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Found 1 result

  1. Tricky to know where to put this, as it's later life was as a school, but it started life as a manor. Lillesden Manor was built in 1855 by Edward Lloyd and was lived in by the family until sometime after the 1st world war, when the house was brought and converted into a private school known as Bedgebury Girls. The school vacated the premises sometime around 1999, and the place has been empty ever since. Quite well known to those of us in the South, it first cropped up on the exploring radar around 2007 when the first reports surfaced, and was in much better condition then than it is now. Work did start sometime in 2009 with the roof being extensively repaired, scaffolding being put up and the building was sealed up. This didn't last for long however, and the building soon fell into dis-repair again. However according to those we met inside (Lillesden was a busy old place this weekend, we bumped into at least 3 different groups of people) the place has apparently recently been sold with renewed planning permission for conversion into 14 flats - lovely. Well at least it's going to be saved and not decay any more. I've visited here many times, it's not that far from me and has to be one of my favourite places to spend time in, not least of all because of the fantastic grounds over the back of it, which have many mature trees and shrubs and even thou they've been neglected for many years still look fantastic. I wasn't going to bother with a report, as the place really is looking a mess inside now, but for those who've never seen it and really I suppose as one last tribute to the place before work starts, I shall stick up some photos below. So welcome to Lillesden I've always referred to this as the 'Blue Room' There used to be a mirror here, sadly now smashed. However amazingly the one on the landing is still intact, and I still love that domed ceiling. One of my favourite views across the back of the place from the fire escape at the top - I have the same shot from 2008 and 2010. If you look hard enough, there's still clues as to the buildings past as a manor. Safe - never seen this before, that door's always been locked! Probably the most intact room there, it still has it's floor and ceiling and the light still has the bulbs in! Conservatory Clock Tower (The clock faces the road on the other side) I hope the conversion is sympathetic to the building, I'd love to see how it ends up, I may even try and pop back in the coming months. :-) Thanks for looking.