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Found 33 results

  1. Yes... Another abandoned house in the depths of Derpville! 'Maison L'Oiseau Bleu' Well, that's the last tours photos done n dusted... More to come though as ive just got back from another! TA FOR LOOKIN IN!!
  2. A selection here from one of our Adventures over seas last year A couple of days zooming round the abandoned country of belgium:) It never ceases to amaze me the amount of empty places in this country..thes just an abundance of it.. from manor houses to chateauxs factorys to trains..a bit of everything to please most.. my favourite are always the little houses..i love them!! ... ive put together a few from the places we saw over two days ... 1000plus miles...millionplus rollups...trillionplus coffeess...and a billion laughs As always with Master Perjury Saint.. Driver of the green Pea..The Map Keeper.. King of major Episodes when dora (the sat nav) gets us lost.. and escapist extraordinaire On with the pics CHATEAUX DAH.. OLD IRON... LlITLE GREEN HOUSE PRITZKER UNI MARTINI INSANE CEMETARY HOLY NURSE AN ORPHANAGE... COUTURE CHURCH ABANDONED MAISON CASTIAFORE FARM PATERNOSTER TRAINS... OH...AND THE MISSING HEARSE
  3. I Know...i know...its been a while..Ive definatly not been in retirement ..just a very busy bee last year and spending time on the forums just didnt seem to get squeezed in... After a poke n a prod off PS i thought it about time i whacked a report up....so here you have it...NKPS "Spinning Wheel Tour 2015" Farm 1881 Yet again i find my self sat in the green pea heading south towards the boarder with my co pilot and partner in crime PS.. We boarded good ole P & O and with in a few hours we hit foreign ground..We had about 9 hours of light and a list of places too see before darkness fell and our ferry back so it was "Mission on!!" coffee by the bucket.. roll ups by the dozen... and match sticks keeping our eyes open off we went....one of the places we wanted to see had been named farm 1881.. An odd place tucked away on the edge of a forest...i really dont think that i have ever been inside such an intriguing house in my life... little rooms tucked away on different levels that can only be accessed by ladders..and jam packed full with the strangest of oddities.. from the macabre to the down right bizarre... Anyways...less of me rambling on and on with the pics..Explored as always with perjury Saint and a crazy belgium buddy Stijn Brands... These are framed photos ...they are called photo keepsakes...made around the victorian era typically out of memories to the person whos face is cut out and put into the frame with real hair jewelrey ect... Death Masks..made of wax and wrapped up in newspaper stored in a box amongst other macabre items.. This young man served on the vessel Algerie..below you can see the top of the ship Comfirmation Day for a very important little lady PS will tag his pics on to this ...
  4. Here's a couple of tidy maisons from me n NK's recent 'Punch In The T**s Tour'... 2 very contrasting locations, 1 minty fresh and 1 nice n rotten... Lets start with the minty fresh... ...Maison Couture... ... Next up... A much more traditional derp! Lots of decay and musty bits n pieces to root through... ...Maison Martini... Been around for a while this one, Very 'Cathedral City'... You see it, You want it!! And after a fail earlier in the year, I wanted it EVEN more!! ... Thanks for lookin in... More soon!
  5. Stop off No 4 and one of the sites I was REALLY looking forward to... On a quiet German street, in a quiet German town lies this remarkable old dentists house, with its surgery left pretty much as it was when it saw its last patient... Without a doubt one of my BEST explores yet!! Hope you enjoy... ...Dr Dents... As always, thanks for lookin'
  6. Friday night and plans for mine n NK's 'Wild West' shenanigans go tits up! NK's lurgied up with the flu!! Hmmmm... What to do? AHA!! Nearly kill myself by impalement on pallisade and entanglement in a sea of razor wire? Yeah, just the job!!Bit extreme for an ole derp you might think!! But WHAT A DERP!! ...BULL MANOR... As always... Thanks for lookin!!
  7. 2nd stop on my recent Euro jaunt was this DELIGHTFUL Belgian manor house... Chock full of bits n pieces AND people by the time I had to go! Really is VERY popular at the moment and its easy to see why... ...MANOIR DP... Thanks for looking... Germany up next
  8. 4am and my alarms screaming " its splore time " whooooop!! its the only time i ever manage to fall out of bed smiling we were both like excited school kids on this one and she did not dissapoint us...however the entry was one unlike we have never come across before... never before have i ever had to strip off and squeeze backwards through a gap our bags only just fit through, to be confronted by ice cold water you then have to plunge into up to your waist and try to negotiate floating chairs and beer crates in order to avoid hypothermia and reach dry land! it just gets better!! the place is simply beautiful and although work has started she had so many lovely features left...A true little gem this one...Splored as always with my partner in crime PS.. top one tink! on with the pics...PS will follow with him...Theatre Royal............... QUICK YOUR ON...GET BACK IN!!!
  9. NK discovered this place last year, but we were thwarted in our initial attempts by thick summer brambles and impenetrable boarding!! Fast forward a few months and a couple of pictures pop up on FB... WHAAAT!!?? WELLIES ON SHORT ROUND, LETS GO!! 'Raiders of the lost Ark' No deadly booby traps or giant rolling death boulders to hinder our entry, but there was a table against the access point which needed shifting! And it was quite heavy!! A crackin mooch for a Saturday morning! And ended up with some unexpected company... Nice to see ya lads!! Right... On with the pics which, as usual, are from the pair of us... ENJOY!! Well, there you have it... Thanks for lookin yow lot!!
  10. ...Battersea Power Station... Spent an evening lurking around this beast in the company of Mr and Mrs SK and Starlight aswell and about 15 other splorers whose names escape me!! Was a rather splendid way to spend an evening thats for sure!! Have wanted this one under the belt for some time now, the control rooms in particular as they really are summat else! They did not disappoint!! Thanks for lookin...
  11. For years we passed..for years we waited..for the grace of the good lord we welcome you into... "Ye Old Crow" We visited this little treasure both solo...above is a mix of both our pics..i hope you enjoy this little beauty
  12. What a great start to a new year! A beautiful school rammed with lovely features and plenty to while away the hours..the clock tower is just incredible and is still wound up every day..you can hear it ticking from down the corridoor such lucky children going to such a cracking school..My self and PS visited this one on seperate occasions both solo as work commitments, i must admit it wasnt the same with out my side kick..and he nearly lost his knackers on his entry..you see i do have my uses even if it is holding things open tink unfortunatly i only have my shots as he is awaiting the return of his lappy..but hel be sure to add them once its sorted..i hope you enjoy her, as we did...PENCIL POINT SCHOOL.... THIS ROOM BEING FOR THE SERIAL KILLERS IN THE MAKING...POSSIBLY...OR MAYBE WOODWORK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK..... AND FINALLY SOME LOVELY CELLARS.. THANKS FOR LOOKING IN..MORE TO COME SOON...
  13. Well what can i say...we thought we ought to see the year out with a belter and we certainly did..after hearing "this that an all the rest of it" about this place we decided to go check her out for ourselves..an early morning start and we pulled up only to have a nice burley hi vis seccu man pull up behind us:o he donned his coat walked past us and left us stood there on the side of the road..oh at this point il mention that it wasnt just the two of us stood there camera bags strewn across the pavement but also..lowri..stussy..projectmayhem..peterc4..and sonyes..hmmm lol a rite motley lil crew of us..anyways..bags on backs and away we marched..the target ahead of us..after negotiating the wall and ten foot gate wer all in..oh il have to point out that whilst sat astride the top of this gate stussy gave the security who was sat in the office a cheeky lil wave before he jumped dowm .. cheeky one that stussy!! a few mins of stelth like manouvers and wer all in having circle time projectmayhem still clutching his tescos bag with his sarnies in it. thanks guys for the legs bums and bags up..brilliant to meet you all if only breifly as the manic wellies dissapeared into the corridors as per usual..A fantastic end to a fantastic year..Please let me introduce.... "HAPPENINGS AT HASLAR" A mix of both our pics as always...thanks for looking folks!
  14. ...OLD HOGEY... Now we've got that xmas nonsense out of the way, I thought it was time to share the rest of the N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour... After the AWESOME Maison Morphine and with the light quickly fading, we needed something fairly close by finish off day2, Chateau Hogemeyer would be just the job! Unfortunately I'd left the details for it at home! BUGGER!! A quick text back to blighty and we were sorted... Cheers Baron!! Derp could be one way of describing this one, but derp on a GRAND scale!! It would be a very short lived mooch if it wasn't for the collection of old motors round the back. Still, a splendid way to end day 2's shenanigans... Pics from the pair of us as always, ENJOY!! Thanks for lookin in... Day 3 will be up soon...
  15. You join me n NK as we draw near to the end of day 1 of 'The N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour', by this point we'd both been awake for about 32 hours but fuelled with copious amounts of coffee and roll ups, we forged ahead to our next destination... By Belgian standards its a bit fooked, by UK standards though its a bit nice!! Heres some pics from the pair of us... ...Villa Doktor... And just enough time in the day to fit another one in!! Bit of a strange one this... Felt a bit 'weird'! But still very photogenic due to all the bits left behind, although some thieving little shite has half inched the skull AND the living room lights!! GRRRR!! ...Maison Islam... And there it is... 1 day down, 2 to go! Oh, and we've got some night visits show ya too!! KEEP 'EM PEELED... N.K.P.S OUT!!
  16. Well, it finally happened!! After setting off late, another sat nav failure and forgetting the ferry booking number, we're on board the boat sniggering like overexcited schoolkids!! 'WE'RE OFF TO F**KIN' BELGIUM BAB!!' After a rather choppy crossing and randomly bumping into Maniac and the boys off to France, (nice to meet ya lads!) we arrived on foreign soil and the 'NKPS 1100 Belgium Tour' could begin... And we couldn't have started it off any better!! Rumoured to be 'sealed' we decided to hit it up anyway as the word 'sealed' doesn't exist in the NKPS vocabulary... We prefer the phrase 'challenging access'!! Anyway, enough waffle (for now) here's our first location of the tour... Chucking NK's pics up too... Hope you lot enjoy!! 'The Hangmans Hunting Lodge' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it from us, for now, hope you loiked it, another 13 sites and associated scrapes to get through, so keep em peeled for some more NKPS shenanigans!! You never know I might be able to get NK to do a report...
  17. Day 2, site 2 on the 'N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour' and after an unexpected lay in at Motel Das Wahlfart and a quick breakfast of coffee, Belgian pastries and roll ups we arrived at the one at the top of our list, and BOY did it deliver!! An abandoned doctors surgery... Implements and drugs still in situ... Clothes in the wardrobes... Tidy looking motor in the garage... And to top it all off? An urbex badger!! Had a good 3 hours in here and it wasn't enough!! (No pics from NK on this report unfortunately, she's got computer issues!! She'll pop some up once it's sorted) 'Take a seat, the doctor while see you shortly' ...MAISON MORPHINE... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorsprung Derp Technic (As they say in Belgium) Thanks for lookin in peeps... Still a couple more sites to report on! So keep 'em peeled!!
  18. Evening Oblivionistas!!! Welcome back to the continued adventures of N.K.P.S. on our recent '1100 Belgium Tour'... After our Antwerp Hell Drive and After Dark Pickled Pig Excursion on day 1, we were a bit knackered, so being as tight as the proverbial drum we decided on a derp establishment to rest our weary swedes... 'WELCOME TO THE MOTEL DAS WAHLFART' (Pictures from both of us as usual) 'Right then bab... Time for Maison Morphine! Hop on I'll give yer a backy... That's it for now peeps... Keep em peeled for the next remedial instalment!!
  19. 'Chateau Gramaphone' This was actually the last visit of our '1100 Belgium Tour' but we couldn't wait any longer to share it with you!! It wasn't on our list to begin with, but a chance meeting with a fellow moocher at the 'Dentorium' (thanks again fella!!) and we had the location and worked out that if we went all out foot to the floor we'd have just enough time to do her and make it back to the ferry!! So off we shot... Only to realise that its a bit of a bugger to get into unless you 'know'... Luckily for us though a group were already in there and heard our attempts at entry and kindly let us in (thanks again guys!!) A PROPER beauty this one!! Just wish that we'd had more time... Heres some pics... Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!! Mine and NKs pics up together as usual... Well there it is and that's only half of it!! The other half is inaccessible!! Lots more to come from The NKPS 1100 Belgium Tour!! Thanks for lookin all!!
  20. NKPS WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU ALL ABOARD THE 1100 MILE BELGIUM TOUR..IN DARKNESS... With 62 hours on Belgium turf and 15 locations to do the was not time for much sleep..everything on our list had to be done so some of our adventures were undergone in the dark.. To kick off we hit the horror labs..i really thought that PS was well sound with the driving considering he crashed the mushy pea twice last time:o but how wrong was I....I looked up and hes gripping the stearing wheel transfixed on the road ahead..or should I say the tram line:eek: ..I cover my eyes as he straddles the tracks that all have at least 3 ft pot holes inside them....I would of liked to of said I had confidence in his driving abilities but after this stunt I have my doubts...anyways we turned a corner and the labs loomed before us.... HERE PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY..... THE CRYPT VILLA HECTOR.... Monsieur HECTOR HIMSELF... Offfffffffffff we zoom ........ To the very lovely "Hotel Tapioca" nitey nite all... That's it for now peeps hope you enjoyed some of our adventure..ive used both our pics in the mix...
  21. Well what can I say! its a miracle im actually doing a report and letting PS have a break Armed with our list of places to see this was second and after the hangmans hunting lodge we as you can imagine were "on one" so to speak! As we drove past we caught a glimpse of her ... with in minutes were parked, bags on back and inside...This place is a must for anyone in the area..the architecture is simply stunning...as you can imagine we took masses of pics so heres a selection of our favourites from both of us..i hope you enjoy her as we did.. That's all for now folks!
  22. On our Adventures up north we had had this place on our list for a while so we decided on an early morning wander around her...little did we know that we were to find this little beauty in a little building tucked away...hope you enjoy splored as always with my besty and partner in crime..PS.... his pics will follow... All splored out....
  23. ...NKPS... 'Dedicated Followers Of Fashion' With mine and NKs penchant for a bit of dressing up, we thought it might be nice to nip into this abandoned clothes manufacturer up north, so we chucked the camera gear and the 'future moochers' in the motor and hot footed it up the M6... Access nearly didnt happen, but with a bit of cheek and lateral thinking we were in!! Looks like this place has been abandoned for some time but, luckily, the awkward access seems to have put off the usual chav/tea leaf activity... No pix from NK at the minute, just too busy!! So just a few from me... Here they is... [ And now for this seasons latest trends... NKPS... OUT FOR NOW!!!
  24. Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Na2CO3 is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly occurs as a crystalline heptahydrate, which readily effloresces to form a white powder, the monohydrate. Sodium carbonate is domestically well known for its everyday use as a water softener. It can be extracted from the ashes of many plants. It is synthetically produced in large quantities from salt (sodium chloride) and limestone by a method known as the Solvay process. Well, thats cleared that up!! Last stop of a recent northern foray was this industrial gem... The Soda Ash Works at Northwich. Cant understand why this place doesnt get a lot more attention, ITS ACE!! Pipes, walkways, belts, allsorts!! Slightly unnerving in parts though as the site is still used for storage and some of the machines are still turned on!! We wished we'd made this the first visit of the day, so much too see but we ran out of time... REVISIT!? Visited as ever with my partner in crime NK and the 'future moochers' although no pix from NK at the minute, hopefully she'll add some when she gets time... Thanks for lookin' in and a big shout to Maniac for the heads up!
  25. ...NKPS... 'A Date With Lady Luck' Another Saturday morning with the sun barely breaking the horizon and we're away! South bound this time with hospitals, schools, mansions and mega derps logged into the sat nav... This place has been nestling near the top of the 'list' for some time now and, as you'll see, with good reason! Attempts have been made in the past, but to no avail! So we try again, and with a huge amount of luck with a sprinkling of bare faced cheek WE'RE IN!!! Not for long, but long enough to grab the shots and bask in her faded grandeur... Visited, as ever, with me besty and 2 new additions (the future moochers!) had a fantastic day more of which will be posted soon... 2 sets of pix here, mine and NKs... ENJOY!! We'll kick proceedings off with this... A shot of a previous dramatic 'incarnation' Stair porn alert!! Time to go! We've overstayed our welcome! Not that we had one in the first place!! Thats it for now... Cheers for lookin!!