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Found 2 results

  1. Yes Im a geek, with nothing better to do in the late hours of a Wednesday night. If there is anybody out there who like to do light painting then I found a good application on the iPhone App store. It cost around £1.19 and gives you various light settings. The app is funnily enough called Light Painting . Saves you having to carry loads of coloured gels/torches I took these test shots at ISO400 at F8 and approx 10 to 15 secs exposure Light array setting Rainbow setting Dynamic Spot Setting Yes I know it's sad. I do love my iPhone a bit to much
  2. Visited with Hamtagger After a recce 2 days previous we were itching to scale the Cathedral walls like ninjas. With cameras surrounding the building and nosey neighbours in every house, we knew we needed to be careful. The fact that the building is 700 years old made me a bit paranoid that if we used any part of it for support we would damage parts of it. I didn’t realise how high the building actually is until we were at the top! (510 feet above sea level) Climbing additional ladders at this height was enough to make my bum-hole twitch a bit too. The climb went well and it was nice to finally have got up there but I broke my toe on they way down with what was probably only a 6 foot drop. (I felt like a retard) :banghead History Lesson Building commenced in 1088 and continued in several phases throughout the medieval period. It was reputedly the TALLEST building in the world for 238 years (1311–1549). The central spire collapsed in 1549 and was never rebuilt. There are many legends and myths about the Cathedral and it's surroundings and it was also used in the movie "The Da Vinci Code" which is pretty cool if you haven't seen it. Finally, The famous Lincoln Imp - the little devil perched high in the Angel Choir overlooking St Hugh's shrine. He was turned to stone, according to the legend, by the angels because he caused mayhem in the Cathedral. He is now the symbol of Lincolnshire and the Lincoln football team (the Imps) External Jesus has been poo'd on Disturbing Headless Statues A skull eating a coin (This looks more modern than the others) A Fire Breathing Dragon (That scratches walls) No Admittance Almost at the top The Arch Me and Hamtagger Looking Across the City (I think thats the Priest/Organists house I really wanted to take pictures through these windows but didn't want to risk damaging the roof Probably shouldn't have used my flash at midnight Thank you for reading my report. This is definitely ones of my favourite places so far, shame about the lack of pictures (Some were taken on my iphone) but we had to be careful with people walking past every 5 minutes and walking on a 700 year old building.