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Found 5 results

  1. Wakefield Maternity Hospital (1935 - 1992) Manygates Hospital (1948 - c.1981) This is the only block left along with the Manygates house. As the contract stated these have to be renovated and the firm wants to now knock them down they have been left.We can only guess what will happen to them soon as it too often the case. Manygates Hospital was formerly Wakefield Corporation Maternity Hospital, situated in Blenheim Road, Wakefield. It transferred to Manygates Park, Barnsley Road in 1935. The hospital closed in 1992 and transferred to Pinderfields Hospital for a short period. Maternity services in Wakefield ended in 2000. Records survive from 1919 - 1977, these include staff registers (1928-1855) patient registers 1919 - 1971 and administration/finance records (1919-1950). Later records for Manygates Hospital (c.1960s - 2000) were destroyed by the hospital trust.
  2. hey all, i'm back again So, after setting my alarm at, what can only be described as stupid o'clock in the morning and riding for what seemed like forever in darkness, I finally found myself standing in a Burger King car park waiting for my friend. Lucky I didn't have to wait long, and we were off to our first location of the day! Entry was fine - even got in early enough to chill out for a little before sunrise. The room we chilled in happened to be that of the bleeding doors, and it's safe to say it was such a lovely site watching the sun creep through the window and illuminate the doors. I didn't take loads of pictures, but here are some of the better ones.. Sorry it's not many pictures - was too busy enjoying myself Anyhow, thanks for looking guys - and if you couldn't tell, i really liked the bleeding doors;)
  3. Brief History The Cambridge Military Hospital opened its doors to patients in 1879. The name Cambridge came from His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Army at the time. The hospital was built on a hill because current clinical thinking at the time thought that the wind would sweep away any infection and clean the air. The CMH was famed for its supposedly mile long corridor, with self contained wards and rooms branching off on either side. It was hoped that this design would reduce cross infection. The Louise Margaret Hospital opened in 1898 and eventually changed its name and purpose in 1958 to become the Louise Margaet Maternity Hospital, caring solely for mothers and babies. The CMH was used throughout its years to house casualties from the majority of the wars this country has seen; from the first world war upto the first gulf war. The Cambridge Military Hospital closed down in 1996. Many factors were given as the reason for its closure; cost to maintain, efficiency and asbestos were among them. Our Visit Well, this was the first one for the day and after a disappointing fail the day before, we had everything crossed for this. Explored with Banshee =} on this South Of England trip. This was a first visit to CMH for both of us and after much walking,running,crawling and climbing we eventually made it into the Maternity Wards. Unfortunately, we didnt have time to head over to the rest of the site but i think a revisit may be on the cards for this one. All in all cracking explore and definitely a favourite of mine. Now on with some pics. and final to finish Hope You Enjoyed !
  4. Lucy Baldwins... Opened by Lucy Baldwin who was married to a politician or something... Used as a maternity hospital and later as a mental health unit... But the most interesting fact about this place is I was born here!! A solo splore cut short by the bloody alarms, so a quick scramble through the hole in the fence was required! On with some pix... Ta for lookin'
  5. Intresting place this,not huge for a hospital,and a little trashed in some parts....tripped a siolent alarm and secca booted me off,but they were sound...no externals im affraid,as i had to leave sharpish... Thanks for looking...