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Found 6 results

  1. Out and about looking for derps, drove past this interesting place by the roadside, turns out the cottage was lasted used as an office for a small firm. Quite shit, but hey worth a couple pics Not the best, but far from the worst I've done, still another one ticked off the list and a 40 min explore done
  2. I finally cracked it. Since the beginning of last year, when I first began seriously looking into and researching abandonments in the United States, I was in awe at the sheer number of derelict hospitals and asylums that littered the country. Think back to our own 'age of asylums' that lasted from roughly 2005 through to 2010, times it by maybe ten, and you're getting there. Of course the only problem is over there the country is absolutely massive so they are all spread out all over the place. I knew that I must see one, I didn't mind which, but I would bite peoples hands off to be given a chance to do an asylum in America. It just so happens myself and my companions chose one of the biggest. This asylum (which I have given a pseudonym) sits on a parcel of land 600 acres in size - that is twice the size of the entire plot of land Severalls sits on. Construction began in 1927 and it catered, at it's peak in 1959, for 9000 patients - four and a half times the 2000 that Severalls treated in it's heyday. The enormous campus is a mix of standalone buildings, sprawling quads containing 12 wards each - 4 on each floor - and dozens of other associated buildings, with the majority of buildings being 3 or 4 storeys tall. The hospital began to wind down operations during the 1970s, and now the few still active buildings offer mainly outpatient mental health services. However, these places are not plain sailing. Because you can - literally - drive around them, this also means the on-site police/security (yes), and the 'real' police have a habit of driving around too. When we were there driving through the main part of the site, it became a constant game of cat and mouse trying to avoid the suspicions of the campus police who were driving up and down the roads almost constantly. According to my mates who had been before, if you are seen by them with so much as a backpack on your back out in the open, you get escorted out immediately. So we left and re-organised ourselves before heading in to the two massive buildings at the north-eastern corner of the site, as far from the eyes of the police as possible. I'll let the photos do the talking as to what I found. No externals because of the aforementioned issues, but to be honest, they are drab, grey and uninspiring buildings. On to the second building, and things were about to get quite special. Considering going in I had no idea what to expect. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157649243716994/
  3. Hello again, Thought I'd have a final mooch of the year. Saw a few shots of this place that I thought were fit, so planned a semi roadtrip. Visited with TBM as Cloaked Up was much too engrossed in working for a shilling :-) The Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum designed by architect Henry Welch opened in 1859, and was designed to accommodate 200 patients. In 1890 the asylum was renamed the County Mental Hospital then in 1937 the name was changed to St. George’s Hospital. The site has lain derelict since the late 90′s. In 2006 a more modern secure unit was built next to the site, and services transferred over. Got the intel from Stussy (cheers dude), walking up to the access point, could have bidden a cheery 'morning' to the security chappy, but he eventually buggered off whilst I hosed down a few trees in a field nearby. Quick stroll up a hill and found the access recently steel shuttered. Like a boss we quickly discovered a slightly more subtle entrance. To find myself sitting in a sink. Have some pics.
  4. Pretty certain I've not posted this even though I thought I had After visiting Ushaw college we thought we'd make the most of being in the North East and visit St George's Hospital. I initially thought that it was going to be disappointing having spent 10 or so minutes navigating through the plain,samey wards/office type rooms but the more I walked around, the more it felt and looked like the typical asylums. Vandals/natural decay has taken it's toll since the days this started appearing on the internet. The Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum opened in 1859, and was designed to accommodate 200 patients. In 1890 the asylum was renamed the County Mental Hospital then in 1937 the name was changed to St. George’s Hospital. In 2006 a more modern secure unit was built next to the site. Thats it from me until things change, enjoy it while it lasts
  5. you know it or you dont this turned into a 7 hr explore with scattergun, starlightUE and Mr Dystopia lovely place with great company First of all we went up top Quick look in the attic above the main hall The Hall this reminds me of eggs !! Moving around the building The Ivy Bathroom Cheers for looking The Baron
  6. This one has gone under a few different names on various previous reports including Hampole Manor, The Manor House and The Doctors House. The Stonework at the front gate shows this as Ivy Farm and this is confirmed by mapping, and Hampole Manor is actually a different building on the same road. I’m sure that everyone knows there’s a pool and cars there but as you will see they aren’t the focus of my report, the photos of them they haven’t been included. Since previous reports you will notice that the back garden has severely grown almost hiding the building from the rear, and many of the interesting artifacts are now sadly gone, there’s none of the bottles or jars left, the pair of shoes are gone. Bit of background for the site, it was owned by a Doctor until the 1990′s when he was apparently driven from his home following a very unsettling series of events whereby he released a patient who had been held under the Mental Health Act who then went on to stab an 11 year old girl two days later in Doncaster’s Frenchgate Shopping Centre. There was a Doncaster telephone directory inside dated 1999. It is a wonderful property, especially the upstairs room with the exposed beams and would be fantastic to live in should it ever be renovated. The back garden is now severely overgrown The classic urbex phone shot! The underside of the porch roof was in remarkably good condition The other classic urbex out the window shot This little chappie in the fireplace doesn't look too happy Who's next? Thanks for looking!