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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, Am hoping to head down to North Leamington school in the next week or so and just wanted a bit of help from you lot, i am wanting to know if the building still stands & what is it like for security & General exploring of the place?.... could any one who has been to explore the school send me a private inbox please :D:D Thank you!! P.s Hope i have done this right
  2. Visited with Southside Assassin after the Post Office. The school was formed in 1977 as a result of the merging of three schools: Blackdown High School (Park Road site), Leamington College for Girls, a girls grammar school (Cloister Way site) and Leamington College for Boys (Binswood Hall site) on Binswood Avenue. The sixth form centre at Binswood Hall was a separate entity to the school until 1994, when the teaching staff merged with the 11-16 school. In September 2009, a completely new school was opened, built where the existing Manor Hall building was previously situated. This new complex merged both the main school and the Sixth Form. The old site of the school has been demolished and the land sold to developers. The site remained in use with an Airsoft company until 2013, hence all the little air soft pellets everywhere. The place still had electricity so the odd room had lights on. Please excuse the noisy photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157650351621021
  3. I was tipped off about this from my mate Jo who visited last week so fancied a wander myself - with a non-member friend who hadn't been on an explore in five years as well. This place is a weird one - the ground floor still has power being fed into it which means there are a lot of blinking PIR lights but none of them seemed to do anything so we shrugged it off - it's a little disconcerting having those red lights blinking at you while you walk around though! It was very windy too which meant some of the metal window blinds were making a lot of loud banging noises which gave it quite a lively atmosphere. Inside it reminded me a little bit of the old Tresham College Institute in Kettering but a lot less trashed and with some nice features. Well, that last sentence isn't strictly true (good old Wikipedia....). Binswood Hall as we know is still standing and being converted. The Blackdown High School site has indeed been demolished and become housing, but the original Leamington College for Girls site which sat next to the Blackdown site is very much still there and it was this part we explored. It was acquired by a charity who wanted to build a specialist respite care home on the site but since the purchase they partnered with another similar charity who have operations elsewhere, which left them not needing the site so for now it sits waiting to find a buyer. Since the closure there was evidence of both airsoft and police training use on site. I would have got an external but it was a very ugly building and I couldn't be bothered. Because I was a right twonk and didn't take my tripod the photos aren't up to my usual standard but I got a couple of nice ones This was the most surprising find, it must have been stuck in the gap between the drawers and counter top of the tables for years until the counters were removed. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157650213950655/
  4. North Leamington School, Cloister Way buildings Visited Jan 2015 The Lower School here was closed in 2009 when a modern replacement school opened on one site nearby. Planning for housing and a new residential home was given in 2009 but both seem to be in limbo at the moment. The site is now very badly damaged by vandals and the elements but still has some lights on...