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Found 31 results

  1. La Morgue Prelude is situated on a massive hospital site. The hospital originally opened in the 1860’s, the hospital itself is still in use today but large parts of it is unused and getting renovated.
  2. Red Morgue Hospital I couldn't find huge amount history on this location but from what I've gathered the hospital was built at some point in the early 20th century. It was funded by investors and at a time when nursing care was predominately carried out by the clergy. They wanted the hospital to become more secular in order to distance themselves from the church. The hospital was mainly used for surgery and featured several operating theatres but later on a maternity ward and outpatient clinic was introduced. About 90 years later the orginal hospital building was combined with a larger nearby hospital. The Red Morgue hospital was eventually closed around 2013. By this time it was only used to see outpatients, as most of it's services were provided by the new hospital which was more modern and sophisticated. If you've got this far, thanks for reading!
  3. Some pics from this once excellent, now demolished morgue that was part of the Harold Wood Hospital in Essex. Not too many locations like this in the UK at present, few and far between! Visited in July 2011.
  4. Stoke Hospital Morgue. Been closed a fair while now, been here 3 times and never been able to gain access to this part of it due to it being locked off and being caught by secca once!
  5. History St. Peter’s Hospital is an NHS general district hospital in Chertsey, England. It is located on the Metropolitan Green Belt, between Woking and Chertsey. Originally, the hospital was built to serve casualties of the Second World War. Since that time, however, the facility has been rebuilt, developed and extended several times to include additional services such as a maternity ward, a new theatre complex and a clinic area. What is more, the main part of the hospital itself now has over 400 beds and a wide range of acute care services. As for the mortuary, it was constructed in the 1940s on the very edge of the site. It was in service up until April 2009, when it was decided that the building was too small to cope with the increase in cadavers. A new, larger, morgue was built closer to the central hospital. Our Version of Events It was three minutes before midnight, and we were racing down a brightly lit corridor. At the end there was a large, heavy, blast door, and we were trying to reach it. A volley of red laser beams followed us, ricocheting off the walls as we legged it. “Halt, stay where you are”, someone yelled. Not likely I thought, as I risked taking a quick glance behind me to discover that it had come from a security guard dressed entirely in white armour. There were at least eleven of them in total, all firing their blasters in our general direction. Luckily for us, though, the force was with us, or they were incredibly bad shots; either way, all of them missed us. We’d been trying to find the Millennium Falcon in Pinewood Studeos, but secca had discovered us. So now the chase was on. At the blast door, DRZ_Explorer whipped out his 1250 lumen Olight SR95S UT Intimidator which, at the push of a button, produced a long white vertical laser beam – a bit like a sword. The door was locked, so DRZ_Explorer decided to improvise. He thrust his torch into the door and set about tearing a hole in it. The rest of us watched, ducking occasionally as flashes of red erupted above us. Amazingly, even though we were motionless now, the guys in the white armour continued to miss us. It was a bloody good job too, because I’m almost certain they were breaking one or two health and safety rules. Imagine if they’d actually hit us with one of those laser beams! After hacking away at the door for a few minutes, DRZ_Explorer eventually made enough of a hole for us all to squeeze through. One by one we clambered into the other side of the corridor. All safely on the other side, we yelled for DRZ_Explorer to join us. We peered back through the hole to see what the fuck he was up to. As it turned out, he was rather preoccupied, trying to fend off security. “ Using his UT Intimidator, he managed to deflect several blasts, but one caught him on his left arm. He grimaced, but continued to waved his torch around wildly, repelling all further shots. He was doing well, until a large black figure emerged among the guards. It was the site manager. He was wearing a long black cape and wielding his own 1250 lumen Olight SR95S UT Intimidator. His was red, though, and looked a lot cooler than DRZ_Explorer’s. The site manager strode forward with his free hand raised in front of him, and then, as he continued walking forward, he clenched his fist tightly. DRZ_Explorer suddenly dropped to the floor. Gasping for breath, he grasped his throat with both hands. He was being strangled by some sort of mind control trick. “Run!”, he coughed, “Run! You must get to the Millennium Falcon!” He didn’t have to tell us twice, we didn’t want to risk getting caught, so we legged it. The last thing we heard was the site manager shout, in Intergalactic lingo, was, “Summon the droids! That will flush them out”, which in hindsight probably meant, in Planet Earth English, “turn on the fucking CCTV, that’ll put a stop to these bastard trespassers!” An hour or so later, however, and we were all in St. Peter’s Morgue. It wasn’t a great end to the night, given that this place is a right shithole, but it was better than some alternatives – such as a crematorium, or Sunderland. Unsure how long we were going to be here, or what else the evening might have in store for us, we made do with wandering around heavily graffitied rooms that were filled with heaps of shit for a while. Thankfully, though, our cameras had survived our ordeal, so we were able to take a few snaps along the way. And there we have it, that’s how we’ve all ended up with another report of St. Peter’s Morgue rather than a victorious tale with the Rebel Alliance. Explored with Ford Mayhem and DRZ_Explorer. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11:
  6. History This mortuary was nestled in the Northern Ireland countryside. It was small, quaint & perfect! A small chapel inside accompanied the mortuary. With no body fridges which was one of the first things I noticed I could only put that down to either it was a mortuary whereby bodies were not stored or given the history of Northern Ireland & tradition with death they were not needed as bodies are usually buried within 3 days. Possible that a body fridge could have been removed I guess but no signs that there was ever one there. The main thing I noticed which was pretty hard to miss was the perfectly kept porcelain table. Not only porcelain but a rotating one! I had the pleasure of visiting another in the north of the UK a couple of years ago & that in itself shows how hard to come by these are. Now anyone who knows me & my love for death/mortuaries/embalming etc will know this was like pure porn to me. When searching for new places, the unseen if you like.. to find a fresh one and one of this kind is infact a rareity. To be able to put together the history, including that of the slab is as interesting as visiting it The table was deep, very big lip on it. No drainage channels at all, just a nice recess around the perimeter which deepened leading to a drain at the far end. Then on the foot of the table was the word Twyfords, now I Still haven't got around to seeing 2 Twyfords porcelain tables at another uk mortuary and others which have long gone. Twyfords are known for their sanitary products, toilets, basins etc but they extended in to the mortuary field too. Cliff Vale potteries was built by TW Twyford in 1887. It was Cliff Vale where the slabs were fired in Stoke On trent. The word Twyfords would have been added with a 'flow blue' application..a deep cobalt blue inking. An underglaze pottery printed. The blue tends to flow in to the glaze giving off a blurred effect. This would have been done prior to firing the slab. The slab itself would have been fireclay, as would the belfast sink that you see in the same room. This firing recipe would have required particular firing conditions. Buff Coloured clay body with a bright white enamelled surface built to withstand strength and rough usage it was perfect for mortuary slabs. Lucky enough to find the porcelain slab and a Belfast sink with both wings intact was something of a find. The explore I explored with @hamtagger, we hadnt been out much lately due to family commitments and took the opportunity to put our research to good use while out there. Visiting family over there always gives us a good enough reason. I knew from looking at this place that it was what we thought, it was what was meant to be inside that was questionable. Having made a journey to Frenchay to discover that only the previous week the ceramic slab and all stainless ones had been removed I was holding not much hope. I tend not to get my hopes up nowadays, just take the rough with the smooth. But this... well.. we couldn't have hoped for more. It was somewhere I didn't want to leave, very atmospheric despite being quite sparse. Literally no vandalism or graffitti at all. Just how we like it. There were signs that someone had been in recently but they had respected it as we had. I would definitely go back here, even just to give the old girl a good old polish! On with the pics... 1 2 3 4 An old advert from Cliff Vale & Twyfords (I found this online) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Thanks for looking
  7. Evening all I won't bother with the history, as i'm sure everything knows it by now! I've been up to my usual antics, taking trips down here on the regular, these particular images were from 2 visits. Once with MrObvious & a non-member where we were lucky enough to see the morgue, and another with loocyloo and whynotdie, which was probably one of my most intense trips there. It was another stupidly early morning(thanks to loocyloo for the lift:D) but soon enough we were on site and walking towards access. Seeing as it was pitch black & i knew the route, we decided to keep the torches off. I took the lead, and silently we walked between buildings and under trees until all of a sudden i froze. Run, run i shouted as I was greeted by a dark figure about 6 foot in front of me, who then decided to blind with strobe mode on his torch. We made the immediate 180 and ran for it, mr security man in tow, diving through bushes and over an absolute pain in the arse wall. we were in the clear - or so we thought. We gave it a little bit before going back over the wall, seeing as it was right by the access point. I was first over so i grabbed the bags. I glanced round, and mr security man was stood there, watching me about 15 foot away. He bolted at me, so lumbered up with 3 bags and a tripod i made a break for it. We played cat and mouse for what seemed like forever, before i bailed over the fence. I had no way of contacting the others, so made the walk round to the front gate in search for the others, where I happened to bump into a not-so-happy Brian, the site manager. After a bit of a bollocking we parted ways, and after meeting up with the other 2 we buggered off for a well deserved maccies. Obviously we weren't gonna give up there, so after a grim breakfast and a cuppa tea we were back on our way. We got straight in this time, and after a good few hours inside we were hungry and tired. and who wants to go over a fence when you're hungry and tired? Yeah, not us.. out the front gate we went, only to be greeted by an even angrier Brian. After giving us the "ive already spoke to you this morning" lecture we decided to walk out, but good ol' Bri decided to follow us in an attempt to get the car registration, but we took him on a nice little stroll of the area and eventually he went to whatever he was doing.. which clearly wasn't guarding the site very well;) If you're still here, thanks for looking!
  8. The first building on the site of Selly Oak Hospital was the old King’s Norton Union Workhouse which was built in around 1872 to consolidate existing services for 5 separate parishes. Originally the Hospital was built to accommodate 200 pauper inmates. In 1897 a separate infirmary opened at the site at a cost of £52,000 and was designed by Mr. Daniel Arkell. This infirmary was made to accommodate a further 250 patients and had basic facilities to cater for maternity care but there were no operating theatres or a mortuary at this point. In 1907 the Hospital doubled in size again with further additional buildings being added due to rising populations within the workhouse and increased demand placed upon the infirmary. Over the next two decades facilities further improved with the addition of an operating theatre, plastering of internal walls, and the introduction of physiotherapy, pathological and X-ray services. The Hospital continued to grow with 1931-1936 saw the addition of yet more operating theatres, pathology and biochemistry laboratories and the mortuary. When the NHS was formed the site became known as a whole as Selly Oak Hospital until its final closure in 2012. The reason for the hospital closure was due to the completion of a new Q.E.Hospital which is much larger and offers many more modern facilities. Since 2012 the hospital buildings have stood empty and are in an increasingly derelict state. The abandoned site has seen most of its contents removed and some damage due to metal thieves which temporarily set up camp on the site. In terms of the future of this location, planning permission has been provisionally granted for the construction of 650 homes on the site which means the hospital buildings will most likely be demolished. I am not aware that any works have started on the site at the date of posting this report. Visited with spidermonkey and Andy de Kay. Those two had previously done other parts of the hospital but not managed to locate the morgue and find the access point so We decided to have another look and see if we could pin down where the mortuary was. Fortunately Andy managed to spot the place based on looking at some internal pictures someone else had posted which gave us a couple of clues and after several minute checking the place we found our way inside… I’d already seen pictures of this morgue popping up and was quite keen to check it out. St Peters Mortuary aka Morgue P had always been a favourite of mine and this one was similar in some respects with the 3 metal slabs but lacking the same level of decay. There was something quite appealing about the polished metal slabs and I was pretty pleased with the set up and how the shots came out . As well as the obvious slabs there were ample number of body fridges, a small chapel (which I did not find inspiring enough to shoot) and some laboratories upstairs. The labs had a pretty cool feel to them with some peeling paint and bits of decay starting to set in, it’s shocking really to see how quickly these places decline once they become abandoned. I hope you enjoy the photos: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thanks for checking out the report, higher resolition copies of the above photos and a few more from this place on my blog: Selly Oak Hospital Morgue
  9. Day 2 of the 'Tour Di Bastardi' and after ramming some croissants, coffee and that pre packed dry bread/toast stuff down our necks, Darbians, Masa and myself kicked off proceedings with a MASSIVE want of mine... Cant think of any better way of spending a glorious Italian summers morning than wandering around a sprawling, dusty, rotten hospital site... Rather picture heavy but hey... I don't care! ... As always, thankyou please for looking
  10. Before heading to Ushaw Seminary we decided to have a go getting into a small morgue. We managed to get in fairly easy but didnt spend long inside as there wasn't much to see. Let me know what you think though Thanks Visited with Raz and Fatpanda
  11. I sure as hell aren't going to bore you with the history on this as it has literally been done to death (excuse the pun) probably the easiest explore I have ever done, aside from getting wet feet nothing eventful happened either. Good times I had wanted to do this for a while so after my epic fail at Silverlands the timing was right. I do like a morgue as we know :DI haven't seen anything of this place since March and as I have a backlog I thought I'd post it Don't know who the hell fucked with the curtains but for the record they look shite! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  12. Hi all, slowly getting on my Italy reports Visited this one early morning nearing the end of the Italy tour with Behind Closed Doors, Kriegaffe and PROJ3CT M4YH3M. This isn't really a bad hospital Fairly trashed but still plenty of equipment remaining, there was huge mountain of medical equipment piled up around the back! Pics: Couple of mourgey bits in the basement Chapel of rest: Cheers, SM
  13. Seems as if the tour bus is in town, and I'm the last off:D The History: I'm sure everyone knows already, and most people won't bother reading (I wouldn't blame you) but have some history anyway.. The hospital closed in 2012 upon completion of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Relocation of the first services from Selly Oak began during the summer of 2010 when its A&E department moved to the new Q.E.Hospital on 16 June and over the next 7 days Critical Care and other departments moved step-by-step the 1.5 miles to the new hospital. On average one inpatient was moved every 5 minutes between 7 am and early evening On the morning of 23 May 2010 a ‘Service of Thanks’ was held at Selly Oak Hospital to celebrate a century of caring and this was followed by a fun fair at which staff and patients were invited to “Take a Trip Down Memory Laneâ€, sign a memory wall [3] and contribute to an on-line memories website. The reorganization was first planned in 1998 though it was not until October 2004 that planning approval was given by Birmingham City Council, with construction beginning during 2006. Selly Oak Hospital was well renowned for the trauma care it provided and had one of the best burns units in the country. It was also home to the Royal Center for Defense Medicine, which cared for injured service men and women from conflict zones, as well as training service medical staff in preparation for working in such areas. In March 2007, the Hospital was alleged to be not properly treating Iraq war veterans. The hospital has also appeared in national newspapers with stories of servicemen being verbally abused in the hospital by members of the public opposed to the war. There were also difficulties when Jeremy Clarkson went to the hospital to give gifts to the wounded serviceman. A report published by the House of Commons Defense Select Committee blamed the allegations against the hospital on a smear campaign and praised the clinical care provided to military patients. The Explore: Now it's not often I get to say this, but I actually got a lay in on an explore - 7am! But we were up and out sharpish, and heading over to Selly. We got there, and after pondering several entry methods for a while, we finally decided. Except, it involved a hell of a lot of bushes, brambles and a few stinging nettles, but eventually we were in! We were heading towards the morgue when we heard voices.. had we been spotted already?! Thankfully not, and it was other explorers. Quick introductions were made, and after a stupid climb through a very awkward entry point we were in! Decided to have a look round the main hospital after, and eventually to the other buildings.. big mistake! Within about 3 minutes we'd tripped 4 alarms. We snapped a few quick pictures, and made an exit. Good timing really, as by the time we'd got back to the car and were heading home, police were all over it.. lucky escape:thumb Better get on with some pictures.. As always, thanks for taking the time to view this. Cheers guys
  14. An abandoned mortuary with a porcelain slab still in place. Several other porcelain tables are positioned around the sides of the room, although one is missing its top. The morgue is a small building, part of a larger hospital which closed in 2010. It would appear the mortuary building was once bigger, however the body storage room has now been demolished. Visited with Proj3ct M4yh3m. We photographed the morgue but decided not to bother with the main hospital which looked quite stripped and bare. I quite enjoyed this visit, and the slab was one of the best I've seen. More pics on my website at www.bcd-urbex.com
  15. So I have visited this Mortuary a couple of times and access was closed off when I had been before but being back in the area decided to try it again. Had a result this time, with some bum shifting and ninja skills I was in! I have seen lots of this place on the web, it caught my eye not just because of the porcelain porn but also the level of decay. Where Mortuary's are my thing this one clearly didn't disappoint. I loved everything about it. The slab rotates, which is the first one I had seen in the flesh that did this. It is also very very clean given the decay and state of the rest of the building. I must have easily spent 2 hours in here just taking it all in and getting about 345,675 pictures! Anyway, here are the pics. Being in front of this was like a kid at Christmas! He was a bit dead. Peek a Boo! I could actually eat my dinner off that!!
  16. After a snowy and sunny morning myself Fat Panda and Kalum headed up north and our first stop was a little morgue and the slab was clean enough to eat your dinner off! Not much left in here but it doesn't seem to have had the pikey's and chav's in yet! Was only a quick stop here and my pictures arent up to much but thought I would post them up anyway! Cheers for looking
  17. Hey there. Pretty much anyone involved within exploring will know where this is Regardless of all the drama it may have caused it's a really nice place. visited on 2 occasions. Once on a nice afternoon with PROJ3CTM4YH3M and AndyK! and then early morning with Oldskool, Kriegaffe9, Perjury Saint, PeterC4 and a non-member. PICS!! Cheers
  18. What a great trip!! The beatyfull morgue 1. Morgue 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. Morgue 02 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 3. Morgue 03 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 4. Morgue 04 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 5. Morgue 05 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 6. Morgue 06 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 7. Morgue 07 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 8. Morgue 08 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 9. Morgue 09 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr
  19. Am on a roll now so here is another boring report from me! Before heading to the Dangerous Orphanage, and whilst Lowri was busy snoring, Project Mayhem and myself headed for this wee derp. Making a extremely tight entry, no idea how I squeezed in, must have been the tired determination to see this morgue that I've had as a goal all year, and it did not dissappoint. Thanks for looking.
  20. On our Adventures up north we had had this place on our list for a while so we decided on an early morning wander around her...little did we know that we were to find this little beauty in a little building tucked away...hope you enjoy splored as always with my besty and partner in crime..PS.... his pics will follow... All splored out....
  21. Thanks for looking in SK Just dont get comfy lol
  22. Built in the 1940's and closed in 2010 Splored with SK and Mr Bones & Lowri
  23. I sorely miss this place, makes me sad looking through the photos. Much regret that I didn't find this hobby, now career of mine earlier, could of shot it all properly on a tripod and got some belter shots! Although, I wouldn't of had so much fun coming up through floorboards to avoid seccas, running away from seccas once caught to be caught again later coming down from the water tower, the classic run from main hall to east side corridor window as that was the only way through. The finding of the second possessions room. The model shoots, the sick days off work to come here. Ah, so much fun! The morgue was a great find, was always sealed when I was here.
  24. We all know the history and where this place is so i wont bore you to death and tell you all again Splored with Therealindianajones and one non member
  25. Another amazing splore with SK, my first ever morgue and the first time laying on a slab but Im sure it wont be the last! It was a brilliant day, nice and quiet, even gave secca a wave on the way out! Not many pics, as i was still getting to grips with a new lens and lighting, so do excuse the quality!! Thanks for looking