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Found 2 results

  1. After spending the night under the stars taking pictures of meteors and star trails over Kirkstead Abbey I decided to refresh in the local outdoor swimming pool and bask in the sunshine before taken a peek at the baths on the way home. I visit the pool and cinema in the woods pretty regular but the baths are not worth the trouble. I heard building work was underway and wanted a picture of the engine room as I visited the engine that's in a museum the previous week. Woodhall Spa came about by accident in 1811 after John Parkinson, of Old Bolingbroke made several attempts to find coal. After spending several thousand pounds, and sinking a shaft over 1,000 feet deep, the enterprise was abandoned on account of the now rising spring water. About 1834, the then Lord of the Manor, Thomas Hotchkin, ascertained by analysis that the water was in fact valuable, being an iodine and bromine containing mineral spring. He spent nearly £30,000 sinking the well and erecting the Spa Baths. On 21st September 1983 the well collapsed, amongst other things this see the doors shut for good. Nearly 30 years on and they will open once more, latest news... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-29075897 More detailed information on the baths here.... http://www.woodhallspa.org/heritage_spabaths.html Entrance Floor plans Pump room Engine room demolished Not a great report but a bit of history and an update
  2. Went back for another look with FatPanda, Raz & Jord Hopefully i've got some new interesting shots and not the same old same old! Bit of History; The Bass Maltings in Sleaford, England are a large disused group of eight malt houses originally owned by the Bass Brewery of Burton upon Trent. Constructed between 1901 and 1907 to Herbert A. Couchman's design, the maltings are the largest group of malt houses in England; they have been designated Grade II* on the National Heritage List for England, recognising them as "particularly important ... of more than special interest." Part of the predominately agricultural county of Lincolnshire, the Sleaford area was a major producer of barley in the 1880s. When germinated and dried to form malt, barley forms a key ingredient in the production of beer. Along with the town's railway links, this attracted the Bass brewery company to the town. The use of more efficient techniques at Bass's other plant led to the closure of Sleaford's maltings in 1959. Despite being used to rear poultry in the late 20th century, the buildings have not been fully occupied since Bass left and a fire in 1976 caused severe damage to three of the malthouses. Derelict since the 1990s, proposals to convert the buildings into office, retail and residential space were put on hold in early 2015 after lengthy delays over planning permission and the withdrawal of a major investor. Few more For those who care heres a vdeo walkaround i spent quite some time making; http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/9746-Sleaford-Bass-Maltings-Walkaround Thanks for looking