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Found 2 results

  1. Hidden in central Italy, this beautifull villa stands still in a huge overgrown garden. There is not much information about it. Originally it seems to have been built for a noble family, later was enlarged and served also for guests. During the war period the house witnessed a horrible massacre carried by German troops, that resulted in shooting of almost 40 civilians in its gardens. Garden is now so full of greenery that from far away you can hardly see the house. And even when standing very close to it, from the outside it actually seems pretty repelling. After going through the shed and after passing thru first very trashed room, you get to see beautifull room with golden wallpaper, beatifull sofa a iconic two mirrors, that gave the villa its name. From the materials left in the house, one can assume it has been abandoned for over 20 years. On some papers from social services are stated the names of its last owners, probably one of them was a doctor. If you look very carefully in one of the bedrooms, you can even locate their photos. Even thou it has been vandalized lately, there are still some personal items, apart from the photos of the owners you can also find teeth prostethics, suitcase, some pieces of clothing and tons of books.
  2. I've always had a fascination with this large semi-spherical structure, mainly because I was always up here as a kid. It's really sad that's it's now crumbling away, as back then you could climb in it... I was always trying to see how far I could climb up it. So one recent sunny afternoon I went up to take some pics. The sun was setting by the time I'd trekked up the hill, still full of troughs and ridges from a landslip in the 1980s. So the pics are a little dark, but I though maybe it gave a nice effect anyway. I know this isn't strictly proper ninja splorage, although the area is MoD land with the usual signposts to keep to paths I've never known it be enforced. But it's a nice bit of history. Move it mods if you wish Acoustic mirrors were the forerunner of radar, and many were built along the South coast between 1916 and the early 1930s. This 30ft mirror was one of two experimental mirrors built on The Roughs at Hythe, Kent, around 1929. To the front/east of the mirror is the control room of the Acoustic Research Station that controlled the mirrors from Denge to Dover. The other 20ft mirror sadly collapsed in the 80s landslip. The ruins of this, along with the foundations of the listening room next to it can be seen to the east. Most other mirrors were made of cast concrete, but this one was a unique concrete-covered metal mesh dish set on a concrete base with angle iron supports. The mirrors worked by reflecting the sound of approaching enemy aircraft into a microphone in the lower centre of the dish, which was received by operators in the Listening Chamber under the dish. Although an innovative idea at the time, it had it's flaws. The range was less than 25 miles, so only giving a few minutes warning. Also other sounds like sheep and passing cars were picked up. With aircraft developing and becoming faster, the mirrors were not providing enough warning, and with the advent of radar the Air Ministry decided to focus their efforts on that and and the mirrors became obsolete. Decay to the mirror is too advanced for repair, so EH and the MoD have undertaken a full survey and 3D scan in order to create a replica in the future. The MoD did have plans to demolish the mirror, but have stated it will remain in situ for the foreseeable future, due to the difficulties of getting machinery over an area designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. So now it's left for nature to take it's course, and it will only be a matter of time before it's gone. Starlight