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Found 1 result

  1. Some technical info first The LED Lenser® P7.2 Professional Torch is a medium-sized handheld torch that has all the best features of the P7, and offers even more in performance, design, durability and efficiency. This is lighter and brighter than its predecessor, weighing in at just 175g with a stunning 320 max lumen output generated from its upgraded CREE® LED light chip. The P7.2 features the patented Advanced Focus System™ (AFS) that uniquely combines lens and reflector to deliver a wide superior homogenous flood beam for close-up visibility, together with a sharply focused spot beam for long distance visibility - resulting in one of the world's best focusing systems for LED torches. In addition the lens has also been precisely re-configured to shine bright over a significantly increased lighting diameter further improving performance. Also incorporates Speed Focus™, which allows single-handed focusing from flood to spot beam in a second and a vastly improved Dynamic Switch™ on the end cap that offers three levels of brightness (‘Power’, ‘Low Power’, ‘Boost’). This larger, more responsive switch is easier to operate when wearing gloves on those chilly winter nights. The LED Lenser® P7.2 is smartly finished with a new beautiful matt black finish over air-craft grade aluminium that not only looks good but also allows for a better grip. Specifications: LED: Cree® Power+ LED Light Chip. Max Lumens: 320. Max Beam Distance: 260. Max Burn Time: 50hrs. Length: 130mm. Batteries Included: 4 x AAA 1.5v. Weight: 175g. Now i own an original P7 and have never had a complaint about it once!So after three years if not more of good service i have gone for the upgrade.On first inspection it is a few mm shorter and indeed slimmer and lighter by far Like the original P7 the tailcap switch has three settings as such.Firstly if you push the switch straight in you get the Boost which is 320 lumens and a hell of a lot brighter than the old P7,clickinto place and you have power which is 250 lumens and knocks the old P7 on its arse..The spot light is tighter if a little square in shape and the Flood is twice as wide as before...so in my opinion at the price and quality you get from a genuine Lenser then you really have a torch that will last you for years! And i think Paul powers will agree,it's a damn sexy little thing! Havn't been able to get out and test it underground but that will follow