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Found 8 results

  1. Am there atm & had a few ideas that aren't possible anymore, one of the things i was thinking is now gone
  2. The Royal York Hotel,a fine Art Deco style building completed in 1935 , replacing the original Victorian hotel of the same name. Closed in 2006. My guess is that it will be turnt into flats in the near future! The video tour! http://youtu.be/mKuRE1R4xvY
  3. Grain Tower ...or No 1 The Thames according to the Post Office, although I am not sure how they deliver post to this place! If you get it wrong on this explore you either have to spend an uncomfortable 12 hours on the structure or get very wet walking back ! Beware ! Every time I have visited this place the weather has been crap ! So on this occasion and after defrosting various parts of my body over a period of days I added a little processing to these pics to try and make them a little more dramatic ! Cheers for looking There is an excellent bit of history here for those of a more historical persuasion http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/g/grain_tower/index.shtml The beast in all its glory The modern extension the old bit ! the view of the new extension from the roof of the old.. the gun placement the way up is easier than the way down..that handrail was a bit loose ! the view across the water to some power station..sadly not abandoned ! A view of the tower a hole in the wall.. That's it..thanks for looking..if you go here..check the tides ! oh and wear stout footwear !
  4. bit of a random find not really sure about the history of this place so if anyone noes let me no and ill add it in
  5. small bunker just off the road near cliffe fort explored with miss vanishing days sealed of at the end tho continues round the corner
  6. Explored with misses vanishing days weird little place great little explore Hiistory Grain Dummy Fort was built and then rebuilt in 1905 the fort was prone to subsidence and there was many problems with the construction. the fort has a ditch full of water in front of it but there is no refernce of the fort ever being in use in eiter ww1 or 2 unfortunately theres been some form of arson or fire atack by chavs. often wonderd was this the entrance to the long fabled tunnels to the tower fort theres also lots of these dotted around
  7. A few pics from multiple visits with 12 gauge and solar p This place is truly massive its so much bigger than i expected the walk out to it via the walkway just builds up the expectations truly one of the best places i have explored. bit of history Grain tower battery was constructed in 1855 the style resembles a martelo tower extra parts were added on in the later world wars in 1910 more guns and the tower was attached. in the 1940s more modifications were completed when the extra block was attached. A few artsy fartsy pictures accommodation block on we go tower top room observation post ammo loader gun turret
  8. was told this was an old brick factory stumbled accross it with miss vanishing days