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Found 12 results

  1. History Maes Mynan care home was a two floor 33 bedroom care home on a site of 2.6 acres. The care home was for the elderly and it had its own day service and its own respite service for a short stay and emergency placements. The site was bought in 2013 by the healthcare company and has been left untouched since. The building itself we could not find much history about or anything about when the care home opened. Our Visit We decided to visit this place when we went out on a day trip to Engedi chapel (report will be up soon). On the way back we still had a lot of daylight left so we thought we would stop in and have a look at this site after seeing a report. The surrounding area was very overgrown and there was a long pathway leading up to the build. The site itself was in pretty good condition, well worth the visit if you have any free time. Be mindful if you do visit as just at the back of the site, there is a house that we assumed is occupied.
  2. After the Brownsville General Hospital relocated to its new location in 1965, the former buildings were converted into the Golden Age Nursing Home. Due to the normally full capacity of the Brownsville General Hospital, the hospital relocated. Shortly after its closing, The Horner Nursing Home/Golden Age Nursing Home was made/built in 1929 and closed in 1985 due to reports of horrible conditions and treatment of its patients. The nursing home was a residence for some of the nurses who worked at the hospital. It later became a care facility for the elderly. *Please take note of the sentences shown at the bottom of the video during scenes.* Location: Brownsville, PA Urban Exploration Paranormal Investigations ParaUrbex
  3. This is somewhat of a peculiar one! When this huge building was constructed in the middle of the 20th Century it began it's life as a hotel, in a great location by a beautiful river. As time went on and the fortunes of the city changed, the hotel business dried up due to declining clientele and it was bought by a nursing home company who decided to transform the former hotel into a sprawling 178-room care facility for the elderly and adults with special needs. In the basement were office and conference facilities as well as local TV and radio studios, and these vacated not long after the nursing home shut down. This place has rarely been explored before, it's always been sealed tight whenever my friend has checked it out. We were walking past it on the way back from somewhere else late in the afternoon and took a little detour through the site and the first thing I spotted once off the street was a wide open access point. It was too late and the building too large to explore with the daylight we had left so early doors the next morning we headed back inside. It's got a lot to see inside but as you can imagine with the size of the building and it's use it gets quite samey after a while. There is also evidence of recent squatters living inside in a couple of the rooms. Thanks for looking, more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157659760861955
  4. Finally moving away from the midwest I headed back east on the long slow train to my friends in upstate New York. Because of a certain police encounter my friend had a couple of months back he is currently unable to get up to any mischief in his home county so he introduced me to a couple of his exploring buddies who would happily explore with me instead St. Mary's Manor is an imposing nine-storey (plus basement level) former hospital turned nursing home which closed in 2004. Since then it has been left at the mercy of the elements and thankfully has escaped large-scale trashing and tagging with a lot of lovely peely paint and decay. The downside is there are a lot of empty rooms, but the building itself is old enough and interesting enough to keep you occupied for a good while. The highlights being the chapel located on the 4th floor and, shrouded in the darkness of the totally boarded up first floor, a totally intact dental suite. Quite why they would choose to leave a valuable piece of kit like that behind is beyond me. It's also notable for an extremely tight access, one of the smallest holes I have ever had to fit myself through and which also led to the death of my phone which was crushed against a wall coming out as well as a large rip in my hoodie. I wish I had got a shot of the outside to show the scale of the place but the weather was absolutely awful. I wish the dental suite wasn't in a totally pitch black room which makes getting any photos of it a total pain, but then again I guess if it was on an upper floor it would have been destroyed by now, so swings and roundabouts. Thanks for looking more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/albums/72157659692702695
  5. This nursing home (located in a forest and built on the foundations of an estate from the 18th century) was closed in 2001. 2013 burnt down a part of the attic. My first visit here was 2008. The photos are from 2011 (part one) and 2012 (part two). part one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  6. This former clinic with nursing home was demolished in 2013. First visit (07/2012) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  7. The nursing home was closed in 2006. My first visit was in 2007, the second visit in 2008. Thereafter it fell into oblivion with me. Seven years later, I made a re-visit. The building was unrecognizable in some areas. Some things were vandalized, others sprayed with graffiti. But in many rooms there were beautiful decay within the past seven years. After the single images I have compared some old pictures of 2007/2008 opposite to current photo in the second posting below. The perspective is not always consistent, but in direct comparison the change is very clear. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
  8. Quite a sad place really. It was a nursing home, lots of stuff left behind, even polaroids of elderly ladies with bruises on their hands, very odd! I suspect they had to report injuries or accidents e.t.c I remember climbing through a side window through 6 plastic wobbly milk crates and a TV stacked up, only to find front door open DOH! (it was on the main road though, was being discreet!) Nice decay in here, not a soul in sight!
  9. I have been here two times now, the first it had many items and furniture left behind and was quite hard to climb in! The second time, we tried the usual way and it was shut, so found another awkward way to climb in, then realised the front door was open.. just on the latch. haha Visit 1; Perhaps an accident? Photos everywhere Memories Me being silly Visit 2; even though it was empty, it was still beautiful, had some lovely light!
  10. This was mental..was working next door and spoke to a caretaker who let me have a look round,but when the boss collared me,she was less than pleased,but I didnt care cos I got my pics...Its a surreal experience mooching round a hospital full of dummies! Well,that`s the medical school folks Many thanks for looking.
  11. This was my first visit to Summerlands. I didn't see all of it, It was just a quick walk around photographing things of interest. Summerlands Lodge is located in Westgate, near Margate. It was a BUPA care home which closed down in recent years (not sure exactly). Inside it is rotten and damp beyond repair. Room with lots of photos, not sure why. Looking up tower This was probably the most eerie room... Thanks for looking, please leave feedback!
  12. As I strolled through the large wooded gardens looking towards my goal of baggin a beautiful mansion little did I know this use to be a nursing home but some time after it closed it was a gangsters dumping ground for a body rolled up in a carpet!, sounds like an old film or a book you may think!……...the problem is…….…..it’s not!. Some buildings have dark pasts, some go out in a blaze of glory…..as for this one it has a hammer house of horror attached to it that could have been written and producers by the very same people. Back in August 2007 a Bradford businessman by the name of Edward â€Teddy†Simpson was abducted and tortured to death by a gang of 7 robbers and ended up dumped in the grounds of an old abandoned nursing home the trial jury in the Leeds Crown Court was told he was a so called “easy target “and the gangsters was expecting to find well over £300.000 in cash and also drugs at the home of Teddy Simpson from Sticker Lane Laisterdyke. The seven men (three from Bradford) were on trial for the murder and conspiracy to rob Mr T. Simpson aged 56 who also was a father of four and a great granddad the gangsters motive was simply robbery, the so called “brains†behind the robbery was Anthony Davies the gang was to use whatever violent means necessary to obtain there goal.............cash and drugs!. On the date of 1st August 2007 a friend of Mr T. Simpson a Mr Garry Folkard disturbed the robbery which was taking place in the evening, this was due to plans to meet Mr T. Simpson at his home address earlier, as he knocked on the door he obtained no answer he then rang Mr T. Simpson via his mobile phone but unfortunately for Mr Garry Folkard the robbers mistook him to be ringing the police and dragged him inside the house a gun was thrust into his mouth and then repeatedly beaten over the head with a frying pan. Mr T. Simpson was seen by his friend helplessly unable to do anything was dragged out of the back door where later on a trail of blood was found on the hall floor, three men were seen around this time with one waving a gun giving the orders to the rest. Mr T. Simpson owned a car business which was adjoined to his house and also a stone sales business was later found dead within the grounds of “Shirley Manor Residential House†in Wyke Bradford by two council workmen at 8.40 am. DNA evidence proved both men had been subject to having the gun inserted into there mouths and violently assaulted in the hall of Mr T. Simpson’s house also through the crime investigation team there was enough evidence to suggest that Mr T. Simpson was repeatedly hit whilst on the floor near the kitchen area and also on the couch in his lounge the implements which were used were as follows a belt, several blows form a wrench and attempted suffocation where the gangsters used a cushion to try and suffocate there target Mr T. Simpson. The seven men in the dock at the Leeds Crown Court were all involved in one way or another with the death of Mr T. Simpson either by implementing the violence/organising the violence or assisting in another way on that night and in so doing all were as guilty as each other. The gangsters below were all charged with the murder of Mr T. Simpson. Mr Anthony Davies of Lloyds Drive Low Moor Mr Mumtaz Ali 38 of Astral View Wibsey Mr Darren Martin 37 of Markfield Avenue Low Moor Mr Anthony Neale 28 of Harehills Leeds Mr Stefan Decosta Daniel 28 Little London Leeds Mr Errol Witter 27 of Woodhouse Leeds Mr Robert Cameron 28 of Garforth Leeds All unbelievably pleaded “NOT GUILTY†in court to the charges of “MURDER†and “CONSPIRACY†to rob. Mr Tom Bayliss QC the opening prosecutor stated there was an eighth person in this horrific crime a Mr Sonny Stewart 26 of Hope Avenue Bankfoot Bradford and he also was charged with murder, but pleaded to manslaughter and conspiracy to rob Mr Stewart a week later whilst the trial was still ongoing entered into an arrangement with the prosecution to give evidence against the rest of the men in the dock, Mr Davies was the primary organiser with one other man, on the night of the murder he also was there supervising what was occurring to Mr T. Simpson. Mr Stewart also stated that Ali, Martin had assisted Davies and Neale procured the men to carry out the violence, Danniel, Witter and Cameron attacked Mr T. Simpson, The prosecutor then claimed Martin had supplied the replica gun used in the robbery Davies, Ali, Stewart, Daniel Witter, Cameron then reconnoitred the dwellings before the latter three went inside to carry out the job. After all of the above Mr T. Simpson was dragged into the van owned by Witter and then driven to Judy woods in Wyke, transferred then into Davies’s Transit van then eventually dumping Mr T. Simpson’s body in the grounds of Shirley Manor Nursing Home shortly after around midnight. The gang members who were present at this time of the dumping of the body were Ali, Stewart, Neale, Daniel, Martin and Davies, behind the nursing home is a small wood where on that night there was a group of teenagers camping out who heard the noise of screeching tires, doors opening and screaming all this noise was more than likely the dumping of Mr T. Simpson’s body which at the time was thought to be wrapped in a carpet and on finding the body stated it was a curtain. Mr T. Simpson died due to multiple injuries from over several hours of torture. Det Supt Paul Taylor of the West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team lead the investigation in this case. The trial lasted 2 months in total also working on this case was several Detectives, CPS, Forensic Scientists and many officers. The Gang never got away with £300.000 in cash nor any form of drugs, £15.00 from his grandchild’s moneybox was the only money taken along with Mr Simpson’s wedding ring watch and a dress ring from his body. Daniel, Witter and Cameron were found guilty of murder and Conspiracy to rob and also attacking Mr T. Simpson in his home. Mr T. Simpson’s body when found and recovered had his hands tied behind his back and his ankles cuffed together by his trousers, his face/skull was smashed in several horrific blows or stamps/kicks causing brain damage and another 50 external injuries with it eventually been wrapped partially in a curtain, naked apart from his underpants. Mr Mumtaz Ali was unanimously cleared by the jury for the crimes of murder and conspiracy to rob. No verdict was reached on three other men and due to this a retrial is expected for Davies, Martin and Neale all pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy to rob. (This has now been done) Stewart admitted manslaughter and conspiracy to rob. Whilst the jury was coming to a verdict they were sent home four times as no verdict was obtained, this jury was made up of 6 men and 6 women, the Judge for this case was Mr Justice Langstaff,. Family vow to fight bids to free Teddy’s murderers after court appeal fails. 25th November 2010 Four out of the five men who were convicted of killing Teddy lost there appeal in court on this day. R.I.P. Mr. Edward “Teddy†Simpson… Below are some pictures from the Shirley Nursing Home Well my work here is done....I hope you loved this place as I have..... my blog with more pic's http://nick-myurbex.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... -body.html