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Found 7 results

  1. Gabor

    Hungary End Line

    This place once was a coal mine transportline for train delivery, but since the mine exhausted its left behind to rust away. Just a simple line forgotten. But I liked its mood. Destination: Hungary, Bánk Captures made at 2011.08.28.
  2. Solo jaunt. I'd looked at this a year back, but was too tired waiting for security to move away when stood at the fence. So having done another explore nearby earlier, I made another trek up to Harpur Hill. I'm well known for being a huge fan of railways and trains in particular, considering this is where my roots in exploring and much of my childhood are. That said I snub stuff like DMUs/EMUs and Underground stock, simply because they don't have the same appeal as the rusting, decayed hulk of a loco. I'm sure all of you can agree. So why did I make the effort with this? Well, three things: I've photographed a lot of the withdrawn Underground stock that's being shipped to Booth's in Rotherham, so that piqued my interest a bit. Secondly, now the last of the 1983 stock has been moved after 15+ years in open storage from South Harrow to Booth's, these have become EXTREMELY rare so it's worth capturing this whilst it's around in such a photogenic state. Lastly, I may as well have a look if I'm in the area. Comparing to pictures from a few years ago, a lot of the stock that was stored here has been moved away and presumably scrapped, leaving three driving cars: one outside, two inside. As far as I'm aware the stock is used in bomb testing of some kind, and evacuation techniques in light of the 7/7 bombings. Maybe. It's a health and safety testing site so it makes sense. Already somewhat knackered from earlier, I dragged myself up to Harpur Hill, and all was quiet. No security, no sign of activity across the site. Get over the fences and you're in, nice and easy. So that's what I did. If I'm not mistaken, this is the ex-Cockfosters or Acton stock that's moved here. After years of open storage and vandalism, the carriages have been completely sabotaged inside and out, but nevertheless are chock full of photogenic features. To paraphrase my favourite band, I can think of no greater caption than "Welcome to the scene of the crash"... Despite being graffed up inside, it was interesting to see the cabs virtually intact and untouched. From experience these are often the places where (guilty as charged, I did once as a kid) people often nick stuff for souvenirs and the like. Either that or they smash them up. Dead end The bomb tunnel Not in service To conclude, it's not that interesting a site but it's worth sharing. Sadly I feel I'm clutching at straws now that en-masse withdrawals, scrapping and storage of locos that for decades were commonplace have long since ended. Long gone are the days of asking permission from the yard foreman to look round a depot to take pictures of the derelict stock left there. Long gone are the days when you can easily sneak in undetected and not have to face the wrath of a bolshy prick who you have the misfortune of being caught by, notwithstanding more CCTV, formidable fencing and most of all, the threat of a fine and prosecution by BTP. The answer is yes, a report I posted on 28 in 2011 led to BTP knocking at my door and fining me £50 for trespass. Not a lot relative to what it could have been, but still I was out of pocket all because I posted it publicly. True, there are still some true goldmines left on the continent, the prime examples of which are Falkenberg/Elster and Istvantelek in Germany and Hungary respectively, but nothing in the UK anymore. Not unless it's covered by CCTV and forbids photographers most of the time. Life goes on though, eh? Love and best wishes as always, TBM x
  3. Explored with Raz Now we've all seen this from time to time on old reports but nothing has really been documented for quite some time, and the reason for this is the building is well, fucked. However, dont judge a derp by its exterior, venture inside and see what we found!! Short History; Built in 1948 & officially opened in 1949, Lord Line served the trawling industry until 1975 when the dock closed. Many attempts were made to restore and give this building a new life but all failed. Now day by day this handsome building is losing its grandeur. Left to decay, rot and fall into pieces, it seems unlikely the building will survive. The Explore; One sunny day April myself and Raz decided to break my new car in with a tour of the best derps Humberside had to offer, and derps they were!! After a stop at the most disgusting place i've ever been, namely Rank Hovis, called Rank because it was RANK. We headed to an industrial platground with a huge tower and had some fun climbing about and laughing (tastelessly) at a nearby mill called ISIS Mill. On our way back we stopped off for the ritual McDonalds and saw this old wreck in the distance. With a few hours of day light to kill we headed on over and met a group of 3 12(ish) year olds who were running around the incredibly dangerous site. Anyway in we went and found that instead of the boring square room shithole we were expecting, we found that every room was a different shape and the staircase, knackered as it was, was still really pleasing to look at Not a spectacular location but well worth a mooch if your nearby If you got this far, thanks for looking
  4. So I took a weekend trip with Justin , Ben , Matt , and Kris to the Maginot Line. and must say a very big thank you to Ben and justin for all the driving. The tunnels where cold and dark, damp and dirty and it was great ,when I came out on top the sun was out and I spotted a cow seemingly reenacting the Blitzkrieg from the bushes , I also managed to sit on top of an ants nest therefor getting covered in a load of the big red fuckers that had quite a nippy little bite lol. I got to say I had a great time and I would be happy to do it again. Here's some history The Maginot Line was named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, must say I never met the dude but I can only imagine like the rest of the population he took great pleasure in eating small harmless innocent amphibians. The Maginot is a line of concrete fortifications that the frog botherers built at the borders of Switzerland , Germany and Luxembourg during the 1930s. The Line did not extend all the way north because they run out of frogs and garlic, any person with the brain capacty greater than a thimble would know this fact would make the fortifications utterly useless but for what ever reason at the time this did not seem to register with the frog eaters but they soon worked out their mistake when in 1940 the Third Reich did indeed conquer the the vast allotment that is France by stomping right on through the gap. not only did this surprise the gastropod consumers it also made them realise they needed help from the UK and lets be honest here we helped them out big time but not that you would know that today as we found out when we bumped into a small group of french in one of the tunnels, they turned their noses up at us right away, it could have been because they realised none of us where from the Pulmonata group of gastropods and therefore totally inedible but I had the feeling it was more to do with the fact that they still remember the war and they are still pissed that they all owe us big time ! So whats the moral of this story I hear you ask ? Don't ask the French to build anything other than wooden wine racks and strings of onions and never ever go to France dressed as a snail or frog. So lets get on with the picture show The beast trying to flank me from the cover of the bushes it did not take long for backup to arrive hope you like the report as much as I liked the trip
  5. Explored with Skeleton Key, Klempner69, Tommo, UrbanX and Waddy Ongar station was opened by the Eastern Counties Railway on 24 April 1865, serving principally as a goods station taking agricultural produce from the nearby farms into central London. On 29 September 1949, London Underground services took over the operation of the station from British Railways when services were extended from Loughton. The entire Epping to Ongar branch was a single track line with one passing place at North Weald station. The line was under threat of closure for many years, and it was finally closed on 30 September 1994 The station and the line are now in the ownership of a private company, the Epping Ongar Railway Ltd who, at time of purchase, publicly stated their intention to run commuter services again, but the claimed lack of platform availability at London Underground's Epping station at the west end of the line has to date proven an insuperable obstacle to this. On with the piccies......... Thanks for looking
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  7. First report of the new year, and by gum was it worth it I'm sure some of you will recall the lengths at which I attempted to persuade my fellow Nottingham lad BravoZeRo to join me for climbing this. Not to be compared with the likes of that bloody show off Dsankt and his ridicules contribution regarding high stuff, this is a first for me... On with the pics, its basically a bridge over a railway cutting thats currently undergoing restoration. At teh bottom.. Me getting my climbing fix at last.. BravoZeRo touching the top of the arch Nearly at the top Up top Well worth the wait was great fun, can't wait to go back in the day