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Found 2 results

  1. visited with Silver Rainbow ... After exploreing crete rd in the morning ,we decided that we would head up to dover for the afternoon explore after nearly getting soaked through in the morning we agreed that underground was are best option and what a choice dover has to offer so Noah’s Ark Tunnel it was ... HISTORY Noah’s Ark Tunnel in Dover is a passageway through the hill in a downwards slope .It’s precise date of construction and purpose is not clear, although early plans suggest it could have been used as a water main. It was certainly in place by the advent of the Second World War, during which time it was converted into an air raid shelter. It was concrete lined at this time and the evidence of toilets can still be found through the length of the tunnel, along with a kitchen area and blast walls at regular intervals. a few of the graffiti thanks for looking
  2. Right first of me and unclebulgaria went out to have a look see if noahs ark was accessible,which it was due to vandals stripping the building and basically wrenching open every door they could..the dividing wall from the barwicks to noah's ark road section had been smashed down ..well brickwork and the door with strudy lock gone..we worked our way right up to the noah's ark road entrance heard cars and a womans voice then the crackle of a police walki talkie..assuming they where inside and just ahead of us we stealthily turned backtowards our entrance expecting a police escort home..but as it happens nothing there..so after that we headed dopwn to winchelsea,westmount &priory hill chalk quarry which i believe was dug out for the chalk to be used on the dover harbour work..the tunnels had a lot of storage inside the big double doors which where wide open and the main tunnel up was tricky to clamber over till we got to a left turn..and going further forward was pretty much blocked now not knowing the layout of said tunnels that well not sure where that lead too..but we ventured round and got to the Fiveways Junction..where 2 sections had been blocked up with breeze blocks and thank you to whoever removed enuff for us to keep going..my lighting was a cree lenser which dissapointingly didnt have the promised flood to spot lense ..well it did it just didnt work that well so excuse the lighting ,should have taken me maglite..right on with noahs ark as many pics as we got before we quickly went back away from the voice of the police lady with the radio !! Right on with some pics..not my best but s**t happens Right like i said only took pics on the way up then got cut short due to the sounds of the fuzz upp ahead Now some from thewinchelsea etc tunnels.. Thanks for looking shame my lenser cree with the spot too flood Failed doing the spot but fun was had..also found an old private shelter in ramsgate on a building site where the caffyns garage used to be but small mainly backfilled so didnt even get the camera out!!