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Found 3 results

  1. Yet more disappointment awaits those expecting some flesh on this thread Instead of showing off my bronzed six pack, i present something far more appealing, a derp church: No prizes for spotting access, but maybe a wee bit tricky for the taller gent... Gravestones are a mixture of ready made products, scratch built and resin copy's. Unlike my previous model, much of this Church is made from butchered kits. Some graves have been sunk and the windows boarded up the old fashioned 1970's way with wood and corrugated steel sheeting. St Columba Church on Clydebank back in 2012 provides a good example of how to model the interior. Then again, maybe i won't bother Thanks for looking!
  2. A Model Now i have your attention, i have to confess to the total lack of any flesh and leave you with this.. I am a model maker by trade and also like to dabble in my spare time. I made this little asylum to fit in the corner of my model railway layout where it can be changed for a derelict church. It is of no surprise that derps are a major feature of my late 1970's based railway, but lets face it the country was full of empty buildings at that time. 1. No prizes for pointing out entry. 2. The model features influences from the real world. Ad-hoc (great name eh?) were a security firm looking after the recently closed Mascalls Park Hospital (part of Warley Hospital) back in 2012. 3. Eagle eyes will spot the buildings based on those at West Park. The one to the right is based on the tower - bit of brick counting went on to get it right! 4. Bit of tagging by a 'Mr Izaac Hunt', whilst a shadowy figure lurks in the corrridor. 5. The signage is from Warley Hospital and yes that is a not a model of a cob web. Despite living so close to Warley (it was at the end of my road), i will regret forever not making more of an effort to explore her. I hope you have all enjoyed
  3. I had to do two visits to this place, first time at night with my new DSLR camera and half way through I could not get it to work, so I went back a couple of days later (After I had found out how to use it ) In the late 80s I use to drop people off here in the Taxi/Minibus I was driving at the time, it was quite a popular place. Then it went to a posh restaurant, then one of those all you can eat type. I hadn't been in there but my Mrs, daughter and friends went there once and said they wouldn't go again. It closed not long after. as normal full set here http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157638155916675/ When it went posh it was called The Waterton Manor believe it or not, that's the men's toilet on the left and woman's on the right Anyone for food???????