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Found 31 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am Craig, I am English but live in the Netherlands (right up the top right part). I have been interested in old places for a while. Just did not realise it was a "Thing" I travel tracks and trails around Europe and love stumbling across old places off the beaten track.
  2. History This factory was opened in 1900 and made cardboard out of straw, in that time this product was very popular so 8 years later the made another factory next to the other one. In 1968 the factory closed due to competition from abroad, after the factory was closed it was sold off to a men who repaired and sold off machines. The new owner only did nothing about maintenance of the old factory so the factory complex decayed rapidly. in 2005 the original factory was demolished and the other factory was luckily protected as a monument. Later in 2009 the restoration began on the still standing factory. 6 years later the company who began with the restoration began to have financial troubles so the factory was abandoned again. After being abandoned for 1 year the factory was bought on a auction for an incredible low price, after that the restoration was back on track again. Explore We went on a Sunday so the workers waren't working on the building. When we got there, there was a door opened so we could enter the beautiful old factory building. The highlight of the building was the old Turbine and the old ovens. Hope you enjoyed my post!
  3. This is an old paper factory were they would make cardboard, The factory opened in 1905 and closed in 2005 after the company was taken over by an other company which stopped the production. There was also this old burned out Jaguar which was quite nice to photograph. Thanks for looking!
  4. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  5. I'd forgotten about this set for quite a while First location on the big ass bergwerk trip. No history sadly, sometimes it's hard to get the information on these euro sites. Proper nice church though, it's a shame all the pews are smashed up. I have seen some pictures from 2013 and everything was in place. The pictures here are older so they may not be as up to scratch as recent Here they are: cheers
  6. Hi my name is Joey, living in The Netherlands and affected with the virus called "Urbex Addiction" My English isn't very good but well, i'll try
  7. Rainbow Church is a brick built Catholic place of worship in the Netherlands. The entire building is a giant triangular-shaped arch with the brickwork exposed inside. The arch shape is concentrically repeated several times in the altar. The church has now been closed for a few years. Visited a Monkey of the Spiderous variety. 1. Cross on red carpet leading to the altar 2. Cross on carpet 3. Wider view of altar 4. Tall view of altar 5. The altar in the sanctuary 6. Rainbows from which the church takes its name 7. Table to one side of the church 8. View from the top 9. View down the church from the back 10. Staircase 11. A mysterious box 12. Store room
  8. Explored this one on my own, and i hate to explore on my own! I was in this area and gave it a try. Not much photos, hope you enjoy it. Pictures : 001 : TheHollowChurch (1) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 002 : TheHollowChurch (2) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 003 : TheHollowChurch (4) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr Ciaoo
  9. My brother visted this place on his own. Noises, footsteps and movements........ 01 02 03 04 05
  10. Hello Hello, Greets from The Netherlands. My name is Yoerie Custers, and I text bad English. Sorry for that I was born in Maastricht (1992) and since begin 2014 full UrbexAholic. A few months I follow the Facebook page Oblivian State. Now Tracey Allen ask me to join the website. so here I am I hope to meet more people here, and see nice repo's!! Here is my facebook page to follow for the one who's interested: https://www.facebook.com/custersphotography?fref=ts
  11. Hello everyone, I've been exploring since April and planning on many more trips. Unfortunately there aren't many locations here in The Netherlands so I'm most of the time exploring in Belgium. Soon I will be adding Germany to the list too. Cheers!
  12. First report on the forum, first location i explored. When a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to go with her, and take pictures of an abandoned mental hospital I hesitated, and thought it would't be my thing, But I didn't have any other plans that weekend so what the heck i'll go. When we arrived on-site i was surprised of how derelict it looked, and was like, this is kind of cool. But the moment we entered the building i was hooked, this was awesome! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157643471440624/ Cheers!
  13. On our way to this location I bought a new car, and although the bastard is giving me a lot of shit it was a good day. The story goes that about 20 years ago the original garage owner died and because of some dissagreements in the family they just left it for what is was. But somewhere in those 20 years someone reopened the garage, but the showroom and the cars where still left untouched. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157648854763418/ Cheers!
  14. Hi! Haven't been here for a long time! I wanna share some photos from my big Europe tour (we visited 12 countries). And again wanna say big thanks to Skeleton Key for great help! Here are shots from the places that were shown on the site later. Some more from the new places we found by ourselves I'll show a little bit later;) France. The Netherlands. Belgium, my love:) Germany. Thank you for attention:)
  15. Found this location by the end of 2012, but couldn't get an entry to it. Returned for many times while it was fully furniture d. To bad i couldn't get in without breaking, so had to wait till summer 2014, unfortunately they removed most of the interior by then. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  16. A small, empty farm. Floors removed, furniture was removed, the only thing left were the outer walls and a stair. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  17. A lost beautyfarm in the Netherlands 1. Sauna Vuumannetje 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. Sauna Vuumannetje 02 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 3. Sauna Vuumannetje 03 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 4. Sauna Vuumannetje 04 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 5. Sauna Vuumannetje 05 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 6. Sauna Vuumannetje 06 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 7. Sauna Vuumannetje 07 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 8. Sauna Vuumannetje 08 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 9. Sauna Vuumannetje 09 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 10. Sauna Vuumannetje 10 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 11. Sauna Vuumannetje 11 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 12. Sauna Vuumannetje 12 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 13. Sauna Vuumannetje 13 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 14. Sauna Vuumannetje 14 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 15. Sauna Vuumannetje 15 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 16. Sauna Vuumannetje 16 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 17. Sauna Vuumannetje 17 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 18. Sauna Vuumannetje 18 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 19. Sauna Vuumannetje 19 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 20. Sauna Vuumannetje 20 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr
  18. Whilst on holiday with the wife & kids last week I managed to slip away for a couple of hours to check out this old abandoned zoo. Opened in 1937 and closed in 1985 and at one time housed 3500 animals. The place is massively overgrown and a lot of the old wooden buildings have collapsed onto themselves. The animal cages still survive within the undergrowth and the large greenhouse is relatively intact although pretty much full of bushes and brambles other than a very small part at one end. I didn’t see anybody else whilst I was there but there are signs that it is somewhat looked after as there were fresh tyre tracks visible on the ground and there was obvious signs of repair to the various holes that have been made in the fences over time. An unusual explore it was the first abandoned zoo for me and although not a massive amount to see it was worth a look.
  19. Hi everybody. My name is Sebastiaan aka Bassie:D I'm an urbex explorer from the Netherlands and i heard of this site through Facebook. Love to see your reports and have a good time:D Greetings, Bassie
  20. A monastry, somewhere in the Netherlands. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13:
  21. This little house is abandoned for a while, the owner couldnt take care of herself or the house anymore. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:
  22. Old farmhouse, visted last week. Owner came to check it out while we were inside, but he didnt expected us to be inside the living compartment. Saw him walking at the other side of the windows, but in and out without a bust 1: 2: 3: 4:Ranch Nadine by Emiel Koopman, on Flickr
  23. This site is abandoned since 2001, declared to be a monument and then left to rot. Once it was a big pottery, but its been closed for 13 years now. Since then everything remained the way it was abandoned. We visited this location early in the morning, cause one of my mates who was with us, was caught here before for 2 times, now the owner (who is living on the site) would call the cops if he would spot us. A lovely place to visit, and a non HDR repo this time. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: [ 7: 8: 9: 10:
  24. Older set of me, it was a church, but there was also a bar inside for youth. Now ready for demolition. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: