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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! Not sure on the history of this place but its been around a while. Not a bad place. Not that exciting but we were passing so thought we would have a mooch! A couple of nice cars.
  2. This explore was a fairly random find for myself, after a day out looking around my local area some locations I had spotted previously I passed this place unexpectedly. A quick stop, run along and peek in the windows to check if it was empty and had potential, creeping up behind the building peering in the small back window, it a cracking looking vintage cooker it looked like it had potential!! A week or two passes before I return to avert any suspicious neighbours wondering why my car would be parked up close by. After my first look, I was excited to get in and have a proper look around, I wasn't disappointed! This place has lots more to offer, and need revisit it sometime to capture more have a proper look around, there are a couple more photos on my Flickr, if you are interested to see more! Thanks for looking!
  3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. More ? Here!
  4. Evening all, Called Welsh Old Iron in homage to it's Belgian cousin Out for sunrise a few weeks back and decided to call in on a localish scrapyard that is normally filled to the brim with old trucks and cars just to see if they had anything else in. Talking with the owner, the council had clamped down on scrapyard emissions and the proportion of grass and concrete that some of the vehicles had to be on. Rather than fighting it, they had sold a lot of their stock off to Africa as usual and not sourced anything old so they were still doing a nice trade in parts but not so many vehicles were left. We had a few hours wander here in the sheds - well rather warehouses which was worth it in the end. More to come on Flickr in time. Cheers for looking in.
  5. Haven't been out for an explore since coming back from Belgium so a couple messages to Lost and off we went to the unkown field of fapness as Lost put it. He does love an abandoned car but this was like the Xhamster for him! Unsure if this is an old scrapyard or just a collection, but tending to think it is a scrappy due to the amount of car parts removed from many of the motors left behind. It seems to have become long forgotten with many of the cars, vans, lorries and allsorts just left to rot away. Unfortunately beacue it is still summer this place is covered in nettles and thistles so its very jabby and sore wandering around it. Was a great explore none the less, and a return visit is defo required in the winter months when the wildness has died off a bit. If you don't like old motors rotting away please look away now, you have been warned. I could post a stupid amount of pics, of this place, which I will cause I like lots of pics. I didn't even ruin it with any HDR or fisheye goodness, all handheld one take shots. 1# 2# 3# 4# I was evenly pleasently aroused by having a couple old cottages to view, but they were filled to the brim with car parts, will investigate them another time! 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14# 15# 16# 17# 18# 19# 20# 21# 22# 23# 24# 25# 26# 27# 28# 29# 30# Am not even ashamed for posting the maximum amount of pics for this either mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed the Motorge Derpage as much as I did, and a special thanks to Lost for naming every almost every car there.
  6. The Iron Care home. Telford April 2013. The second splore of the day, a day of rest and relaxation squeezing through impossible gaps, tripping alarms,picking thorns out of every place imaginable and nearly gagging after smelling the sticky substance on my hands after my bath, ?, good times . Found this place a good few months back had no idea what it was till after the visit, i had the pleasure of the better half on this explore, a good job really as me commenting on her bum not being able to squeeze through a rather impossible gap made her even more determined to, holly sh*t! laughing and giggling like kids she got us in, thanks hun , we only manage to see about a quarter of the place so a revisit will be on the cards at some point. The building was built for the purpose as a work house, after the official ending of the ‘workhouse era’ in 1930 the institution became the responsibility of the local authority and, eventually, part of the National Health Service then a care home for the elderly, now disused future unknown ?. On with the pictures Thanks for looking .
  7. Right must say these where to be my first mines,got Txt from troglodyte thursday night..here wevsky wanna come and meet me and me missus up here for a few mines..yes says me if i can get there.So few txts later got hold of Maniac who was well up for the road trip up there.I have a pdf file with a lot of info on the iron mining industry including some maps and some info on both these mines.But due to the fact that the maps and detailed info gives exact locations to the mines i really cant use it,so this report is more about my first mine and meeting up with some great people along the way..This was a trip up there with maniac to meet troglodyte his missus *char* and to then meet up in a pub carpark with DHL fazey and one other guy who tbh i didnt catch his name so sorry there mate.. Right the first mine was Church North ...then after a quick change a sneaky pint and a chat with Troglodyte and his missus the second mine (willow close) which was visited without dhl fazey and the other bloke they had other plans ..right on with some pics..one passage in an iron mine looks pretty much like another so i wont over do it with the pics Right on with willow close Right thats me done..thanks again to maniac wh agreed to come along and did the driving..nice one troglodyte for the invite..shame there was major traffic jams on way home took 4 and a half hours to get back..thanks for looking
  8. Myself and Jesus out on a nice countryside wonder to do a recce on this industrial beauty. Will head back very soon. Expect a BIG report For now, have some arty farty photos Hope you like