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Found 6 results

  1. Just a small plane in a forest
  2. We have a plane but have no access......said Illogical i replied ....is it BOEING.......yes says Illogical.....No problemo i know how to access Boeings..... On the road again ,BELGIUM the country, Illogical,BM,Ruben & Hanel Dante is the company.... After quick recce and a squeeze i entered the cockpit (something didn't seem right at all everything in tact even the dials, a pilots hat sat snugly , neatly positioned on a small shelf ....alarm bells start ringing....... fook it lets shoot this mofo 1 After spending 10 mins in the cockpit i started to make my way into the seating area but was met by a partition wtf....stepping to my right a was confronted by a small corridor and then by a buzzing emmmm.....fook a flight simulater thing just got weirder..... 2. and weirder..............This meeting is adjourned 3. 4. 5. To my surprise the back of the plane was actually a back of a plane ...... 6. Ok on the move past some of this ...... 7. 8. 9. 10. When in Be. be rude not to visit pre-metro of a night.......deeper pre-metro to my last visit 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. o yeah did i mention we saw some of this ........ive been into graff for years i used to write in the 80s and i can safely say this is some of the best work ive seen ........ 16. 17. 18. 19.
  3. This Airbase was the largest underground military base and airport in all of the former Yugoslavia. The property is located on the current border of Bosnia and Croatia. The complex was built in 1948 - It was codenamed 505. The construction was completed 20 years later. The purpose of the facility was to establish, integrate and coordinate the nationwide early warning network of the Socialist Federated Republic of Yugoslavia, similar to NORAD (North American Air Defense Command). There were semicircular concrete shields, spaced ten meters apart to reduce the impact of the attack on the object. The complex had an underground water source, power generators, crew quarters and other strategic military facilities. Aircraft was used in 1991 during the Yugoslav War. Yugoslav People's Army During the withdrawal, it destroyed the runway by detonating explosive charges. In order to prevent any further use of the complex, Serbian troops detonated 56 tons of explosives. During exploration, a possible meeting of the police, the border guards of Croatia and the army should be reconsidered. The tunnels are buried, due to the underground connection with Bosnia, which would constitute a "wild" border crossing. Link to my fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/urbexdestruction/ [/url]
  4. At a loose end this afternoon I met up with Landie Man and after some faff found ourselves in Newbury, I'd wanted to see the fire plane at the Greenham site for a long time so now was a good chance...a very interesting little piece of base history. Oh, and it was bloody cold. A few more here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157636399639624/
  5. After spending many many hours down shorts tunnels i went slighltly mad but was well worth it went down one day when it was dark came back out and it was dark again. ive finally sorted through my 10gb of pictures sorry for all the pics. if ive got any of the details wrong let me no and ill change it. the tunnels were original built for Shorts brothers sea plane factory in pre war times. in 1941 the tunnels were extended to contain the public air raid shelter parts these were around 300 meters long with many entrances and exits they also contain a command centre and a medical centre. after the war the blawknox took over the sight. in the 1990s the sight was abandoned and left to decay the was a development on the sight as a massive housing complex was built all around it. the sight has suffered from serious vandal problems as of late including a severe fire which resulted in the sight being sealed by the council. factory parts of the site im guessing this was the were the genrators were and the mail room toilets unfinished sections of the tunnels possibly an extension this is one of the air shafts and one of the man holes always waned to no were these came out. on to the air raid sections i have an obbsesion with the signs dwn here an interesting attempt at a wall gun shots the well are these stores or bays of some form medical stations approaching this we could here rushing water and found the medical station partially flooded by a burst pipe the tunnels had many first aid boxes scatered throughout the illusive black door and some graffiti dnt no when its from id like to think the war the elevator tunnel does anyone no were this came out sorry for the shear amount of pictures just dnt wana miss anything does anyone have a map of the place?