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Found 3 results

  1. History Kettering football club played here at this ground between 1897 and 2011 before closing its gates for the last time to move in with Rushden & Diamonds I don't think the club has ever been the same since moving out of here. In 2012 they were forced to move out of Rushden and to Corby because they couldn't afford the rates and for the 2013/14 season they are playing their games in Burton Latimer. I reckon they should come back here to Rockingham Road, cut the grass and re-boot the club completely. I believe they have plans to build flats on this site eventually. 114 years of football will be gone forever, but until then; this decayed beauty stands before us. The Explore Visited solo after work on one hot Friday evening. Nice little mooch without the need to worry about usual hazards such as loose flooring or pigeon crap, this time having been replaced with hawthorns and barb wire instead. Access is a bit awkward and you are often very exposed by people nearby including houses that look directly over the pitch itself, so be discreet if you are planning a visit. I find the best attraction of Kettering football club is the pitch itself, found a couple of old footballs still lying around amongst the matted grass and wondered how many stars had kicked them around as I smiled and had kick about of my own. Most places are accessible including the stands, bars, locker rooms, equipment cupboards, VIP areas, commentary box and kitchen. There is a nice feel of football nostalgia aswell. As I left I did so with an accidental clatter which raised the alarm for nearby onlookers, explained that I was an explorer, following it up with “Now, mind your own business†Haha. Pictures Thank you all for reading my report, I hoped you liked. The Lone Shadow
  2. So after exploring Pianoforte, we indulged in a meaty meal in The Super Sausage Café; LOL; in Northampton. We had some Birmingham sites on the card but gave them a miss as it was a Monday morning and places were probably going to be busy. After some research we had a lead on a Kettering site so we decided to follow said lead. Rockingham Road, formally a football stadum in Kettering, Northamptonshire, was home to Kettering Town F.C. who play in the Southern Football League. This was from 1897 until 2011. At the time of its closure; Rockingham Road had a capacity of 6,264, of which 1,800 was seated. Our entrance was, interesting to say the least, and it didn’t help matters when we climbed halfway up one of the lighting rigs and then came back down as it was a very busy area. On exit, Mookster got stuck on top of the fence due to several days of no sleep and I was sat patiently waiting behind him for my turn to hop over. At this point we were spotted by an employee of a neighbouring business who was on a smoke break. After he quizzed us, he fetched a ladder from the Loading Bay of the establishment to help Mookie. It was rude not to use it as well, however a police car simultaneously drove around the corner…. …It turned out a little girl was lost and they were looking for her, so naturally a few guys trespassing didn’t even register on the radar. I hope they found her…. Anyways, on to the pics. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 And here is the EPIC FAIL at the end. You couldn’t write this stuff! https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/16218389689/ More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157650547740491/
  3. I didn't even know this place existed until today so it was nice to see something a little different, although there is something inherently sad about an abandoned sports ground. Kettering Town FC played at the Rockingham Road grounds from 1897 to 2011 although from 1992 they only leased the stadium after having to sell it to save the club from extinction. After some much trickier than anticipated access we were in and it was a pretty chilled wander, although being surrounded by houses on two sides and a business on a third side we were always aware that some nosey neighbour might spot us and call the police... All was fine until we came to exit! We wanted an easier way out than the difficult way in so opted for a different route which brought us out by the restaurant place next door. We didn't realise that at the moment the first of us got back over, there was an employee from the restaurant standing right there having a fag break! Me and Landie man were still in the site and heard the voices, and by the time I realised what was going on I was straddling the top of the fence - which is where I promptly became stuck, like an idiot. The matey previously stood there having a quiet fag said to wait a second and out he popped from the fire exit with a ladder!! So me and Landie used the ladder to get down and as Landie steps foot on it, a police car pulls into the car park. So now we think oh great some busybody called it in and sure enough the first question was 'what are you lads doing?' so I approached the officer and said simply that we were just taking photos and were now leaving, to which she nodded and then asked us if we'd seen a little girl who had been lost, their original call out was in relation to the girl and had nothing to do with us at all! A slightly surreal end to the day by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157650429976296/