell him, he's a lonely guy and would appreciate the company im sure So we ventured around the mills and up and down the river for an uneventful hour or so. Once finished, Myself, FatPanda and Rott3nwood headed back up to the house and he had made us a CD full of old photos of the place and all the history, along with his email address and phone number We again chatted for a while before our conversation was cut short by the sound of an accident, Raz decided he wanted to go for a swim... Casualties for the day - One camera and Raz's pride Heres some shots; All in all, a great explore. The owner suggested that we come back in spring.. and considering the beauty of the place... I think i just might. Thanks for looking
  6. Massive thanks to The_Raw and ExtremeIroning for showing us this one!! Well worth the 4 hour drive from T'old Yorkshire to the big city! Explored with Raz, Jamie, Damo and Michael the night before the Kent Meet up. From what I can gather Angel Court is a 70's design high rise office block which has recently been pulled down to replace the old style concrete floors with the new alloy light weight stuff. Its situated in the middle of a construction site in the heart of the financial district (I think...) So After a 4 hour drive from Yorkshire straight from work we met Damo and Michael and first of all we tried a block of flats only to be confronted by a rather rude and aggressive resident. So down we made a quick exit and i spent the next 20 mins trying to navigate the chaos of London city centre roads for the first time. Found somewhere to park and then managed to get pretty lost and walk around 3 miles more than we should have done (Burned off my MacDonalds so thanks for that guys ) we arrived at Angel Court. At first i was convinced that 5 of us were not going to sneak into this site but alas we did, starting with Michael scaling the fence and making it a little easier for the rest. Far too many steps in here Only spent half hour or so at the top as we were pushed for time but heres what i got; Thanks for looking
  7. Explored with Raz on the off chance we could get in Bit of background; As the village of Ackworth grew significantly in the 1970s with several large new housing developments, water pressure became a problem. The solution was to give Ackworth a water tower of its own. Previously the water tower at Pontefract had provided the pressure regulating facility, but Pontefract too had seen significant housing development and some parts of Ackworth were literally on the end of the line, about 5 miles from the Pontefract tower. Ackworth Water Tower is located at the top of Castle Syke Hill, just off the A628 Pontefract Road. The immediate effect of the pressure improvement was a series of mains bursts over many months all the way down the water main under the A628 as it ran through Ackworth. The water main had obviously deteriorated over time but the low pressure had concelaed the problem. Any repair cascaded the problem to the next weakest point. Eventually a full water main renewal, at considerable discruption to local traffic, was the solution. The Explore; Not much to say really, we never expected to get in and we were surprised when we did, killed a few hours. Some seriously dodgey ladders here and made all the more interesting while hiding from a farmer in the next field flying round with the sun on the front of his tractor illuminating most of the site. Thanks for looking
  8. Visited with Raz & 2 non members. Background; Very little on this place other than that there are a load of Robin (not so) Reliant cars left rotting in what i believe to be someones back garden. The explore; After meeting our local contact (who forgot to tell me about this for 2 years!!!) we hopped the fence and immediately i was in heaven being a bit of a car enthusiast in denial. Red, blue, white and green cars in all states of decay and rust but thats exactly what we like right? Spent about an hour mishing around light painting as we did this at night, probably need to return in the day but it could be a little bait due to it being in someones garden lol. Enjoy Thanks for looking
  9. Visited with The_Raw, ExtremeIroning, Raz and Jamie_P Setting the scene; 5 people, 1 206, a huge squash. After exiting my clown car which was clearly not designed for more than 3 people (French so i guess i expect too much) we jumped the wall, shimmied the scaff, over a fence and we were in... or we thought we were... secca come running over while we make our hasty escape. Fast forward 3 hours and we are back, after doing another location ready for another crack. Mr secca had tried to be clever by securing the helus, but had failed to note the ladder like fence next to it... how proffessional. So over it we went and up the steps. Tiring but so worth it, I dont know which took my breath away the most, the stairs or the view. I could have stayed up there all night but alas eventually we had to leave in order to go to the Kent meet up. Heres what i got; Raz taking it all in... If you got this far, thanks for looking
  10. No history unfortunately, and it will soon be luxury apartments Narrowly avoiding death with Raz, Jamie_P & Rott3nWood. The Explore; So we went for a look at the Conditioning House but other than teleportation i couldnt see a way in. So not worth traversing a wall with concreted glass on the top and a gate covered in Razor Wire... Still always come out with a positive right so going with that frame of mind, if i'd have slipped i'd have received ghetto acupuncture free of charge - Sweet So over the road we went and after crossing the needle forrest (Not nice pine needles if you catch my drift) we had a look around this place. Nothing spectacular and not really worth the risk of aids or being mauled by the dogs loose in the building or even the dodgey as fook floors but i still managed to chuck together a decent amount of photos; Thanks for looking
  11. Just thought id leave this here to do with as you please... www.facebook.com/seldomseenworldue i know facebook is the devil and it disgusts me with image quality but most my friends dont know what a forum is never mind how to navigate one