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Found 2 results

  1. First go at a video so it's not great but after the 1st 15 seconds it's kind of watchable
  2. Glad to have finally cracked this one, well i say 'cracked' we got in & took some snaps anyway, it is a huge place & didn't cover it all & definitely need to go back at some point. Visited with ACID-REFLUX, cheers mate & sorry for getting caught always good to have some decent company that actually turns up & doesn't go menstrual. So we turned up early in the morning & spent about 45 minutes trying to find access while avoiding all the CCTV, managed to find access by ourselves. Once inside we had to get round the PIRs & Acid handed me some earplugs in case we set off the legendary ear shredding alarm, luckily our ninja skills were no match for the sensors & we managed not to experience 120 decibels of earache. Got to see it in the snow as well which was cool, a very thin layer of snow but it still looked ace. Was having a cig break sat on a toilet then all of a sudden realised i couldn't hear Acid had a quick scan around & couldn't find him so thought that he must of gone down to the floor below (which he hadn't), as i was looking for him saw a figure dressed in black move past the doorway dead quickly & thought it was him so started to follow, turned out to be another couple of explorers (good to meet you guys & thanks for letting me use your phone that was a lifesaver yeah if anyone's planning a visit don't expect to be able to use your phone in or around the grounds) then went back to try to find Acid when we ran into the soundest security guard i've met so far. Guessing he's pretty used to catching explorers as he's the 1st secca that hasn't gone "WHY?? :dunno2:" when we said we were just taking photos. Almost felt bad for lying to him but he had caught me & my 2 new found friends & when he asked if there was anyone else straight away i 'took one for the team' & said no, thought there's no point Acid getting caught as well & he may as well try to get what he can out of it. Note to self, get some walkietalkies... A little bit of history, St Joseph's College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire. It was referred to as 'upholland' by its students. It was one of two main seminaries serving the north of England. For many years it housed both a junior (minor) and a senior (major) seminary. The junior seminaries provided a secondary education in a semi-monastic environment to boys aged 11–18 who wished to pursue the priesthood, while the senior seminaries trained adult candidates (mostly aged between 18 and 24) in philosophy and theology as they prepared for the priesthood. An account of daily life in the junior seminary at Upholland during the 1960s was published in 2012. This account also explored the reasons why the Church's traditional form of seminary training may have predisposed certain priests to molest children, which was one of the key findings of a major investigation conducted on behalf of American bishops into the causes of the sexual abuse crisis within the US Catholic Church. The decline of religion lead to a drop in enrolment between 1960 to 1970 & by 1986 there were only 82 students left and from 1987 the remaining students attended St. John Rigby College in nearby Orrell for their schooling, an arrangement that continued until the last of these students left Upholland in 1992. The security guard that walked us out was telling us that the building has been used in loads of TV stuff, a series called Bedlam which i haven't seen, Hollyoaks which i don't watch & Jack Duckworth's funeral was filmed in the church bit. One of the guys asked if theres any chance we could get a quick look at the church/chapel bit & he said no but 'if you had asked me when we were still inside' haha was a little gutted about that but heyho. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: the dead birds... 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: bit blurry but its a double chair shot 15: the clergy review 16: probably already been photographed to death but the 2nd biggest bible i've ever seen 17: 18: thanks for looking, sorry it's a bit pic heavy, could remove some of the dead bird shots if it's a problem