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Found 13 results

  1. This serie was made in Hungary, Pilismarót. Time: 2011. This floating graveyard with all the ships still above and not under water are waiting to be cut to pieces and reuse. But they rust quickly as they are waiting for their fate since years and the abandoned empty machines, ship bodies, cranes slowly and probably will end up deep down in the river bend.
  2. A heavy industrial steel strip mill in Belgium which closed in 2012.
  3. My first report again in a while , hope you guys like some fresh metal. Did this one with my girlfriend yesterday evening, awesome explore (I love industrial locations) . When we arrived we quickly parked ( didn't have much time , I went after my work ) , started heading towards the factory . We stood by the edge of the domain and spotted several domes and regular fixed position camera's, lights are on and offcourse to make it more interesting a G4S (security) with a dog, a german Shepperd. I F******* hate security with dogs ..... But we got in, started exploring , kept our eye on the security guy and didn't have any problems ... Enjoy the pics S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr S.M. by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr
  4. After a huge effort and going underneath 2 lines of razor wire, we managed to get in this HUGE abandoned factory.Great fun to explore! Pictures are from 2 visits.
  5. Heavy Metal was a high capacity steel strip mill which closed in 2012. Access was a bit of a nightmare but made the prize that bit more special. As soon as you make your way inside, the size of the place dawns on you, it's an absolute beast. It's somewhere you could easily spend 2 or 3 days and still not see it all, this is EPIC UMBECKS SLPOREGASM TERRITORY! Cheers for looking
  6. This place is massive!! The images can not really convey how big this place is. Its a brilliant explore. However I never took many photos. I think there are more externals So much to see and even the power is still on. Its hard to resist not to push any buttons 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks for taking a look I hope you enjoyed this spot as much as I did.
  7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  8. One of my favorite locations !! I was impressed by the size of this location , the machines , .... Such a cool explore, but a bastard to get in these days, well guarded , razer wire around the factory and again around the buildings and security patrolling
  9. Hello! This was on our second day to our France/Belgium trip! Visited with 7 other people who are members and Urban Explorers across the Web! This place makes Pyestock look small! Great place but HUGE! Hope you like! Thank you!
  10. The first place on day two of the Euro Derp tour was this massive blast furnace factory deep in Belgium. Seeing this place in the distance doesn't prepare you for the size of the place. A huge place, with equally huge machinery rising out of the mist. Again another first for me as I've never been to such a huge blast furnace. Why, oh, why don't we have any in the UK?! Don't know much of the history of the place but was definitely in awe of it. Visited with Wevsky, SX-Riff-Raff and Space Invader. Pictures:
  11. I can hear the groans now...not another report on this place ! HeAvY MeTAl… or one huge steel works in Belgium. After a long walk, some seriously evil razor wire..oh wait..the razor wire was nothing compared to the brambles, thorns and stinging nettles we found our way in.. Those that have done this place will know how big it is…makes Pyestock look tiny ! Got spooked by a Jeep parked in the darkness whilst inside! It’s a long story ! Pictures are not great..forgot to change the white balance setting in camera so they all came out a bit yellowish ! The place is being pulled apart ! Security will never find me in this
  12. Would have liked to spend a full day here but time was not on our side so we had a two hour dash before moving onto our next location . This has to be in my mind one of the best industrial sites ive done it almost has a live feel to it .Fire proof jackets hanging in lockers,lights on in some parts,l.e.d. displays still illuminated, you can almost feel the heat form the hardened molten metal dripping over the edge of the vast melting pots .Visited earlier on this year on with the pics.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Thanks for looking [email protected]@L....
  13. Evening all, Didn't spend too long here as it was quiet as hell and we could spot roaming security. They stopped 20 feet from us and were looking at my mate. At this, we turned and left quite sharpish. Did visit in February too but it was just as bad and one of our crew decided it wasn't worth the hastle to get in, plus the police arrived five minutes after we left so I think the neighbours spotted four guys with backpacks and tripods and rang em' History This plant shut down just over a year ago; leaving 4000 people without a job with one stroke of a pen. The hot iron that they used for making steel plates has just cooled down. The lights still on, much machines are still on standby waiting for someone to push the buttons. Dangerous and dark with roaming security. I have no other history that I can find. On with the handful I managed to take. Very dark place so hard in places to get a decent exposure or focus. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 - reworked Thanks for looking in.