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Found 4 results

  1. Upon hearing about the demolition of Mansfield General, I had another look over the shots I have from there. A cracking hospital explore, closed for 20 years or so with plenty of decay and exploring goodness inside. I believe demo has started now which is a shame as the UK is about to lose another top location. These pictures were taken over two trouble free visits back in January 2011, the first with Rusty, the second a week later with both Rusty & Critical Mass.
  2. If you've neglected or put off seeing the fantastic Mansfield Hospital, go quick as demolition work started in the last couple of days!! Another legendary site biting the dust this year, one of if not the best oldschool derelict hospital explore left in the country.
  3. Explored with Therealindianajones, Shush, Skankypants and Pam, Bumped into Ninja Kitten and Perjery Saint while in there, was nice to finally meet you guys Renamed the parking fine hospital as the twats got all 3 cars IMG_7498 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7490 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7477 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7473 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7469 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7468 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7463 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7460 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr IMG_7454 by HitGirl Urbex, on Flickr
  4. My god this one seems like a long time ago now! This is one of those places you get into and think 'holy cow' (or words to that effect!). Closed at just about the same time as Cane Hill did in 1992 with it's location right in the centre of Mansfield and pretty much surrounded by houses on all sides, decay has largely been natural - and this is how I'd imagine most of Cane Hill to look today had it not been demolished. This place is fabulous, one of the best locations in the UK and probably the best hospital site going. The location has kept it safe, but also means getting in without getting seen is nigh on impossible. We elected the bold-as-brass fence climb at half ten on a Saturday morning, and someone must have seen us getting in because about half an hour later whilst tucked inside the oldest part of the site the front gate opened and in walked a pair of police officers and the security guard. Only mildly crapping ourselves we ran to the top of the building and hid in a room with a window overlooking the central courtyard and watched the officers search around for us, with the security guard producing a key and letting them into the main 1950s building. After what felt like an age, they reappeared outside and we thought to ourselves 'they'll be in here next' - but mercifully they either got bored, or something more important popped up and they wandered off site with the security man! So after the coast was clear, we got back into the explore and had a totally trouble-free run around this fantastic site. Not many externals, it's the sort of place you want to be out in the open for as little time as possible! The top room with the open window is where we were hiding... Now prepare your internets for lots of photos. That's yer lot, loads more here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/ ... 9763189833