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Found 5 results

  1. So I had been told about this little school up north a while back and recently had the pleasure of visiting it. Split in to 2 sections, one for the girls and one for the boys with a great big wall down the middle I can only assume that being a schoolchild here and meeting a child of the opposite sex was like being like a kid in a sweetshop. It was infact an Infants school so probably didn't have my mindset Access was pretty easy, made our way in to the Girls side first and was a good job we were with it as there were no floors, we initially thought we were too late. We clambered over beams and made our way upstairs to have a look about, a few little bits to see but not much really. Conversion had begun. Came back down, went to the boys section again access was relatively easy, having a wander about and was pleasantly surprised. Whilst the girls side was in the state it was, this side was aside from other urbexers and vandals not too bad. Lots to see so out came the camera! The reason I called it Pigeon Street School is because I have literally never seen so much Pigeon shit in my life! This was no longer a resting place, it was a bloody hotel for the feathered rats!! Everywhere I leant, everything I touched it was Pigeon! I was covered in the shit, literally! But, Pigeons aside it was a good explore and there was lots to see. I have since been told it is undergoing complete restoration so relatively lucky with timing. Sorry if it's a bit pic heavy! Class room This room, well I absolutely loved it! The decay, the colours, the single chair. I must have spent a good 20 minutes alone in this room. I am pleased to say that I can read and know what these things are. A brief visit back to education taught me well. One of the corridors, lovely circular skylights beaming light in and on the floor is the toilet for pigeons! She wasn't in Class today! School's out! Where the pigeons hang their bags Reading time I got quite excited when I see these, I used to use them at school. I know.... easily pleased right! Another shot of that beautiful room Don't ask.... I just thought it looked cool! Another Corridor Residents One side of the school, Boys.
  2. The other Sunday I called into Tewksbury to have a walk down by the canal, I notice they had opened behind the mill into a car park, I also noticed the main door was wide open. There was a police car across the river and after the police came out of mill they got in, drove around the car park and drove back out. While I was walking back to the car 3 boys came out of the building and legged it into the town. I decided it would be worth a look but to big to do alone so in the week I contacted a none member and asked if he wanted to go. 5am last Saturday we were off to have a good look. After about 4 hours we were packing up and my went out the door, I could hear him talking to someone and went out to face a slightly niffed owner, he accused us of breaking the door down and I said it was already open, he just kept going on and when a police car went into the canal car park he started walking towards it, we followed until he turned right, we just walked straight on into the town and had a coffee. When we went back to the car he was still securing the door. It was the only entry/exit point so we don't really know how we would have got out if we had been in there any longer. I called it "Pigeon Mill" due to vast amount of dead pigeons around the place. We were going to take some external shots on the way out, but we just didn't get the chance. Full set here https://www.flickr.com/photos/cunningplan/sets/72157645161972301/ That's all Folks
  3. Small abandoned church,I found this location ( new one )
  4. Visited with scattergun,baron of scotland, starlight, projectmayhem and dystopia as part of the up up north trip. Loved this place, doubt it will last long structurally as it's looking pretty bad. Was a little cramped but worth the stop on the way back towards Glasglow.
  5. Loved this place, apart from the pigeon poop (hence the name) masks needed !!! cheers