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Found 2 results

  1. Hellingly Hospital or the East Sussex county asylum was designed by architect George Thomas Hine who is known for asylums up and down the United Kingdom (St. Mary’s, Rauceby etc.) and was completed in 1903. As with many asylums, the site was largely self sufficient and even had its own farm, railway station and engineering department. It remained largely un-modernised structurally until some of the Eastern wards got the standard suspended ceilings and plasterboard divisions in the mid 1980’s. Most of the main part of the hospital was closed in the mid 1990’s and became very trashed and suffered a lot of arson damage due to the grounds being treated as public, very little on-site security and no fence until 2004 (I saw them putting it up!) Even when I first went inside, the admin block was burnt out, as was stores and it was very hard to find a single fixture or fitting that hadn’t been bent or broken. Despite this, I always liked the atmosphere at Hellingly and amongst the chaos was a very photogenic side where decay met destruction. In the time I explored it, the place kept getting more and more battered with the mortuary, laundry and even the floor of the hall being set on fire but we kept going back until partway into demolition which started in 2010. Images are from 2004-2011
  2. Another solo adventure, also been putting this one off for way too long! Was planning on doing it last year, but a couple of serious fires put me off as the residents call the police instantly the someone in there. But on a return trip me and JFR went for a reccy in the dead of the night, and a returned the following day and braved it! Sadly missed what could have been a fantastic explore before the fires! Bankhead Academy closed in 2009 after it was merged with Marpool Academy to form Bucksburn Academy in a new purpose built facility. The school was hit by 2 major fires, the last of which in June 2012, and is now currently being demolished by the Council. Taking the same approach I did previously I didn't hang around outside taking externals incase I was spotted, so most of the pics are internals. First target was the older part of the building which is largely stripped out sadly! Small boiler room is largely intact strangely! The main staircase As you can tell all plaster has been stripped from the walls, but contractors have left a nice path to walk around. Very long corridor (not Nocton long but long enough) Looking towards the new block, as you can see there is a lot of rubble, as 2 buildings have already been KO'd and out for the count! Old Classroom, really derpy Old Dining Room / Assembly Room I think Gym Hall The next target, the newer block, weirdly shaped like a block of hexagonal cellular network - It was the science and crafts block. Pic I found on the wall. Inside its clear they have been loading up the left over items for recycling / salvage. Pottery Kilns Even found loads of kids pottery! Boring Stairs Jackass would love this! Desh in the classroom Chair shot!! Top floor is now stripped Lets head for the roof! Was a bit to early in the night to get too close to the edge If you got this far, congratulations for putting up with my derp zone!