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Found 6 results

  1. Pool Parc, near Ruthin, dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the Salesbury family and the manor house was rebuilt for William Bagot, 2nd Baron Bagot, in the 1820s. It was apparently lost in a bet by the Bagot family and it was later sold to the District Health Authority, becoming a convalescent home and then an asylum, used as an overspill for North Wales Hospital in Denbigh before closing in 1989. Have also found an old pic of what it looked like in better times It is very dark inside and if you are doing the upper floors take a good torch as someone has removed the odd tread in the temporary staircase
  2. Evening all, As promised, the second part of the report and the main Tone Mill. First report here http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/6563-Tone-Mills-Dyeworks-Part-1-2013 Still pouring it down, still only 10am and muddy everywhere, we left Martyn sleeping in my car (as he came to mine straight off a night shift) and made our way over to Tone. Bit of a climb involved on this one but we managed to get in and made our way to the only floor worth doing. Loved this area and the machinery. On with the photos. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Being right on are door step and hearing of plans to try and open them to the public we decided a local explore was in order ... visited with wevsky obscurity and frosty .. a little history.. The town's borough engineer and surveyor R.D. Brimmell conceived and planned a scheme for tunneling galleries out of the chalk. This was similar to the only other known network of deep shelters in Barcelona that Spain built during the Spanish civil war. Following Hitler's seizure of Austria in 1938 Brimmell put his proposals before the town council for submission to the Home Office for approval. The plan was rejected on the grounds that it was "premature". Following Munich, the council approached the Home Office a second time but were again turned down. In the spring of 1939 when Hitler walked into Czechoslovakia, the council made a third appeal to the Home Office who relented and excavations began. By the outbreak of war, work was nearing completion on what was to become one of the most extensive network of deep air-raid shelters anywhere in the country. Plans were soon in hand to incorporate both the standard gauge and narrow gauge tunnels in to the shelter network. The tunnels would be linked to a further 3.25 miles of new tunnels skirting the town in a semi-circular route.The contract for this immense undertaking was awarded to Francois Cementation Co. Ltd., at a cost of £40,383 with an additional £13,481 for seating, lighting, chemical toilets and the costs of converting the existing tunnels.Work proceeded night and day and the first section of the network between West Harbour and Queen Street was opened by the Duke of Kent on 1st June 1939 with the contract due to be completed by the end of that year. As each new section of tunnel was opened it received it's allocation of local people with strict regulations enforced; smoking was forbidden and pets and prams were not allowed underground. The first section opened had batteries and a generator but the rest of the tunnels had to rely on the town supply, which was at times erratic. Eventually the council provided 200 hurricane lamps. There was also a system of loudspeakers to relay wireless programmes and announcements. on with the pics... THE WESTCLIFF SECTION visited with obscurity ... The tunnels ran at a depth of 50 to 90 feet, following the line of existing roads wherever possible. For most of its length they were unsupported and un-lined but the entrance tunnels close to the surface and a few short sections through unstable ground were lined with reinforced concrete. For most of their length the new tunnels were 6' wide by 7' high with toilet recesses fitted with curtains at 75 foot intervals and a first aid post every 1000 feet. There were ten ventilation shafts throughout the system.There was seating for 35,000 but the shelter was expected to hold 60,000 without difficulty.There were numerous spur tunnels serving 10 entrances located mainly in public parks and open spaces, (one of them at Vale Square was filled in before the shelter opened as the area was well served by two other entrances) with an 11th entrance in the hospital as a quick route for taking patients down from the wards and casualties up into the hospital. thanks for looking
  4. Maniac i know i posted this section once before and by all means delete that thread ,that was very early days of owning a dslr..so naff I did a revisit recently with my first real underground try out with the d90. The entrance all us explorers used was finally sealed months back but as ever ways in have been found. So myself Space invader obscurity and frosty decided to have one more look down here before feasibility studies are carried out after a national lottery funding of£56,000 gets underway..there's a huge amount of history out there on the main section i could spout many of the facts myself as its been in my life since 1984 but ill opt for a link and let the pictures of the areas we covered do the rest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_Railway On with some photographs in no particular order as we split up so as not to get in each other's way!! Looking down towards the south portal from where the side entrance into the ww2 spur is Looking back the other way towards the northern portal Looking at the blockage at boundry road park area heading towards the cannon road section ,approx 25 yard stretch of downfall caused by a burst water main over head in the 1950's...good luck digging that out boys Concrete lined section just before the blockage leading towards the semi blocked stairs going up to boundry road park! Passage leading to the stairs going up Chalk passage leading along from main tunnel One of the concrete lined areas Stairs leading up to arklow square chalked lined section leading back towards main tunnel Sealed entrance to marine esplanade which leads into what we all know as the dome and the stairs going up to the Victoria parade entrance next to the Granville theatre Water tank i do believe original tunnel signage Actual entrance into the ww2 spur Puch maxi breaking for spares anyone! Entrance to stairs leading to dumpton park drive entrance(couldn't face the many steps up) Spur leading to the scenic railway going up to the old hereson road station Actual re backfill and sealed up properly entrance. Now considering this is in the middle of the track I'm not sure of its purpose as it must have been a later addition after main line closed..there's a big round metal vent looking pipe running from the top away to the right??! One last shot looking towards the blocked north portal entrance ..sorry if i went on a little i really thought id posted this before but to be honest glad i didn't as the pictures are coming along a bit now
  5. Right this was arranged by Mrfro from 28days later we met we went down main tunnel we took pics and had a laugh..here's mine ..spent a while down there but all long exposures so only took a few ..group shots where taken by frosty..hopefully to follow different lighting from first and youll agree first one is better Visited with maniac knox frosty obscurity unclebulgaria mrfro..cheers lads
  6. Right this isnt a ground breaking new and interesting report its a very well visited place..Im posting this short report as i finally have had chance with my tripod and dslr to get underground,ive visited this spot more times than i care to remember mainly in the 80's but recently using my trusty nokia camera fone this is just to show ive come a fair way since then and finally with recently arrived tripod got out to take some better pics,long exposure and for convinience some with flash and freehand as i wanted to show my mate around before i got started with tripod! a few long exposures The rest was taken on a tour round the tunnels as my mates 1st trip ,before i got me tripod out for pics above Right sorry its the same old over visited main tunnel but was itching to try out my tripod underground and do some light painting..im hooked guys:)