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Found 3 results

  1. A bit of history, shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia. HMS Ganges was a training ship and later stone frigate of the Royal Navy. She was established as a boys' training establishment in 1865, and was based aboard a number of hulks before moving ashore. She was based alternately in Falmouth, Harwich (from 1899) and Shotley (from 1905). She remained in service at RNTE Shotley until October 1976. In 1907 the 143-foot (44 m) high mast of the old steam corvette HMS Cordelia was erected.[3] It would become a major landmark. The old HMS Minotaur had been HMS Ganges since 1906, but was renamed HMS Ganges II on 25 April 1908. This was a great explore, I loved it. Actually I love all of them, except 1 but that's another story all together! I had seen a little about this but not too much, not many recent reports at all so decided to go and try our luck. Access was really easy. I really came for that swimming pool! Got in to a few out buildings but not too many considering how many were actually on site. Found a few little treasures in them. Then we made our way to the swimming pool. I definitely didn't anticipate a 20ft climb that's for sure but if I wanted in on the pool it was the only way so up I went, with some help of course! It was amazing, a little graffiti but relatively no damage. Lots to see including the old boiler room, changing rooms and a junk room where we found a police shield! I had seen police training manuals in one of the out buildings so presumed they had used this place for training. Anyway, pics! Old Tannoy Machine HMS Cordelia mast, which was climbed up to the platform, a bit rotten after that. The pool Changing rooms Junk room Sorry.. but had to have a pool selfie Hope you enjoyed them
  2. Two Fast Patrol Boats of the Royal Danish Navy, SØHESTEN (Sea Horse) P513 (1966-1990) and SØHUNDEN (Sea Dog) P514 (1966-1990), are floating somewhere in Belgium. Today: abandoned ...In their glory: Propulsion: 3 Rolls Royce Marine Gas Turbines - 12,750 Hps. 2 General Motors Diesel Engines - 460 Hps. 3 Propellers Speed : 54 knots (gas turbines) 10 knots (diesel engines) Armament : 1-2 ea 40 mm Machine Gun Mk M/48 LvSa (2x1) 2-4 ea 533 mm Torpedo Tubes (4x1) 2 ea Illumination Rocket Launcher (on forward gun) 10 ea mines could be carried in stead of the torpedo tubes After the mid 1980's, the aft 40 mm was permanently replaced by: 1 ea 20 mm Machine Gun Mk M/42 LvSa Complement: 27 men (5 officers and 22 ratings and enlisted) The FPB could be equipped as a torpedo boat with one forward gun and four torpedo tubes, or as a gun boat with two guns (forward and aft) and only two torpedo tubes.